YouTube is 5 years old: Watch the first video uploaded on YouTube

You Tube has turned five years old. It all started on 23rd April 2005 when the first You Tube video was loaded. It was a innocuous video upload called ‘Me at the Zoo’. The website URL was registered in January 2005 but development started over the months and first video uploaded was on 23rd April of the same year. The official launch of You Tube was in October 2005.

Some interesting statistics of You Tube over the last 5 years

  • You Tube after its official launch had over 65,000 videos being uploaded and over 100 millions video views every day by June 2006.
  • You Tube consumed more bandwidth alone in 2007 than the entire Internet did for the year 2000.
  • When Google bought You Tube in 20o6 October it was valued at 1.65 $ Billion.
  • Today You Tube widely gets 1 billion views per day!

Below is the first video uploaded to You Tube. The video where it all started.

Here is wishing You Tube a happy birthday. Do share your favorite You Tube moment with us through your comments.

Grab .com Domain for 5.99$ from

Few days back we announced that we are launching few new portals and one of them is domain business.  rtCamp is now in domain business and to give privilege to rtBlogs readers we are giving away domain name for cheap till one week.


This week you can grab domain names for following rates :

  • .com domain name : 5.99$
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This offer is just for one week and we accept payment via Paypal or credit card. So you can quickly search for domain name from Ilovethisdomain and grab your favorite domain name.


For any domain related enquiry feel free to catch me on twitter @denharsh.

rtCamp is Celebrating its 1st Birthday!

(cross posted on rtCamp blog)

Last year we announced the foundation of rtCamp. rtCamp is a web development company started by Rahul Bansal and rtCamp_greeting copy later on I (Harsh Agrawal) joined rtCamp. In this one year we have covered lots of milestone and lots of new services and products are in the development stage.

For people who don’t know about rtCamp, it’s a wordpress development company based in Pune, India. We are specialized in WordPress theme, WordPress plugins, Buddypress, WordPress MU and anything you can imagine with WordPress.

Apart from this, rtCamp runs a blog network – rtBlogs, which runs popular blogs Devils’ Workshop, Shoutmeloud, Themepremium, Orkutdiary, Cricktalks, facebooknol and so on. Our motto is to provide a platform where any one can come write and make money for it. We already introduced revenue sharing model for everyone.

We are increasing our editors and writers list and we are still in the process of hiring many new authors and bloggers around the globe. You already know our Chief-editor Aditya Kane and newly joined editor Ruchi parikh.

Talking about achievement of rtCamp, we have done a great business and some killer products has been developed by us. One of them is Buddypress Kalture media component. We also win a prize for our BuddyPress media component.

We are partnered with some big companies for WordPress theme development, but due to NDA, we can’t disclose their names and products which we have created.

What’s in the future of rtCamp…

Talking about rtBlogs and rtCamp together, we have some big projects and ideas in the pipeline which we are working on and some of them are on the edge of finishing curve.

  • Blogging community for bloggers
  • Different Blogs on all niche
  • Domain Provider
  • Web hosting provider
  • WordPress maintenance service portal
  • WordPress SEO
  • Advertisement solutions
  • WordPress and WordPress MU support portal
  • Buddypress Themes and plugins development.
  • Various WordPress related services

We are going slow, but we are building strong foundation so that we can maintain our work-quality with increasing number of client base.

Right now we have a team of 20 members. We wish to have 100 members in our rtCamp family on next anniversary.

Thank you all for helping us “camp” successfully! 🙂

[Results] Winners of DW’s 3rd Anniversary Contest!

Hey guys, sorry for delay. This post is to announce winners of DW’s 3rd anniversary contest – free giveaway of $1000 professional services and $100 logos design contest.

List of Winners!

Free Blogger To WordPress Migration Service

  1. Sauravjit Singh
  2. Alok Chaudhari

Search Engine and Other Optimizations for WordPress Blogs

  1. Vaibhav Kanwal
  2. Simrandeep Singh

$100 Logos Design Contest ($50 for each logo)

  1. Debajyoti Das (for BlogVeda)
  2. Dnyanesh Mankar (for WpVeda)

To All Winners!

Please contact us on [email protected] to claim your prize. Our representative will assist you further depending on the type of the contest you have won.

Those who couldn’t win it…

Those who couldn’t be lucky enough to win Free Blogger To WordPress Migration can avail this service for $99 only. I repeat, this discounted price is for bloggers those who previously participated in the contest. This is non-transferable and will be provided for the domain name you have mentioned on earlier contest-submission form. There is 60 days validity to avail this service at discounted price.

Rest, all guest bloggers can always participate in Blogger of The Month contest where you can win $100 in cash prize among other things.

Plans for year ahead…

We are waiting eagerly to shift to our new office. Form there we will start few more blogs and will continue to rtBlogs network.

