Enjoy Holiday Season on Orkut!

Like everyone else, team Orkut is all set to squeeze maximum juice out of this holiday season! Just logged on orkut to see following message…

Feeling jolly? Get into the holiday spirit with these special treats on orkut! 

image When you click on it, it takes you to a page where Orkut recommends (read promotes) some of its feature and applications which you can use this holiday season.

Apart from albums and videos, the other feature orkut is promoting with maximum efforts is their newly launched events feature.

Three holiday applications they have listed are BuddyPoke, My Music and Christmas Tree.

Also, we can expect different homepage designs on Xmas and New Year. If you like themes on Orkut, keep an eye on themes tab as special holiday theme will appear anytime!

Thats All! Enjoy holiday season on Orkut! 🙂

New in Gmail Labs: Covert Google Mails into Google Docs

gmail-logo1 Just activated the newly launched labs feature in Gmail: ‘Create a Document’. Using this feature, you can easily convert any mail in your Gmail inbox into a Google doc and immediately start sharing them with your friends or even publish it on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Gmail_Gdocs As you can see on the image here, immediately after enabling the ‘Create a Document’ feature under Labs tab, you can view another option on the right side of all individual mail, clicking which, would divert you to Google docs with the whole contents of your mail on that page.

Just for experimenting, I tried making a document out of a mail in my mail box and here is the final output that I got just within fraction of seconds. Though, like many other labs feature, this feature too will not be used many a times, but will really prove helpful and useful when you want to share a specific mail in your mail box with a huge number of viewers.

Now View Gmail PDF attachments inside browser!

Next time when you get an Email on your Google mail account with a PDF attachment in it, you need not bother downloading it just for having a single look. Using the recently announced “PDF viewing in browser” option for Gmail users, just as you view image file attachments, you can view PDF attachments as well. As shown on the image below, you can click on the “View” option (instead of “Download”) to view the PDF file right on your browser without needing to waste up a lot of bandwidth to download the whole file. 🙂 Just have look on the image below, which will make you clear on how the whole thing will work for you.


Though its not a major or a great feature, it can just be another reason for you to stick up with Gmail. 😉

Links: Official Release

Image Credits: Gmail Blog

Twitter Gadget for Gmail users

gmail-twitter gadget I can remember well, few days ago, I posted about a Gmail gadget using which one can easily shorten long URLs. Today I would like to let you know about another useful Gmail gadget which twitter fans will really love to give a try. As shown in the image, using this ‘Twitter for Gmail’ gadget, you can easily tweet from your Gmail inbox without having the hassle to log into Twitter each and every time. The best part is that, unlike some other Twitter applications and gadgets, apart from having the ability to send messages (tweets) a user can also view the tweets by his friends and followers from within Gmail inbox itself. 🙂

To use this gadget, first you need to activate ‘Add any gadget by URL’ feature which will be available under Settings-> Labs tabs in your Gmail inbox. After you enable labs feature, open Settings-> Gadgets and add the following URL into the form given.


As usual, after you add the above URL into the form and save it, you can see a new window on the left panel of your Gmail inbox named ‘Twitter Gadget’, asking your twitter id and password. Once you punch in your Twitter login details, you can view the latest tweets from your friends and also a form to send tweets. I think this is really a useful tool for persons like me, who access internet from many PC everyday. 😉 Wish you a Happy Tweeting!

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Check-out Google Blog Directory!

image If you follow some famous Google blogs like Official Google Blog, Gmail, Adsense or Orkut Blog, you will love to checkout Google Blog Directory!

Google Blog Directory is a single place for listing all official blogs run by Googlers. They are sorted in five categories viz. Google-wide, Products, Ads, Developer and Region. Each category list blogs in it along with description, latest post and feed subscription link.

You will surely find some amazing undiscovered blogs of your interest like I found Official Google Mac Blog at the time of writing this. Being a Mac user and Google loyalist, I always wonder how much Google juice I can have on my Mac!

Another blog which I discovered from this directory is Google Open Source Blog. Its about Google’s Open Source projects and programs.

How To Get Them All!!!

If you are die hard fan of Google, you must be wondering how can you subscribe to all these blogs in one shot! Fortunately, you can Install the Google Blogs Gadget and tab to your iGoogle homepage. If you use Gadget, then you will get options like subscribing to any particular type of blogs.

I wonder why Google Reader do not have feed bundle for all these blogs!

Anyway its time to enjoy this feast of blogs and do let us know which Google blogs you like. 🙂

Link: Google Blog Directory

Enable Google AdSense-Analytics Integration

Google Adsense-Analytics integration is creating a lot of buzz and almost every blogger/publisher waiting for this integration to arrive on their AdSense account. Yes, Google is offering this integration option on-demand so first thing you have to do is fill-up this small form.

