The Death Clock: Do You Know Your Death Date?

The Death ClockGetting a glimpse into the future can be exciting, but not when it leads you into finding the number of seconds you have left to live! In spite of knowing that life isn’t endless, finding out your death-date can give a chill in your spine.

Go ahead… check for yourself… your death date on – The Death Clock!

How does this site work?

The site works on a simple formula. It would take your age and then subtract it from the average lifespan of a man or a woman. That number is then converted into seconds. No rocket science!

How accurate is it, anyway?

You might come back arguing that there’s no big scientific logic behind these calculations. That’s right. There isn’t any.

Remember, this site is no God! It will only give you approximate numbers based on very simple and generic calculations. For instance, if you smoke, it would just take off a few million seconds from your life.

Wish to delay your death date?

Although this site is mostly meant for fun, it does give out some accurate results like your BMI (body mass index), based on which you could chose to improve your lifestyle and eating habits. It’s common sense that if you lead a healthy life, your chances of living longer automatically increase. Visit The Health Clock and read more about ways to live longer and healthier.

By the way, as of today, I have 1,679 ,649, 706… 705… 704… seconds left to live. How many more for you…?

Link: The Death Clock | The Health Clock

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  1. … and if you want to know exactly how many years are left.. then try this query in the google search…

    “1679649706 seconds = ? years”

  2. But I am not gonna try mine…

    Not even visiting this site..

  3. Hmm..

    I remember, how, 4 years back, I used to make my friends afraid about their death clock by making them visit this site..

    And no wonder, those noobs used to believe it :D

    • @ Deepak,
      I have been doing that lately with some of my friends too. Those who are new to this site or first time visitors, somehow end up believing in it. :P

  4. This trick is very old.
    Though I checked it again.. its showing I will live only 60 more years :P =)) =))
    But I hope to see some new stuff in your posts. :)

  5. ITS very intresting to know the death date

  6. this is very good site to make the time spent.
    i will not belive this ,it is correct

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