If you are interested in India’s first (citation needed :P) full-time blogging jobs, you can apply here! Rest, all designers and coder-geeks are invited for career opportunity at rtCamp!

Thanks a ton to all those who joined us in celebration. Keep reading! Keep blogging!! 🙂

Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration – $100 Logo Design Contest!

Update: Details regarding this contest has been updated on July 4, 2009. Please read following post again.

Here is next part of Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration! In last contest, some of readers showed interest in designing new logo for Devils Workshop!

We right now have no plans to make any major changes to DW theme. But we need some artwork for our new, upcoming two blogs. Yes, rtBlogs network will be introducing two more blogs by the end of July. Like current blogs in our network, you will get chance to write and earn on those blog as well once blog goes live but till for all creative minds out there, here is a small contest.

About our upcoming blogs…

We are planning to launch 2 new blogs on different but related topic. Name and some other details are below.

1. BlogVeda

This will be our blog for all new bloggers. Main focus of this blog will be blogging, SEO, online money making and related topics. We hope many of our readers will find this useful.

This blog will have some special sections. We cannot reveal more details about this at present but I hope name and this small intro is sufficient to get you started.

2. WpVeda

WordPress is backbone of our blog network and is also focus of our parent company. Initial idea was to create a wiki for internal usage where our developers can dump helpful information related to wordpress making collaboration easier. This idea is now base of our new blog dedicated to wordpress.

This will be more developer centric blog with less frequent update. We will share wordpress tutorials, themes and plugins form this new blog only. This blog will also have occasional web development and web designing tutorial.

Logo Design Contest Details

  1. There are two separate logo design contest for each blog with cash reward of $50 for each logo.
  2. You can submit logos for both blogs. You can win both contest if you are exceptional designer.
  3. Last date of submission is July 15th, 2009 10:00 AM (IST).
  4. Winner will be declared on July 20th, 2009 alongwith winners of previous contest.
  5. If we do not receive any quality submission, this contest will be canceled.

Logo Guidelines

  1. You can find some of our favorite color schemes here.
  2. Logo size should be preferably of square dimension like this or like this banner.
  3. All logos should be submitted in PSD and optional PNG file format.
  4. Logo file name should contain “wpveda” or “blogveda” depending on blog for which your logo is intended.
  5. You should put all logos and zip them in a single file which you can submit here.
  6. Final zip file size must be under 4 MB.

Apart from this, you can also apply for full-time web designer job opening.

Link: Use this form to submit your entries

Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration – Free services worth $1000!

(Update: Submissions for this giveaway are closed. We will update about winners via separate post on July 15, 2009. Till then, you can participate in this new contest with $100 cash prize.)

skitched-20080612-162620.jpgDear All Devils,

Today Devils Workshop has completed 3 years and like previous anniversaries, you will get lots of surprises, which is our way of thanking to all who love & support Devils Workshop through out the year!

So here we goes…

#1. Free search engine & other optimization services for 2 wordpress blogs

As part of our anniversary celebration we are offering our search engine & other optimization services for 2 lucky blogs. If you run a wordpress blog, you can participate in this. Sorry guys but those who take pain or pleasure in writing for Devils Workshop should get more perks! 😉

This package covers things like optimization configuration, theme and other part of your wordpress blog for better performance in search engine as well as humans. It is more like consultancy with technical support. We normally charge $300 for this and it takes around one week to tweak a blog!

#2. Free Blogger To WordPress Migration for 2 blogs (and more)

After our mega post on Blogger To WordPress Migration we received many requests regarding paid migration service. We normally charge $200 for it but we decided to give away this service completely free for 2 of our readers, including guest authors.

So if you are running your blog on Blogger ( and looking for experts to migrate your blog to WordPress (self-hosted), then this is your chance.

To participate:

Simply fill up this form. It is common form for both. Check appropriate check-box on form at the end. Date of last submission is 19th June 10:00PM (IST).

If you ever guest authored on Devils Workshop in past, don’t forget to enter your Devils Workshop username in the form.

More is on the cards…

Above services are worth $1000! But I hate one thing about them! They are all for bloggers. What about non-bloggers???

Well this is not the end. As per our promise, we will keep surprising you for rest of the month and in next round we will surely bring some gifts for non-blogger readers. 🙂

Feedback please…

As you might have noticed, many things has changed on Devils Workshop in last year. We are looking forward for few more big changes in coming days to give you our best. Please help us improve by giving your valuable feedback.

Let us know what do you think about Devils Workshop? Do you miss something here on DW? Do you want something to be changed?

We are open to all suggestions, criticism and anything you speak from your heart!

Thank you all for helping DW subscriber count 5000 mark!

Link: Participation Form