Discuss Blogger of the month version 2.0

Blogger of the month was something we had discontinued temporarily early in January this year but we had promised to bring it back on DW. This is a contest open for all our guest bloggers. Previously the system was simple. A prize money of $100 was given to the blogger of the month.

Yes Blogger of the Month will be back very very soon! 🙂

Earlier we had simple statistics to decide on who wins Blogger of the Month contest for that month. We also then allowed it across all our rtBlogs network.

We thought now that we are coming out with Blogger of the Month version 2.0 it would be a great idea to take opinions and suggestions from our readers on what they would like to see with this contest and how to make it bigger.

Some points for you to consider:

  • Should there be one prize or many prizes? For many months we had a $100 dollar prize but then later we did have a prize for the top three ranked authors.
  • Do you want the Blogger of the Month award on per blog or across blog network. Our blog network called rtBlogs has Devils’ Workshop, wpVeda, Fbknol, Orkut Diary and CricTalks. Do you want the author to be ranked number one across the blog networked as No. 1 or on particular blog?
  • How do you want the rating system. Earlier we had a every post rated on English and Presentation along with the context of the post. This was important as news like post got lesser weight overall. Do you have any better ideas?
  • Earlier if you wrote the scored for all the posts written were added and that was the score on which authors were ranked. Do you have any alternative ideas?

The point of this post is we want ideas and a discussion around what you would want to see with Blogger of the Month version 2.0.  So start dropping in your comments with your ideas and we will try to incorporate all of them.

Blogger$ of the month [December 09]

Okay first of all apologies to everyone for coming out with Blogger$ of the Month results so late. We at DW were a little tied up with our redesign project.

Blogger$ of the Month in December 2009 was a little different than any we had before. First and foremost we have three winners and not ranked 1-2-3 but rather winners who ranked no 1 for three different blogs on our rtBlogs network.


Devils Workshop: Blogger of the month

As you can see in the table below, Richie S wrote 7 good posts for us and his contribution was quite significant considering his 7 posts were out of a total of 18 guest posts on DW. Congratulations to Richie S.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
richiesajan 7 3.40 23.80
pkarun 4 3.62 14.50
umeshmahato 2 3.50 7.00
gaurav 2 3.05 6.10
bobnewman 1 4.00 4.00
rishabhagarwal 2 1.85 3.70

Facebooknol: Blogger of the month

At our Facebook dedicated blog Facebooknol, Sauravjit seemed to win quite easily with a total of 17.70 points which was clearly miles ahead of anyone else. Congrats to Sauravjit on being Blogger of the month for Facebooknol.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
sauravjit 5 3.54 17.70
rajeelkp 3 3.20 9.60
pkarun 2 4.30 8.60
rishabhagarwal 1 3.90 3.90
xphunt3r 1 3.70 3.70

CricTalks: Blogger of the month

Not many posts here as you can see but RajeelKP’s efforts paid off as he did contribute to Facebooknol too and that has got him winning Blogger of the month for CricTalks.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
rajeelkp 1 2.70 2.70
sdsh 1 1.60 1.60

Blogger$ of the Month

Blogger$ of the month contest was quite sucessful for getting a lot of people contributing to Devils Workshop and a sincere thanks to everyone who has ever written on DW for truly helping us grow. For the moment we have closed Blogger$ of the month contest temporarily as were are looking at new strategies for our blog. One of them is to compeltely redesign and you will be happy to know we have already started the coding work on the new theme.

Once again Congratulations to Richie S, Sauravjit and RajeeKp on being winners for the month of December 2009.

[Result] Blogger$ of the Month – November 2009

It is time to announce the results of “Blogger$ of the Month” contest for the month of November 2009.

There were a total of 45 posts written by our guest authors in the month of November. This time we had three winners as per the rules last month.

  • Sauravjit was ranked 1st with 46.90 points from a total of 17 posts winning $75.
  • Rishabh Agarwal was ranked 2nd with 40.40 points from 13 posts winning $50.
  • Rajeelkp was ranked 3rd with 18.90 points from 6 posts winning $25.

Congratulations to the three winners and we hope to read more from you on rtBlogs. 🙂

Author No. of Posts Total points Points per post
sauravjit 17 46.90 2.76
rishabhagarwal 13 40.40 3.11
rajeelkp 6 18.90 3.15
techcats 1 4.60 4.60
sriganesh 1 4.40 4.40
everblogger 1 4.40 4.40
mohitmohan 1 4.20 4.20
akki 1 4.00 4.00
akshayraje 1 3.60 3.60
xphunt3r 1 3.50 3.50
anuragmittal 1 1.70 1.70
sourishnath 1 1.00 1.00

Blogger$ of the Month for December

For December we will have individual rating tables for 3 blogs in rtBlogs network.

A cash prize of $50 would be awarded to the highest ranked blogger in each of these  rating tables. The ratings format will be the same as it was in the preceding months.