Once you submit it, integration link will appear in your account as highlighted below within 24 hours.


Once you follow that link, you will be asked to integrate your existing Google Analytic account or if you don’t have one, you can create new Google Analytic account.


After that, you will be presented a list of websites (profiles) to link with AdSense. If you have only one blog/website its fine. Otherwise you can make a choice!


Next you need to select primary domain in case you have multiple domains on your account. I don’t think this will make much difference except one presented in next step below.


In final step, you will get new codes for non-primary domains. No code change is needed for primary domain. This is the only advantage of a choice you made in above step. There may be more to it, but it will become clear with time later on!


After this you will get Adsense performance results with a day in Analytics. The entire linking process is available as a video too. Watch it…

Do not forget to check following video to get maximum out of this integration. I am sure, careful usage of this feature will increase your sites overall revenue in coming days! 🙂

Link: Request form for Google Adsense-Analytic Integration

$6000 Worth Giveaway at Digital Inspiration!

This is a regular practice for bloggers to give away stuff to their blog visitors to increase the number of loyal readers and so. If you remember, previously we mentioned about few give away by many bloggers which included Rapidshare accounts. Similarly, a new contest is being initiated by Amit Agarwal in his well known tech blog – Digital Inspiration (Labnol.org). Amit is giving away stuff costing more than 6000 dollars which I think is really a good opportunity to grab. 😉

labnol logo

The give away is being divided into seven prizes which consists of products ranging from Laptops, Printers, Scanners and other similar HP products. All you need to do for being eligible for this contest is, you need to fill this short survey form and tell Amit what you think about his blog and also you can give some suggestions and criticism that would help him improving his blog. Personally I think, this is a way Amit wants to get exposed to the blogging world and increase his number of readers, also, its a  a nice opportunity for you to try your luck. So, what are you waiting for? Just fill out this form without waiting any more. 🙂

Links: Official Release | Survey form

Get your Gmail on mobile via SMS

Few days ago, we mentioned about how to get Orkut Scrap alerts as SMS and a lot of people were querying on how to get such notification for new E-mails that we get. Here is what you need to do for getting your emails delivered to your cell phone as SMS instantaneously.

All this is done by SMS-to-Email service providers, currently offered by Mobee and Mytoday.

mobee_logo Mobee.in has an awesome interface and delivers your mail of up to 400 characters but  it is a premium service now, though for testing purpose you can avail a free account which will give you only 3 E-mail notification per day. But at any point of time, you may migrate to their premium plans which cost as little as Rs. 30 Per Month and gives some great features like, reply to a mail by SMS or forwarding any mail. And all this is operated using a non-premium ten digit mobile number which costs you as low as a normal SMS.

m3m Mytoday, on the other hand, another big player in SMS world, has also started such Email-to-SMS service for ‘free’ under the name Email2Sms (M3M). Though the service is free, it has got certain limitations too. As a free user, you can only avail a limited alerts of 100 SMS notifications per year and if you wish to get unlimited SMS alerts, it will cost you a reasonable amount of 999 bucks per year. Any ways considering it to be free (upto 100 alerts/year), we can surely give it a try, also this is one time setup process.

Basically the whole system works by setting up an auto forwarding in your mail box to a specified mail id provided to you by the ‘Email-to-SMS’ service provider. As per the service provider, all your Emails are being stored in an encrypted form and cannot be viewed by them. I am still wondering on how secure your personal data would be, so please use this service at your own risk. 😉 Further detailed instructions on setting up auto forwarding can be availed once you sign-up for the respective services.


My Review: Personally, I have used both the services, Mobee was outstanding as I have used a premium version of it and have not got any complaints with it. M3M is equally good. You give it a try and let us know your comments on it.

Links: Mobee (Register) | Mytoday (Register)

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[New] Stop Others From Finding Your Orkut Profile Using Your Email Address

Orkut Email Address Privacy

Just noticed a new and important privacy setting on Orkut: “allow people to find me through my email address”

Using this setting you can restrict others from finding your orkut profile using email address. Just select “Don’t allow people to find me” option in above screenshot and you are done!

This is surely good for most job seekers as many companies/employment agencies nowadays go through candidates’ profiles on social networking sites before making an opinion about them. Its hard to find a person specially in IT industry who is not using atleast one social network.

I remember myself coding a script for one HR agency where the script accepts list of email addresses, find orkut profiles for each of them, gather some information from profiles and uses a customized algorithm to rank candidates! 😉

Guess, now you can save yourself from some disappointment if you have a profile which you do not want to seen by your employer.

Personally, I will recommend not to put any private information on social networking sites, no matter what privacy settings they offer.

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