Stickr: Sticky notes for the internet

We all are aware of sticky notes. They were usually the yellow small trails of paper we would stick on our desks and workplaces. Then it’s use increased with them being used on books as small notes and even to do lists being stuck on refrigerators. So it was no surprise that when we spend half our time on the computer sticky notes applications were quite a hit.

But what about the internet? Today I spend more time online visiting various websites and often bookmark certain pages which I like. With Stickr you can leave sticky notes all over the internet.

About Stickr Notes

  • You can start using this service by signing in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or Friendfeed account.
  • I could start leaving notes online with my Google account to various pages I visited. This is not like a bookmark but basically leaving a small note. You can choose for the note to be saved as private or public.
  • Public notes are visible to anyone visiting the page and being signed in with Stickr. I personally like using private notes so that I can follow up or some article I have read online or even have my personal to-do list whenever I visit a particular website. ;-)
  • Stickr allows your to download extensions and add-ons depending on the browser you use.

This is very similar to Google’s Sidewiki which allows someone to leave a comment to any webpage. But I prefer Stickr for is private feature of using sticky notes. Do try it out and let me know your views through your comments.

(via Techgyo)

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  1. Hey Aditya! I posted this on on 30th. Anyway you added few more info.

  2. I use Diigo’s chrome extension. Besides bookmarking, it also allows leaving sticky notes which can be set as private or public. Do check it out. I’m sure u’ll like it.

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