WhereisDoc: An all-in-one search engine!


I came across this incredibly useful website which I would like to share with you – whereisDoc. I feel this is a real one stop solution for all those people who are searching for documents on the internet. The site is very well organized.

The best part is the entire site is weel structured. It has a Google customized search query box and various categories of file formats in which the result is expected.

All you have to do is – specify your search query, select your category and voila… Docs at your finger tips!

I tried some sample searches. The output was quite good and I think it will be very useful especially for college guys like me who would like to get some ready reckons for their projects and presentations at the last moment.

Anyway, do let me know if you found this site interesting or have some better ones.

Link: whereisdoc

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  1. Nice. Will try using it the next time I’m looking for a doc online.

  2. ya its nice …… horrible to belive all in one
    great job ….

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