Strange Facts About Linus Torvalds – Creator of Linux Kernel!

image Linus Torvalds – The man who created Linux Kernel is extremely simple and not at all gizmo freak in his day-2day life. Unlike many open source icons, Torvalds maintains a low profile. He is still remains the ultimate authority on what new code is incorporated into the standard Linux kernel.

Below are some facts about his daily routine that may surprise you…. (Source: Linus Torvalds interview with LifeHacker Australia)

In personal life, Linus is married to Tove – a six-time Finnish national Karate champion! Nice pair… a computer geek & karate champ! If you are interested in knowing how these two met read this portion of Linus wikipedia page!

Finally what I liked most… Linus hates GNOME and strongly promote KDE! He said in a reply to a mail on! You can also read Linus vs GNOME for more info about this!

If something is missing and its really cool… let us know! :-)

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