Airtel launches Unlimited Night 2G, 3G, Call Plans for Prepaid users

Airtel is one of the largest prepaid mobile networks in India with over 20 crore users. In a move to provide cost effective data and call plans, Airtel has launched unlimited night data and call plans.

These night packs will work from 12 midnight to 6 am in the morning and are valid for one time use. That is, if you activate the pack before 12 midnight, they’ll be active only from 12 midnight to 6 am the next day.


There are six packs that come under this special scheme. They are as follows :

  1. 1 rupee – Unlimited Facebook access. You can browse Facebook at 3G speeds till 250 MB. In a tweet to the company, Airtel confirmed
    that the 3G speed works with Facebook app too, and not just the mobile browser version of Facebook.
  2. 7 rupees – Unlimited Airtel to Airtel local voice calls.
  3. 8 rupees – Unlimited 2G Internet access.
  4. 15 rupees – Unlimited Airtel and Airtel local calls and 2G access.
  5. 29 rupees – 500 MB of 3G access.
  6. 49 rupees – 1 GB of 3G access.

This is the cheapest 3G data plan provided by any mobile network till date.

To activate any of these packs, dial 129 or *129# You can also activate these packs at Airtel night mobile website. The link is at the bottom of the post.

These packs are not available for all the users. There may be variations in the cost by 1 or 2 rupees depending on the users’ circles. The 29 rupees and 49 rupees 3G packs are limited to Delhi, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Mumbai, UP (West), Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Bihar, North East and Assam users.

Link : Airtel night mobile website

Airtel’s new slashed 3G tariffs [Official Data Plans]

The news of new slashed tariffs of Airtel’s 3G data plans is in the headlines from past few days, but now we have the official data on their website. Since India’s top mobile phone service provider company Bharti Airtel started rolling out their 4G services, they decided to slash their 3G data plan tariffs in order to boost up its usage among normal internet users who are still using 2G wireless internet. The new tariff for 3G services seems really affordable and value for money. There’s also a small Rs.10 pack where a user can access high speed internet for 30 minutes. Let’s have a look at their new tariff and plans in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and other circles.


Airtel 3G tariff


Airtel 3G tariff


Airtel 3G tariff


Airtel 3G tariff

Other Zones:

To check the new Airtel 3G tariff in your circle, please check out this link.

Now even Idea, Vodafone and Reliance cut their 3G tariffs by 70%, all because of the big competition they are getting from other service providers like Bharti Airtel. For any other information, please drop a comment below. 🙂

50 MBPS Broadband Connection from Bharti Airtel

When ever we talk about broadband connection in India, the most common problem whichAirtel_Logo we will face is broadband speed. The maximum speed which I have personally used from a home user perspective is 2 MBPS. Though Airtel speed on demand let me get 8 MBPS speed in the past but again paying 120rs/hour (2.5$) doesn’t sound affordable to me all the time.

Airtel has launched 2 new broadband plan for Delhi and Gurgaon :

  • 50 MBPS Broadband– Rs. 8999 per month
  • 30 MBPS Broadband– Rs. 7999 per month

The data transfer is not unlimited. 200 GB of free data transfer are allowed in this plan, that mean’s you can download lots of data with blazing speed.

Though this doesn’t seems like affordable by a normal home user but from a business perspective this plan seems to be very much effective. Right now we are using Tata internet connection in our office with backup connection from Airtel.

If you are an Indian broadband user, I will love to know your view on this new broadband plan from Airtel?

What does ‘Unlimited Broadband’ really mean?

Broadband ISPMajor Indian Broadband market players viz. Airtel,  TataIndicom and Reliance now have an asterisk (*) [Conditions apply] on their unlimited Broadband plans. Following the metered broadband trend from International players, they are also providing unlimited Broadband attached with
Fair Usage Policy”  […]

Under this scheme if you violate their policy, your speed may be reduced to half or you have to pay some more bucks. Worse, they may terminate your connection.

There are a lot of threads you can find on Broadband forums regarding this step, so be aware and use the BB carefully respective to your ISP  🙁 .

You are not going to get all that you are paying for. [Unfair policy]

Check what unlimited means 😉

TataIndicom Unlimited Means

Speed                 Limit
64 kbps               5GB
128 kbps            20GB
256 kbps            45GB
384 kbps            70GB
512 kbps            80GB

If you go beyond your limit, you will get a call from Tata Customer Care ( 😉 ) and they will suggest you to reduce the usage or upgrade to a higher plan. If not, they will terminate your broadband connection.

Link: TCISL Fair Usage Policy

Airtel Unlimited Broadband Means

Speed               Limit
128 kbps          10GB
256 kbps          15GB
384 kbps          20GB
512 kbps           25GB

If you cross this Fair Limit 😉  your speed will be reduced to half for rest of  month with out any intimation.

So, what do you think… unlimited means ???

Link: Airtel Fair Usage Policy | Check the Reliance unlimited broadband features also

Now Book Movie Tickets using your Airtel Mobile!

bookmyshow Few days ago, we posted about mChek’s association with Airtel. Now another interesting and useful service from Airtel has been launched, wherein Airtel have announced their tie-up with India’s  leading online entertainment ticketing company – bookmyshow.

To avail this facility you just need a GPRS enabled phone or you can also call Airtel’s customer care. Henceforth, if you want to book a movie, show, dance or any other entertainment event ticket then forget about all hassles of going early to the venue, dabbling around office computer by keeping an eye on surrounding, blah blah. Just take your mobile log on to  Airtel WAP site – (Airtel Live) and choose the option to book movie tickets. Thats it! Now tickets will be delivered at your door steps. 🙂

Nice initiative right? Now mobile service providers are trying to hook up their valued customers by such value added services due to stringent competition. So if you are an Airtel customer, give this cool service a try next time you are planning for an event!

Alternatively, if you own a cell phone of some other service provider (Except Airtel) and have a GPRS enabled mobile, then you can also directly book your tickets via BookMyShow by visiting

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Free Airtel GPRS Trick is Back!

The information in this post in no longer supported and possibly outdated. New comments are closed on this post! Try out our Support Forums.

In NUTSHELL you have to do only 3 things

  1. Enter your cel no. into USER NAME/NO. Field (If it is blank)
  2. Change access point / APN to or
  3. Configuring your application for following proxy setting…

If u r using IP Addr : Port no. 8080

If u r using IP Addr : Port No. 8799

That all about settings!

More proxy settings can be found in comments. Specially check comments by Dharmubaba & Nadeem.

Related: If you want to access free AiretlGPRS on phone only, use TeasShark [NOTE: Not all proxy will work for all. Also proxies are location-specific so a proxy working at my place may not work at yours. I know it means checking so many proxies but there is no shortcut for FREE!]