Subscribe to Orkut Scrapbook, Community & Topic RSS Feeds With Just One-Click!

This GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut users adds a RSS feed link on most orkut pages like profile, album, scrapbook, community, topics, etc! The RSS feed links uses our OrkutFeeds service in the background.

Most important aspect of this script is that the way it integrates OrkutFeeds service and Orkut! All feeds are just one-click away. This means you will never need to visit OrkutFeeds homepage or do any kind of URL copy-pasting! 🙂


The RSS feed link will point to…

  • Scrapbook of the user whose profile, album, scrapbook or any other page related to the user you are checking
  • Community if you are at any communities homepage, forum, polls & members list
  • Topic if you are browsing any community topic!

The above covers most orkut pages indeed. Let us know if you want something is missing… 🙂


The RSS feed link will appear…

  • Orkut main menu on topside… (see screenshot 1) 
  • Firefox’s RSS indicator in URL bar… (see screenshot 2)


 orkut feeds RSS link

Firefox RSS Feed Indicator


Now whenever you will click on links/icons highlighted in above screenshots you will be redirected to relevant RSS feed pages!

If you are good at math then you can realize all you need is one-click to reach any Orkut users scrapbook, community or topic! 😉



Links: Install Orkut RSS Linker script | Download Firefox | OrkutFeeds

18 Replies to “Subscribe to Orkut Scrapbook, Community & Topic RSS Feeds With Just One-Click!”

  1. Your orkutfeeds site has made a great impact on my site. It has provided more n more stuffs to blog about. Currently my recent blog post is on getting orkut scraps (or anything) delivered into mobile as text sms, its totally free! This post concentrates only on India – all networks. In a couple of days, I am going to post an article dealing with the same thing for any network in any country.

    thanks to orkutfeeds……..

    1. @Pavan
      Thats really good news for Orkutfeeds too… 🙂
      I will test and put links to your as well as others post which can benefit orkutfeeds users.

  2. hey yaar mujha apni comunity ka liya vo chaya jaise click karta hi sab frnd ko scrap chela jata hai

  3. hi rahul do u have a script to bypass the friends request and there by going into their scraps directly

  4. It doesn´t work correctly anymore after google change code inserting #Main at the adresses…

    won´t you update it?

    I had tried it, but i have some doubts and for this couldn´t conclude!!!


    1. @Andre
      It works with “#Main” URLs as well.
      There may be other problem when you tried it.

  5. i have installed all needed scripts but its showing an error follows:Invalid UID Supllied. Please note that UID must contain only numbers!

  6. hey! it does’nt work and give such error-
    Invalid UID Supllied. Please note that UID must contain only numbers!

  7. Is orkutfeeds up these days? I was really excited to find this but when I try to install it, it does not work.

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