Make Free Call from Computer to any mobile Number worldwide using Evaphone

All the time we look for some free solution to make free call from our computer to any landline or mobile number worldwide. While browsing I landed into a website call Evaphone which let you make any call to worldwide for free.

This service is absolutely free with 2 strings attached.

free_voip_call Two limitations of this free call service are, you will have to wait for 30 seconds for an advertisement and your call limit is only 30 seconds. Though I’m sure it will be a good service for a quick call to your friends.


Meanwhile if you know any other web service which allow us to make complete free call from computer to any mobile/landline, do let us know.

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  1. Great website and thanks for sharing. It’s funny but I helped my aunt call her family in another country just yesterday using evaphone. Since I’m considered as a tech expert in my family she asked the question on how to make free phone calls and that was the first thing to show up in Google. Thanks for sharing. This does work.

  2. This is great… something i was searching for..
    Thank you..

  3. only 30 seconds…tats not exactly enough, we need more than this….even yahoo messenger does not work anymore

  4. Great tips.

    But 30 sec is not enough… need some thing more….

  5. Well actually its gives 4 minutes , but for only 2-3 calls i suppose . After that you have to pay

  6. not fair…only 30 seconds…needs more than that:(

  7. Realy man its mindblowing…………

  8. only some second, more then this?

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