Politics in India goes Hi-tech; Advani Starts Blogging & Tweeting!

advani_adsense Recently the blogosphere was filled with stories about advertisement of political parties in Google Adsense. You must be aware that some eminent politicians even started blogging these days.

But blogging and getting advertised on adsense are not all those promotional works being carried out by political parties. Recently a twitter account was created named @lkadvani and there were rumors that, LK Advani personally reads all the tweets sent to him and many of his followers even say that, this twitter account is not created by LK Advani, rather some of his supporting group look after the account. Even Obama uses a twitter account – @BarackObama so what I was wondering, is L K Advani getting inspiration from Barack Obama?

Advertising, Blogging & Tweeting are not the only ways in which Advani is campaigning, he is also using SMS and E-mail as a tool to attract more and more youths.

Looking this promotions by politicians in India, specially by LK Advani, all I can say is they are following footsteps of Barak Obama. What do you think?

Update: It seems some one created a fake twitter profile in the name of L K Advani. You can view its Google Cached Page here.

Links: L K Advani – Blog | Twitter Cached Page | Website

Show Current Music Track in GTalk while Playing Songs in Winamp

gtalk While using Gtalk, under the status drop down menu, you must have observed an option to set your current music track as your status message. It means, if your song track changes, automatically your status message too gets changed.

But as of now, this feature worked only with Windows’ inbuilt media player – Windows Media Player. So what about those who don’t like Windows Media Player and also people like me who rather prefer using ‘Winamp’? As of now I thought, this is not possible, but Manoj advised a tweak using which this feature could be used even while using Winamp.

Just follow these simple steps before you could start using it:

  1. Go to Winamp root directory, mostly it is C:Program FilesWinamp
  2. Select Tools-> Folder Options –> View (Tab) and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” option and click OK.
  3. Create an empty text file (Notepad file) on Winamp folder and rename it as “winamp.m3u” and save it.
  4. Now restart your Gtalk and Winamp and start using “Show current music track” option. 🙂

By following the above 4 simple steps, you can tweak Gtalk to show current music track while playing songs in Winamp media player.


p align=”justify”>Thank you Manoj for the helpful tip. 🙂

How To Trace Mobile Numbers in India

Mobile User Annoyed by Unknown CallerUpdate: How to trace any number in the world, including India!

With rapid growth in mobile phone subscribers in India and low call rates, most calls we receive on our mobile are from other mobiles. At the same time, to cater increasing user-base most operators come up with new series everyday which makes remembering a cell number increasingly hard. Also sometime we just want to trace a mobile number for reasons like unknown number in miss call list, to get hint of callers permanent location (sounds unlikely, I know…), etc.

But if you have a look at this wiki page, you can certainly trace any mobile number up-to the level of its mobile operator and state (or zone) that’s too using first 4-digit only. It (wiki page) lists all mobile number series in nice tabular manner categorizing them according to mobile operator and state (or zone).

Like other wiki pages, this wiki is also updated regularly and provides you with latest information. I have never been disappointed by it and I am using it for over a year.

If you prefer simpler interface where you can just enter your cell number and get the desired information, you can try Numbering Plans (read full review here)

Link: Mobile telephone numbering in India

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(image credit: zimbio)

Google Showing AdSense Ads in Image Search Results Permanently!

Sometime back I came across few stories suggesting Google displaying AdSense ads in their popular image search results. Many bloggers captured screenshots of AdSense ads being served in Google Image search results last year. Even I saw AdSense ads sometimes back but today almost every image search I made displayed AdSense ads.

Another thing I have noticed for most of the queries ads are being displayed on page 1 of image search result only. Also ads are shown only at the top (may be considering width of my widescreen monitor! :P)

Anyway below are some screenshots of Google image Search for some top queries. It looks like AdSense for Image search results have less takers as only one ad slot out of three/four is filled most of the time.

Google Adsense Ads on Google Image Search-3

Google Adsense Ads on Google Image Search-1

Google Adsense Ads on Google Image Search-2

Change Folders Background in Windows XP

I am going to post a trick, which many of you may be interested to know that how to change background of a Folder in Windows XP. After much Googling on this topic I’ve found two ways one is related to coding, so it is recommended to advanced users and the other way is by using a simple software which anyone can easily use.

I am posting the most convenient way over here. For this you need to get a software named SodaBush Windowpaper XP. It is a freeware and you can get from its official website. It requires .NET Framework 2. After getting this Software you can select the folder and change its background whatever you would like to have.


You can now be able to change from your old boring white background to your own custom Background. The background image can be bmp , gif or jpg.

I’ve posted a short video which explains how the changes are done. Enjoy!!

Link: SodaBush Windowpaper XP

[Editors Note: This is the first post by our new co-blogger Prateek from Go Hi-Tech where he writes about Technology.

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Test Effectiveness of Your Antivirus using EICAR String

We have seen many posts on the anti virus and people always give their opinion about there choice of the best anti virus. Though I have not seen anyone talking about method to check the effectiveness of your anti virus.

