Anyone Needs Quora Invitation!

One of the best ways to look up information online about anything is to look up a related Wikipedia articles. In most cases the articles is updated and current along with being informative. For getting information which is more specific on various topics a useful method is to ask on forums or even on social networking websites.

Quora does something quite novel and that is it brings all these things together.

The problem with getting on Quora is that it is quite exclusive. By exclusive, I mean it does not allow you to sign-up automatically but only if you have an invitation.

This is sometimes a problem as many of your friend might not automatically want to be on Quora – afterall it is not Facebook or Gmail. :-P

We at Devils’ Workshop have a few invites and thought we will share them with our readers.

Just send out a tweet about this post along with leaving a comment here. We will send out an invite to you. Below is an example of the tweet you can send.

Anyone Needs #Quora Invitation! via @devils_workshop

In your comments you can drop in the URL link of your tweet. Usually on Twitter if you click on the time/date you will be taken to the individual URL of your tweet. ;-)

See you soon on Quora.

Link: Quora

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  1. Thanks for the info. Hope FaceBook will also work :).

  2. Greetings guys! Just found out about DW community. Would be spending time here more often now. :) If you still got some invites left, I would appreciate you sending me one. Quite psyched about Quora!

  3. I’d like to be invited too. Here’s my tweet:!/mmonono/status/31734633246756865

    thank you

  4. @Krish @oldfashioned @mono @KRISHNA – Sent you invites on email ids you left here while commenting ;-) see you on Quora!

  5. Can i have an Invitation to Quora Please! Thanx in Advance!

  6. Jerome an invite thx. January 31, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Would love

  7. can u invite me

  8. hey folks! I’d love to get an invitation to quora,!/sibila/status/32097355796840449

  9. just registered
    thank you!

  10. Hi, Aditya
    I would also like to get an invite!/umeshnevase/status/32306828314419200
    Thank you.

  11. hi.. i am your regular reader.. and wish to join quora as suggested in your post.. plz send me the invitation..

    here is my tweet…!/dusharma11/status/32489496129835008

    thanks in advance !

  12. Hello Devils Workshop, I would like to check Quora out, send me an invite?’!/netors/status/32611673730719744

  13. Do you have any invites left for Quora?
    Tnx in advance

  14. Hello!!! I’d like to have an invitation for QUOTA…!/ginnyna


  15. Hello, I’ve twitted this:!/frankiehinrgmc/status/32771206071455744

    Can you please invite me to join Quora?
    Thank you again


  16. Hi,

    Posted this tweet. Can you please send me an invite?!/npulyani/status/33587903682580480


  17. I’d like to check it out. Thx in advance.

  18. Could you send me an invitation please? Thanks!

  19. hanks for your interesting writeup. I think Quora will prove to be the instant answering machine – a dictionary which answers all life’s questions. Whenever and wherever you have a question Quora will have the answer! GoTweWikihoo!

    Will appreciate if you send me an invite into this new world!

  20. i want a Quora invitation, I just know this interesting website via China. China need this as a communication tool.

    Thanks a lot !

  21. Thanks in advance for the invitation!

  22. Please send me invitation

  23. Hey dude i hope one last invite is still left for me :-) Here is my tweet link!/mdasif/status/35085460229324801

  24. hi,
    thanks for the initiative, i’d really like to be invited !
    Here’s my tweet!/anthonydeydier/status/35824450251395072

  25. Can i have an invite please? Thank you very very much :)

  26. I would really appreciate if you can invite me.. Hope u can send any number invites via Quora??

  27. hi, I’d be happy to get an invitation if there are any left. Thx!

  28. Sorry I don’t know how to copy the URL of my status. I want a Quora invite:!/SaadZaeem


    • Thanks for the tweet. Welcome to Devils Wokrshop and I have sent invite for Quora. To get URL of your status just visit your twitter page and click below the tweet. I usually should open a individual URL of the tweet. ;-)

  29. hi, can I get an invitation if there are any left. Thanks!/somevago/status/38477956229767168

  30. Please send me invite for Quora – thanks a ton!/monishk

  31. Anybody with a spare invitation around ?

  32. Hi, I would like to have a Quora invitation pleasE!!

    Here’s my tweet:!/samisleh/status/38601501387661312


  33. i want quora invitation…please, i want it so much and i don’t know how to get one…please help

  34. Waiting for an invitation.Thank`s in advance!

  35. Waiting for an invitation.Thank`s in advance!!/xavana11

  36. Hello. Could I please have a quora invite?

  37. I would like to have one invitation. Thanks in advance!/maimh/status/39704896789954560

  38. Waiting for an invitation.Thank`s in advance!!/alex_kolarski

  39. plz send me a invite zoolook71

  40. pls i am really desperate about getting one. Pls one more for me. thank you:)!/pavlado

