Ovi Store: Nokia’s App Store

imageFacing competition from Apple’s App Store, Nokia rolled out an online software and content store called the ‘Ovi Store’. Initially being launched for users of only a few of its phone models in Australia and Singapore, the store is now open for the global audience.

Ovi Store is offering a 70:30 revenue split to developers and a whole lot of interesting applications for owners of over 50 different Nokia (Symbian) handsets.

The Apple App Store, with nearly one billion applications downloaded within first year of its launch, has prompted operators and technology firms to get on the board for their own piece, with Ovi Store being one of them by Nokia.


Seems like Nokia, which is already facing a stiff completion in the handset market from Apple, does not want to leave any stone unturned to maintain its market cap. Nokia currently sells more than 400 million mobiles per year as compared with Apple’s total of around 20 million iPhones.

More than a good response world over

Shortly after launching the Ovi Store, its servers began experiencing extraordinarily high spikes in traffic. The interest shown worldwide is obviously much bigger than Nokia had anticipated and servers went completely non-responsive, until Nokia added additional servers in a hurry.

Just wondering, if anyone of you can find out the rational or logic behind naming it ‘Ovi’?

By the way, not every application or game is under the paid category, you may find some free stuff that interests you. Go check it out!

Link: Ovi Store