The best way to check the effectiveness is by getting some file from some infected PC into your system but the question is are you willing to take that risk? of course I will never take that risk.

Here is the simple code ( TEST string) copy and paste it on a notepad file and save it. If your anti virus detect it as a virus or threat that will confirm you about the effectiveness of the anti virus.


This is how my antivirus detected the notepad file as virus.

Antivirus test
Antivirus test

This is one of the best way to check the effectiveness of your anti virus as you don’t have to risk the security of your system. This is EICAR TEST string.

Do let us know how effective your anti virus is? In case if it fails I recommend get any of these anti virus from Top 10 Anti-virus of 2008.

[Editors Note: This is the first post by our new co-blogger  [email protected]@noid from Shoutmeloud.com where he writes about Technology, Blogging, Social media and various computer hack.

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Backup your Orkut Scraps using Scrap Backupmate

Guess what? You want to view all your scraps right from the day you created your Orkut account, or you just want to review all your scraps. Do you think this is possible? If you have a lots of scraps, say 5000 then to view the first scrap will you keeping turning pages of your scrap book till the last page? Not possible, right? But using Orkutplus’ new tool – Scrap backupmate all such things is really possible. 🙂 All you need to do is visit the tool page, provide your Orkut login and you are done. All the scraps can now be seen on one single HTML page.

To test its effectiveness,  I tried using it myself first, using my own Orkut login. All I can say is, the tool is simply awesome!! My scrapbook contains about 3000 scraps which was being loaded into single html page in less than 4 minutes. Well, instead of just viewing your previous scraps, this tool has some other usefulness too. Say, you can even store all the scraps locally just by pressing Save (Ctrl+S) which you can later view as a web page. Infact, this tool was created to backup your scraps but I’ll rather use it to view my past conversations with people.. 😉 Let us know how you will utilize the efforts of Gaurav in creating this awesome tool?

Links: Official Release (English, Portuguese) | Tool (English, Portuguese)

New in Gmail Labs: Send & Archive

gmail-logo1 Yesterday I was wondering about the launch of any new features in Gmail and other Google products. Since long time, Gmail did not come up with any new features. But this morning when I started reading my feeds, I saw a feed item explaining about the launch of a new labs service “Send & Archive”.

send and archive

You can clearly see on the image above on what’s the concept behind this new feature “Send & Archive” is. Soon after replying to any mails, most of the Gmail users have a habit of archiving mails instead of deleting them. As such, this new button (as seen on the image) will help you to archive mails as soon you reply to them. All you need to do is use ‘Send & Archive’ button instead of just ‘Send’.

To activate this feature, go to Settings->Labs->Send & Archive and enable it.

(Via Lifehacker)

Google Quick Search Box for Mac

Google released a new open source app for Mac Leopard users – Quick Search Box, based on interface and functionality of one of most famous app for Mac, Quicksilver.

Google Quick Search Box makes Google searching easier. By default, you have to press cmd key twice to bring search box on top. Apart from searching it provides many features of Quicksilver like launching apps, gadgets, address book contacts, opening files and folders in finder, etc.

Google Quick Search Box-2

Reason for similarity between Quicksilver and Google’s Quick Search Box is Nicholas Jitkoff, Quicksilver’s creator and now one of the developers of Quick Search Box.

Unique feature for Quick Search Box which I liked is integration with Google Docs and Picasa web. You can add any number of Google accounts whose docs and pics will be fetched into search results.

Two advanced features I like are:

  1. Type (TAB) to restrict your search to the selected results:
      "wikipedia.com (TAB) toy" will return matches from wikipedia
  2. Type (TAB) to see actions for the selected results:
      "CONTACTNAME (TAB) email" will show the "Email" action

You can control search places and other settings by visiting preferences.

Preferences - Google Quick Search Box

Those Mac users who finds Quicksilver more advanced, can enjoy this less simplified and enough powerful tool form Google. More information about this cool offering form Google can be found here.

Link: Google Quick Search Box for the Mac

Meet MTV Roadies on Orkut

MTV Roadies” this is the term present on the ‘tip of the tongue’ of every Indian, specially among youngsters. If you are not a MTV roadie fan, then you must be knowing about it atleast. From pillar to post, you can find someone crazy about MTV roadie..

MTV roadies hell down

Keeping in mind the interest of Roadies fan, I am providing you the list of Orkut Profiles of MTV roadies 6.0 hell mates.. If you are a roadie fan too.. just explore your favorite roadie. 🙂


tamannaTamana – Orkut Profile



Roop – Orkut Profile



Pardeep – Orkut Profile



Neha – Orkut Profile (Voted Out)



Sandeep – Orkut Profile



Nauman – Orkut Profile



Suzanna – Orkut Profile


These are the list of profile compiled by the author of Orkutting Trix, if you have some other roadies’ profile URL then please let us know. 🙂

Links : MTV official site

Thanks OrkutTrix for this nice list.. 🙂