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Spokeo is a social network aggregator that automatically brings your friends’ updates across various web services. It supports 40+ services including Blogger, Digg, Flickr, Fotolog, Hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, Picasa, Slide, Twitter, Veoh, Xanga, Yahoo! Videos, YouTube.

In addition to supporting social networks, Spokeo is a full feed reader, able to track any blog or website that has RSS feed.

Spokeo - Social network aggregation

**Finding Friends: **There are 3 ways to find and add friends into Spokeo.

Misconception: Spokeo is not a social network as many people think. It does not support messaging, blogging, photo or video uploading, or any social network features. Moreover, it syndicates only publicly available information. So Facebook* (except notes & shares)* & Orkut like sites can not be supported.

Overall I like the concept but hated few things like 1000 contact limit and slow speed. Still worth giving a try!

Links: **Spokeo | **List of supported Networks

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