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Sharing digital photos on the Internet these days means in real terms giving up your privacy. The success of websites like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut goes to show the immense popularity of user-generated content. Once content has been shared, it cannot be taken back. People could download the content, edit them and misuse them… and that too without your knowledge. The original content owner loses control over their digital content once it has been shared.

Overcoming this challenge is an interesting new technology from A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research called SUSie, that enables** **you to control who can view/edit your pictures after someone has downloaded them off, say, your website or social networking page.

This technology was displayed at CommunicAsia 2009, recently held at the Singapore Expo, potentially targeting Social Networking Sites, companies that offer Project Management Solutions and even Managed Security Service Providers.

SUSie (Share & UnShare, it’s easy)

This means that if you wish to share your vacation pictures on a website, you can do so without any worries. With the help of this new technology, you can always prevent someone who has downloaded your photos from editing or copying later. You could make the most out of a secure and safe cyberworld, where content ownership and usage control is in your hands and unsharing can be performed at any point, if necessarily.

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SUSie is currently positioned at niche markets that demand efficient sharing and unsharing of (online and mobile) media content.

(Source: *exploit-tech | SUSie)*

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