5 Best Torrent Search Engines + Google Trick for Torrent Search!

Update: Now we have few more nice torrent search engines. At the end of this post!

There are many sites which host torrent on Internet but most of them are spam sites or porn sites. So finding a torrent is hard and Google is not just enough to do this job. So here comes the list of search engines specially meant for searching torrents! At the end I will be sharing a trick to use Google for searching torrents!

torrentz Torrentz: This is my favorite. Simple and fast. Key feature is same torrent from different sources is not duplicated while showing results. So you get comprehensive search results. After selecting a torrent from results you can see user comments, various trackers, mirror links, related torrents & most important authenticity of that torrent.

It also have a dedicated movies & TV shows section. All torrent in these sections are verified. Additionally you can limit your searches to these sections. There is RSS feed option for these sections sections as well as for all search queries. So feed addicts will find torrentz most interesting!

ScrapeTorent ScrapeTorent: This also search across various torrent indexes. Key features are option to limit searches to particular category, option to filter dead-torrents & duplicates from results. They also have a forum if you need help. I come to know about this recently via Anil, a geek & fellow blogger.

pizzatorrent PizzaTorrent: I use this when torrentz fails. It shows real-time results from 15 best torrent hosts. It doesn’t club similar torrents in a single group so you may notice much higher number of results. But it does grouping by categories which saves you from downloading wrong torrent! However it produces too many useless results for multiword queries.

YouTorrentYouTorrent: It also shows real-time torrent results. By default it gathers results from 10 different torrent hosts. You can add/remove various torrent hosts for fine grained results. in left sidebar it shows related searches as well as top searches. This also produces few extra result which user may find useless. I think by default it looks search keywords in torrent description. This may be useful sometime but most of the time user is interested in torrent names only to get accurate search results.


GoogleGoogle: Yep Google can be used smartly to search anything on the Web! Just add filetype:torrent as it is to your search query and you will get results restricted to torrents. I use this only when all above fails. Unfortunately due to high amount of spam in torrent world you will be disappointed most of the times!

Also check 6 Most Frequently Used Google Search Operators For Better Searching!

There are many torrent search engines on net so it may happen I am missing your favorite one. Anyway let us know which one you like?

Update: Following is list of torrent search engine picked up from comments below…

BTJunkie Logo BTJunkie – They have database of 1.5 million torrents which they claimed to be largest. Better search options and ability to browse torrent is plus point. [Added by Juan's comment]

Toorgle Logo Toorgle – Power of Google Search used across 250+ torrent websites. Have index of more than 7 million torrents. A nice example of Googles custom search! :-)  [Added by Chris's comment]

Torrent Finder Logo Torrent-Finder – Optionwise this beats all other torrent search site. Really huge database, with fine-grain control over what you want to include in search! Results can be browse in tabs. [Added by Jack's comment]

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  1. I would suggest http://www.multitorrent.org
    a very nice meta search engine

    • @Rocki
      Its nice but I see it least inefficient.
      It doesn’t combine results from other sites instead you have to check them one by one.
      Anyway its different so some people may like it… :-)

      • i use to love torrentz.com but believe me i have seen a huge difference in torrentz site 15 days ago it was working very fine butt believe me now it wont they have corrupted there data you have to search the exect wording to get acual file even if you add coma aur full stop etc it will not reflect unless you short it up to one to two word so recently i am working on picktorrent and btjunkie

  2. Well i guess mininova.org is the best !! u get good seeded torrents from there, it never disappointed me, anywayz ‘l give a try to these !!

  3. Thanks for the list. I like Rahul use torrentz.com.

  4. Dont forget the all so useful thepiratebay.org

    • @CabooseEnfield
      Thanks for reminding buddy but most of above 5 already check thepiratebay and other top sites while searching torrents.
      So for example when you go to torrentz your search result will include mininova + piratebay + results from many other top torrent hosts… :-)

  5. Hi,

    http://www.rlslog.net for english movies,TV episodes,games,softwares everything…It having many users…and no need to login…
    daily updated portal…and heavy seeders for torrents.

    http://www.desitorrents.com for hindi torrents.

    mininova.org is also good.


