Orkut Added SMS Notification for Scraps!

Orkut launched one of the most awaited feature – Notification via SMS. This feature let you receive new scrap notifications, get friend info, and more from your mobile device.

Just go to http://www.orkut.co.in/MobileSetupSettings.aspx and you will see option to specify your mobile number to receive notifications.

orkut - Mobile settings for SMS notifications.jpg

Also check out SMS commands page for SMS orkutting. I think SMS command will work only in Brazil.

As of now this new feature is available in India and Brazil only. Moreover in India, only Aircel, BPL, MTNL, Reliance, Spice and Tata networks are supported. This is really bad news for me as I use Airtel & BSNL.

Do not forget to check price details for your carrier as this service may cost you some bucks.

I hope this will get better soon. Thanks Sithin… 🙂

Link: http://www.orkut.co.in/MobileSetupSettings.aspx

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19 Replies to “Orkut Added SMS Notification for Scraps!”

  1. That’s a great feature…. This google is collecting private information of almost every individual online…. Time has come for everyone to beware of this google which has most of our personal data.

    Thank god, orkut introduced that. I used to get more mails from friends and readers that my hack [currently not fully functional, but still most popular on TechPavan] stopped working since few days when MyToday claimed that they are on upgrade. But yet, it is a premium service if we want to send sms from cell to get friend info and all…

    Yet, most of the top carriers in India like Airtel, BSNL, Hutch[vodafone]…are not included…

  2. @Online Guide
    Keep up the good work buddy.
    Next time tip me and other fellow bloggers about your nice posts and you will get credit linkback anyway. 🙂
    Make this is habit and you will get more traffic and readers.
    BUT do this only when you really post something NEW or really useful. Otherwise fellow bloggers will get annoyed.

    Well I personally do not bother about privacy issue much. I don’t think I have anything to hide which can be of interest for a $150 Billion company! 🙂
    But ya I read it somewhere that its always good to use search engine and email/other services from different companies.
    Only time I bothered about Googles control is when I was on blogger. I felt suddenly insecure acknowledging that I have no control on my blogs database! Well I work hard for blogger and I want my database backup to be with me all the time. I will not count on anyone for this.

  3. i have been using all the above stuff at indyarocks.Is orkut on to catch up game guys-just kiddin

  4. hey
    in that mobile option airtel network is not der na
    i use airtel hw to register airtel or is der any option to recive scrap thro hack for airtel

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