  41. Reverence to you for writing this article. Hope, I get an invite soon. Have a blessed week ahead.

    Twitter Share Link :

  42. Hey ! Could I have an invitation ? please please please :)

    Here’s the tweet meetionning you!/jennyontwitt/status/40734727396659201

    Thank you ;)

  43. I you have some left an invitation to Quora would be well appreciated.

  44. Done! Thanks in advance!

    @adrian_rafael Anyone Needs #Quora Invitation!… via @devils_workshop

  45. Do you still have some left? I’d like to have one please!!/maratshamash/status/40993900747423744

  46. Thanks for this post. I will be waiting for an invitation.!/germanmorales/status/41145632538374144

  47. nice post and good technique to promote your site :). thanks for invitation and the idea :P!/livelifelively/status/42504808539758592

  48. Thanks for the Quora information!
    It seems to be worht giving it a shot


  49. Hi, I’m from Italy and I’d like your invitation to Quora. Thank you!

  50. PLease send me an invite tooo…!/arundoke

  51. Prakash Khanchandani March 6, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    Please send me the invitation……….!!!!/prakashnk/status/44383393424752640

  52. Prakash Khanchandani March 6, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks very much for the invitation!!! :)

  53. Hi, could I please get an invitation? Thank you SO much!

  54. Please can I have a Quora invitation

  55. Please can I have an invite too :-) ?

  56. Hmm strange, I was sure that I added a link to my tweet…nevermind :-) Here it is:

    Thanks in advance for the invite!!


    Hi, I’d like an invite, please.

    Thanks in advance.

  58. @mananalunes

    please send me an invite


  59. Kindly send an invitation to me! Thank you.!/seteck

  60. done!!/proactivekind/
    an invite’d be nice~ thanks.


    please invite me. thanks~ :)

    have a good day~

  62. Please send me an invitation of quora

  63. hi I had re tweeted this post!/comitr kindly send me an Invitation

  64. find the tweet in the timeline of account @spraba

  65. I twitted that:
    Can u please send me an invitation.

  66. invitation just arrived thanks a lot

  67. Can u please send me an invitation.

  68. I would like a invite please. Thanks!

  69. Hey! I’d love an invitation to Quora. Find me on Twitter (albertottboy)

  70. Hello,
    I hope to be a member of Quora. Thank you in advance.!/yotom/status/59526553293422592

  71. Hello,

    I also hope to get an invitation of Quora.
    Please, send me, too.
    Thank you.!/walknwalk/status/61320325211766784

  72. Hi,
    here’s my tweet. Could you please send me an invitation for Quora?

    Thank you.!/gugavieira/status/61397374303604736

  73. Loved the post. Tweet is here:!/repmanage/status/61413447971246081

    Would love an invite please.

  74. Here is the tweet!/phantom1887/status/62944526733545472
    Please send me the inviitation for quora

  75. i want an invitation too… please send me an invitation for quora!!!!

    thanks in advance!!!

  76. Still have invitations? can you send me one? Thanks in advanced!

  77. Hey, I want one too.
    here’s my tweet


  78. Hi I would like to get a Quora account! Can you still have one for me ?
    Cheers luke

  79. Archibaldo de la Cruz May 8, 2011 at 5:54 am

    May have an invitation too please ?
    Here is my tweet:!/ArchidelaCruz/status/67020735889149952

  80. Hi, I want a Quora invitation! Here’s my tweet about this post!!/cecimira/status/67026068254621696

  81. Thanks in advance for the Quora invitation!

  82. …would love to join in. Please send me an invitation.

  83. Hi,
    Quora seems interesting and
    I would appreciatz an invititaion if you hve some
    to share.!/liuliangyi/statuses/68152204963495936

  84. Hi, I want a Quora invitation! Here’s my tweet about this post!!/coolop/status/68607633724149760

  85. I’ll be obliged if you give me a Quora invite. Here’s my tweet:!/AvijeetBoparai/status/69300819232686080

  86. Matthew Goudge
    Anyone Needs #Quora Invitation! via @devils_workshop

  87. Sent the tweet that can be viewed at!/ELnSMediaExpert/status/71851168053202944

    Would appreciate a Quora Invitation

  88. Hi, Devils Workshop. Here’s my twit:!/nchernika/status/73113889075761152
    please, send me an invitation

  89. What if I don’t use Twitter?

  90. Send me an invitation. Here’s my twitter link:

  91. got it! thanks!


    Would you mind sending me an invitation? Thank you in advance.