  6. I’d suggest btjunkie.org huge bittorent search engine.

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  8. Or You Can Just Use http://WWW.Toorgle.Com for all your torrent needs

  9. Another huge meta-search torrent lookup site

    • @lan
      Sorry to say, its not upto the mark.
      The design is not so good and also there are no special features to talk about… :-(
      Please feel free to correct me, if I missed anything you want to highlight.. :-)

  10. i have this question that why the spankwire is opening up when im trying to open pinktorrent ?????

  11. hey rahul this is a request to kindly send me an invitation to join http://www.desitorrents.com

    it wld b realy nice to u if u could invite me

    My e mail id is yuvi_iitm@yahoo.co.in


  12. @sarosh
    I will check and let you know…
    Its really strange… :-(

    I am looking for desitorrent invitation from long time myself… :-(
    Anyway I will invite you if I get there first… :-)

  13. thanks this is a great list.Though I usually use Find Torrent Search Engine because they have no ads and it works great for me

  14. Nice compilation! Just found this site:
    might just be worth checking out. kinda like youtorrent, but with some additional features.

  15. [...] Personally I prefer downloading via torrents as you can find much more files on torrents compared to rapidshare. Check this for list of 5 best torrent search engines and google trick to find torrents. [...]

  16. My favourite one is http://www.TorrentO.free.fr , you can find almost anything with it.

    Thanks for your list anyways !

  17. HEY GUYS IF ANYBODY HAS INVITATION FOR DESITORRENT …PLZ INVITE ME ON abhishagg@gmail.com……i can give demonoid invite in return…

  18. guys dont forget bwt , dctorrent n exdesi…they r gud for hindi torrents….n demonoid is gud for english torrents…i want to chk out desitorrent lets see if i can get an invite……

  19. @Prasad
    Nice one… :-)
    But torrentz and many other includes all torrents from isohunt in their index so haven’t mentioned it!

    Sorry bro. I do not have desitorrent invitation. :-(
    Also I purposely omitted all invite only torrent sites.

  20. Mininova and Torrentz are excellent sites to search for torrents, but i usually get too many useless results.

    I also use http://flixi.org is clean and easy to use.

  21. i need invitation 2 dctorrent can ny 1 can snd it 2 me @ arpit.maheswari123@gmail.com

  22. @moviefan
    I tried it and it seems very slow. Also interface is not impressive.

  23. Great post. Most of them I already use. I too if all else fails find google to be great if you know what sites to filter out. One note on torrent finder is that it consumes a heavy amount of browser power because it loads all the tabs at once instead of when clicked on. At first it was very convenient but not worth the bog if your on a machine with limited resources. Anyone got some suggestions for private sites? I spend most of my time at Demonoid and LOVE it, but would like to join a couple more. My ratio is always at least 2.5 or higher. Any invites would be greatly appreciated. A site that was dedicated to movie pre releases like TS’s would kick ars. And finally is Oink still around? I guess I can check myself.

  24. Hello there ,, Just a kind request,, if anyone of you can send me an invitation for desitorrent i would really appreciate that. my email address is xcelent_jatt@yahoo.com.
    thank you in advance

  25. One of my favorites is Torrent Moon. I can find lots of torrents with it. I guess it similar to toorgle but it doesn’t have any ads.

  26. I am addicted to torrentreactor…. itz tha ultimate…… I hav downloaded gamez above 10 gb and numerous movies……. it has neva dissappointed me eva…….

    itzz simply tha bestest of tha best…..

  27. Hey NEw SITE Can ny 1 please snd me invitation of Desitorrent or torrent-damage…Plss

  28. Here’s a list I had compiled some time back.

  29. I think u missed Mininova . org, its the best and most trusted torrent search engine i ever used, bcoz it gives real stats of Seeders .

