Orkut Improved Upcoming Birthday Reminder

Just noticed on my Orkut homepage, upcoming birthday reminder feature of Orkut received a facelift too. Yesterday we posted about Orkut’s new email notification in action.

They anticipated one really good thing time, and that is, if its your friends birthday today you would like to scrap them to convey your wishes. So to make it easy, on upcoming birthday page, for your friends who have birthday today, Orkut added direct link to their scrapbook with title “leave a scrap”. Also one step ahead, date itself get replaced by text “Today”. This is really like great for me as I always have trouble remembering current dates.

There is still room for two small things:

  1. Clicking on “leave a scrap” opens that person’s scrapbook. It would have been better if they just put inline scrap box. One we use in our scrapbook to reply to scraps sent by other.
  2. Also like “Today”, they could also highlight birthdays coming “Tomorrow”. As one would like to plan in advance if the person is special. Again to differentiate them, “Today” can be shown in bold while “Tomorrow” can be shown in normal font.

Well above are very small things, considering the overall improvement. So this time, I think Orkut team deserves 10/10. πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow… Its really wonderful!
    Rahul points out even the slightest change in any website he visits πŸ™‚
    Brother I can simply say you are an inspiration for budding bloggers like me and I would always like to follow your footsteps πŸ˜›

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