  93. Hi, I’d appreciate a quora invite. Here’s my tweet:!/MrCrispus/status/81669405762781184

  94. Can I get a invitation?

  95. Can you Please send me Quora invite?
    I would really appreciate mate!/ethanhunt17/status/83062230886776832

    Thanx :)

  96. I’d love to receive Quora invitation. Please help :)

  97. I hope you still got some invitation for me ;-)!/xfg78/status/85279625026088961

    Thank you, and have a nice day! :)

  98. Hi, I would like an invitation please!/shahbaz01/status/88289057238556674
    This will help me on my thesis. Thanks

  99. Hi, I would like an invitation please!/shahbaz01/status/88289057238556674
    This will help me on my thesis. Thanks a lot

  100. thanks for the invitation

  101. PLease help wid a Invite..Eager about QUORA;
    Thankling you in anticipation :)

  102. invite me at: ……………please please….

  103. Hi, I need a invitation on Quora.
    Thanks for your help.!/scchoi_tweets/status/92154435895177216

  104. I retweeted but couldn’t find the link to post here; just link to my timeline which, once you check, you’ll find the retweet!/ygroro


  105. Hey Aditya Kane,

    I need a invitation on Quora.
    Thanks for your help.


  106. Hi, I need a invitation on Quora.
    Thanks for your help.!/sinner56625


    Thanks in advance for the invitation.

  108. Plz send me an Quora invite. lots of interesting stuffs to explore.
    Thankx in advance.!/iamarahan/status/96191476626767873

    Thank you so much! I’m planning a ’round the world trip and Quora seems like it will be extremely helpful!

  110. Thanks in advance :-P

  111. Hi everyone,
    Can any one send me a Quora request to my mail ID

  112. can I get a Quora Invitation?

  113. Hi, i’d like an invitation to quora. Here is my tweet:!/eldemo/statuses/99444695977050112

    Thanks in advance!

  114. Please send me an invitation…..

  115. Hi!
    I’d like an invite too!
    here’s the tweet:!/AlvenAikanaro/status/100578097451106305

  116. hi send me an invitation

  117. Hi,

    I would also like to a quora invitation for me,
    Please send me any one.

  118. Hi i would like an invitation to quora. Many thanks in advance. =)

  119. Hi, I would like an invite foru quora! Thanks!

  120. hi I’d like to get a quora invite..thanx in advance!/venki

  121. May i still get an invitation?? I have not tweeted because the post is too old and probably you have given all invitations!!

    Waiting for reply.

  122. I have tweeted it before but couldnt include link in post here, dont know why?

  123. please send Quora invitation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Would love an invite thx.

  125. nice send invitation

    • @Dhamodharan: do share this post on Twitter and drop in the URL in comments as required in the contest, so I can send invite for you. Do let me know if you have any questions. :-)

  126. hello, please send Quara invitation for me, thanks! :)

    • Thanks for taking part but the contest requires you to tweet about the post and then I can invite you. Let me know if you need any help or have questions. :-)

  127. Please send me an invite. thanks.

    • @Jagadish: Thanks for the comment but the post requires you to tweet about it so that a invite can be sent. Do let me know if you have any questions. :-)

  128. Just tweeted.
    Can I get an invite please!!!

  129. Can I get an invite please!!!

    • @Abdelhay: the post requires you to tweet about it before I can shoot across an invite for Quora. Let me know if you have any questions. :-)

  130. Hello I would like a Quora invitation!!!/Aiac5/status/124140112291446784

    Thanks in advice & Regards

  131. Hi. Please send me an invitation. The tweet about Quora here:!/balm/status/129839908188725249

  132. Hi,
    Can I get an invitation to Quora?
    Thank you

  133. I’d love to get a Quora invitation,please. Thanks a lot in advance.!/chenyongzhi/status/139320932488585217

  134. Hi Aditya,

    Please send me an invite as well. Thanks a lot.


    Please send me an invite as well. Thanks a lot.

  136. I’d like to have a invitation. Thanks in advance.!/hagikuratakeshi/status/155553017700171776

  137. Hi, can you send me a Quora invitation please? here’s my tweet:!/mahracuja/statuses/157105099435540480

    Thanks a lot!

  138. Hi, I would appreciate invite for quora. Here’s my tweet:!/vlada_markovic/status/157144270745255936

  139. Hi, I really want a Quora invitation!!/taichino/status/159191344122826753

    Thanks in advance.

  140.!/helholay/status/161142635011129344 here is the tweet, please send me an invite, thanks in advance

  141.!/ksander/status/162698332668567552 here is the tweet, please send me an invite, thanks inadvance

  142. I would like to have one invitation. Thanks in advance!/evilabandon/status/163841158731141122

  143. Hi,

    I’d like an invite to Quora, if possible.


  144. would like to get quora invitation

  145. pls send me invitation…………………………..

  146. Hi, as a viewer for China, I can not log on twitter, can I get invitation on other conditions? I really have interest in Quora. Will you be so kind to send me a invitation? I am a doctoral candidate from Chinese academy of science and I can contribute a lot to the content of those website.

  147. Here’s the tweet.. waiting for the invitation..!

    Thanks in advance..!

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