  30. Great post,learned a lot have you tried h33t .
    Give it a go.
    Tara chuck

  31. The Best Torrent Search Engine Of The World : http://www.completorrent.com & http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=003849996876419856805:erhhdbygrma . No Need To Use Other Torrent Search Engine .. EnJ0Y {my yaho0 id : fa}

  32. @Rahul Bansal
    Hello Rahul, now torrentle.altervista.org has a full domain!
    It’s bitgle.com!

  33. this is a great search site to find torrents!

    torrents added on the world, are instantly added witorrent.com !
    incredible, i always use it.


  34. I got http://www.witorrent.com and liked it, you find lots and lots torrents, omg

    only the fullpage ads are bad

    but by now its my fav

  35. We’ll just new here @ this site and find it very fascinating!!!!!!!!!I’m a download freak and I like it here…..hope to be part of your Inner Sanctum…..Thanks a lot!!!!


  36. torrentscan.com is also good..
    it searches from some well known torrent sites…

    plus vertor.com is great too..
    it only provides working torrents and are checked for viruses by their workers..

  37. I’m in love with http://TorrentZEN.com/

    It searches 18 sites in real time, and it doesn’t try to fool you into clicking Usenet advertisements.

  38. Howz BtBot??????????

  39. And Findtorrents.net??????

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  41. I love this post. This is going to really help me. Thanks

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  43. hi frnds,If you desitorrents invitation.Plz send me

  44. @ Pradeep : I think your comment is absolutely off topic. And also DT (DesiTorrents) has stopped invite system about a year ago. No one, including senior members and moderators are having any invites.

    Still you can contact them to avail paid registration. Check out their rates at DT Invites.

  45. Founded what I was finding.. place to find torrents :-)

  46. oh great tips and suggestions. torrentz.com

  47. nice post
    but the prob. is how to make the seeders seed..

  48. can any one send me a dctorrent invite
    my id is jai_virgo1986@yahoo.com

  49. Well I’ve been using Utorrent portal for sometime…And it is “Find it all” as some might say…so check out this site….Utorrentportal.org!!!!!!!Viva la vida torrent head hunters……

  50. well you should try go-torrent.com , reliable , has everything , perfect minimal design , search only by movies, books, games, anime, porn …everything…has this soooo coool “let me google that for you” for searching subtitles , go-torrent toolbar that is like most helpful you can download torrents directly from your browser …and so on and on i could go for ages …really my top of the topest ones go-torrent.com

  51. Hi
    check this out http://www.torrentsrsq.com, this one has great search and lots of links, being updated every hour. I used it lot of times. Have fun folks.

  52. Guys , which torrent search engine is the best for finding software torrents according to you?
    And btw I use http://www.torrentreactor.net/ sometimes

  53. liked very much of http://www.witorrent.com gives your alot options to download with a incredible “RECURSIVE” / “BY TITLE” search, very nice, the best for me!

    looks not more RSS FEED agreggator, get looooots torrents sites.. best i see ever..

  54. http://www.go-torrent.com once again , to make sure that you have all trackers there are you have a tracker list that you can import in your utorrent hehe ;)
    i am really astonished with this site ,…did you see it? you like it?

  55. Hi Just a kind request if anyone of you can send me an invitation for desitorrent my email address is

  56. helllo, can anyone send me an invitation for desitorrent.email id is ramaraju2_2003@yahoo.co.in

  57. Rahul Bansal:
    LazyPirate.net mayby wasnt up to your “mark” when you wrote that, and the design wasnt good back then. But I think you kinda missed the whole purpose of the site when you checked it. Anyway now LazyPirate is different and perhaps “up to the mark”? If not I would be glad to hear why you think its not.

  58. MININOVA.org is dead now…. :-(……

  59. plz tell me the site where there are most no. of seeders and they would be connected to super seeding

  60. I use torrentz and mininova. Thanks for few more!

  61. I think that bes of thos torren..is scrap torrent never faild

  62. Great stuff.
    Keep your great work going.
    Thanks for the info.

  63. I like this new site TorrentRoot.com

    I can set my favorite search engines, search them all at the same time, compare seeds, and find the fastest downloads. Its great!

