Create and Share Video of Your Twitter Activity with Vizify

Vizify is a cool online tool that helps you analyse your social media data and create interesting graphs, charts and videos. In the early days Vizify provided a tool called Tweetsheet that collects your Twitter data and puts them as graphs. Tweetsheet is shut down now. Vizify #FollowMe is a new service that collects your Twitter data and puts them as a video.

Getting Started with Vizify #FollowMe

  • Go to Vizify #FollowMe page (Link at the bottom of this post)
  • Click the Make Mine button and you’ll be asked to type your email ID and authorize with your Twitter account.
  • Once done, Vizify will do the rest of the job. It’ll start collecting your Twitter details and put them together.


  • You can preview the video when it’s done. Make sure that your speakers are ON to hear the music.


In addition to all these magic, you can also edit and rearrange the scenes in your video whenever you want to. You can change the photos, content and even the music. Everything’s up to you.


You can now share your new Twitter video with all your friends on social networks. Vizify #Follow automatically shows you two pre-defined tweets at the end of the process. One to publish this brand new video, and the other to thank your most conversation makers. Here’s my Vizify #FollowMe video.

Link : Vizify #FollowMe

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