  64. torrent-finder always the best

  65. rarbg.com is also a very good site missing from the list

  66. Pizzatorrent is dead, has been for a while. Best engine is torrentscan.com if you ask me

  67. The golden age of torrents is all gone..

    Mininova closed Piratebay threatened and Demonoid down almost for half of the year :-(

  68. My favorite website is http://www.sumotorrent.com, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.

  69. Thanks for this list Rahul. I’d like to add my fave http://www.SUMOTorrent.com too. They got the latest torrents from the best sites and you can upload your own too :)

    Here’s a new one that looks good too http://www.HotNe.ws

  70. i am a demonoid user since more than 4 years now..

    one thing i have found out is the number of trackers attached to a torrent..

    if you are talking about speedy downloads of torrents.. you should also mention the number of trackers coz it will give consistency any a higher speed rate if any particular torrent site is busy or down..

    i have used TorrentsLibrary or TorrentsWave as the easiest

    you should also the process of adding tracker to your download file and finding them over othr torrent site

  71. http://www.btscene.com its a great torrent site with a lot of features.

  72. http://www.realtorrents.co.cc better than many other torrent search websites

  73. thanks for sahring the useful information…..thanx

  74. I use rarbg.com . it is a good site and it pops up a picture when you touch the tag line. So you know what you are looking at

  75. I use torrentscan.com.

    It includes most of le sites mentionned here.

  76. Best new site i have found for searching torrents and it searches them all. http://www.megatorretz.com

  77. torrentz.com is too good :)
    but its been blocked by my college wifi recently :(….

  78. thepiratebay.com is the best………….and torrentz is supercool………..and for those who want hindi movies from desitorrentz.com,search XRG on torrentz.com all the latest movies will be there………….:D

  79. isohunt and torrentz are the best.

  80. http://www.torrentdaddy.com is pretty good. Advanced Meta search engine.


  82. doesnt seem like PinkTorrent is around anymore.

  83. No one comes even close to Torrentz.

  84. I must say that I love torrentz.com. If you want your results to be relevant you should consider writing up your own search queries and saving them: ie (movies rip -camrip -tsrip -ppvrip) will only bring bluray and dvd rips. (-) works as a variable removal (just like in google) – only thing that it’s missing now is an option to eliminate older dates. Does anyone know how to do that?

    • Yes, I am replying to myself, in case somebody is looking for what I was looking. You can condition the search with dates on torrentz.eu by adding “added: Xd” where X is the number of days. So for example query string: “added: 4d movies 2011 -camrip -cam -ts -tsrip -telesync -ppv -ppvrip -tsrip -series -docu” would search for all 2011 movies added in the past 4 days that aren’t cam or telesync or pay-per-view or series and documentaries. Way to be number one torrentz.eu

  85. The “filetype:torrent” thing doesn’t work.
    I suggest using this search engine instead: http://tsearch.co.cc

  86. hey. I think torrentflux is pretty great. I didn’t read the whole forum, so it’s probably already been mentioned.

  87. I love http://torrents.to with a bunch of relevant sites to search through. Also it has an up to date directory of private and public tracker…

  88. Can anyone recommend a link for pdf torrents? I’m trying to find a college book. It’s for ultrasound by Frederic w. kremkau.

  89. The site btjunkie.org is already closed.

  90. nothing can cum klose to kat.ph

  91. btjunkie is out of commision

  92. The site tsearch[dot]co[doy]cc Mike suggested above is already reported attacked and is fake. Remove it, please

  93. Thanks for the list :)

    I’d like to recommend https://bitzone.eu – it’s a search engine for torrent files in the various torrage like caches and it’s pretty powerful. Indexing more than 10 Milions torrents, it’s probably one of the biggests search engine. I use it when I’m looking for something really obscure that I can’t find on the bay, and so far I love it.

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