You can use the same user id and password to login into Facebooknol and CricTalks.

Blogger$ of the Month-changes again..


Blogger$ of the Month contest is now adopting a new face for the month of December,2009.

Previously we had the format in which we  have selected the top 3 bloggers for their posts from all the blogs across rtBlogs Network.  The total prize money was $150, which was distributed as $75, $50 and $25 to the these bloggers as per the ranks in the ratings table.

Whats New ??

For this month onwards we will have individual rating tables for 3 of our blogs namely,

A cash prize of $50 would be awarded to the highest ranked bloggers in each of these  rating table’s. The ratings format will be the same as it was in the preceding months and the posts will be rated by our editors.

You can use the same user id and password to login into Facebooknol and crictalks.

Why the change?

The basic idea yet again is to promote the new Bloggers on our platform. But this time, we are also looking for bloggers who are passionate to share information on topics like Facebook and our beloved cricket 😀

A suggestion to guest bloggers

Please try to follow the guidelines given by the editors before writing a post.

Important thing to consider is to write quality articles! Spend time on writing good and original post. Refrain from copy paste. A copied post will result in an immediate ban from our network. Include link and image credits if applicable in your posts.

Keep reading..Keep writing 😀

Monday Morning Blues [30 Nov 09]

A quick ‘Monday Morning Blues‘ post today as a lot has been discussed and dissected about our Blogger$ of the Month Contest. We have got a lot of new ideas and suggestions from some of our authors and readers along with some brain storming sessions at rtBlogs. Some of them you will see implemented very soon. 🙂


Blogger$ of the Month

With today being the last day in the month of November I think it is ideal for me to let you know that next month’s Blogger$ of the Month will undergo some more changes. We are still calculating the scores for last months winners and the changes will be detailed in a post sometime in the following week.

Top Posts

* indicates the post was published on Facebooknol. Facebooknol is a blog on Facebook by rtBlogs which also runs DW.

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Now win $150 for “Blogger$ of the Month” Awards!!

I am pleased to announce that “Blogger of the Month” is now “Blogger$ of the Month” The cash prize would be now of $150!!!


Why Blogger$ of the Month?

Well we at Devils Workshop conceived the idea of ‘Blogger of the Month’ few months back to promote the guest authors. The primary goal was to encourage new bloggers to write, and secondly to bring them appreciation in terms of exposure and revenue. We promised to increase the cash prize and it’s distribution too. “Bloggers of the Month” is an exertion to keep that promise.

What’s in Store for you?

Now we will select best 3 amongst the guest authors instead of 1 previously. The breakdown will be $75, $50 and $25 to the first three guest authors in the ratings table respectively. The ratings again will be given by our Editors which will again be based on..

  • English – be generous to run spell-check atleast. Use windows live editor for blogging. 😉
  • Presentation – Use headers like h2/h3 to highlight sections of your articles. Add screenshots wherever possible! Break posts in small paragraphs. Things like this will be considered.
  • Ethics – Spend some-time on linking back to other sources you may use in post. Do not excessively promote anything particularly. We hate links that open in new tab or window. Do not force or irritate visitors!
  • Tools – Use blogging tools that generate nice markups and respect web-standards. We recommend using online wordpress post editor or windows live editor. Never use Microsoft word!

Important thing to consider is to write quality article! Spend time on writing good quality and original article. Refrain from copy paste. Include link and image credits if applicable.

What about posts published till now in November?

The contest will include the ratings given to posts published from November 1st, till date! 🙂

Where to Post?

I will re-mention this point that the Bloggers of the Month is applicable to all the blogs across rtBlogs Network, which includes:

It means that you can write for any of the blogs mentioned above, whichever interests you. Every post by you will be rated.

Keep reading..Keep writing 😀

PS: New to Devils Workshop !!! Register here.

[Result] Blogger of The Month – October 2009

This is a quick post to announce winner of Blogger of The Month contest for October 2009.

“Blogger of The Month” for October 2009

In October 2009, 54 posts were published by guest authors out of a total of 82 posts.

24 posts which are close to half of all the guest posts were written by guest author Sauravjit Singh.

Clearly Sauravjit has made the first hat-trick of winning Blogger of the Month contest.

Everyone at rtBlogs network team congratulate him for winning the contest yet again and thank him for his extraneous efforts on Facebooknol.

Below is the breakdown of the posts published by guest authors in October 2009.

Author Number of Post(s) Total points Points per post
sauravjit 24 67.40 2.81
richiesajan 4 13.30 3.32
xphunt3r 5 12.70 2.54
gautam 4 12.40 3.10
everblogger 4 12.30 3.07
rajeelkp 2 8.30 4.15
hellboundbloggers 1 4.50 4.50
pkarun 1 4.40 4.40
srinivas 1 4.00 4.00
vaibhavkanwal 1 4.00 4.00
dinesh 1 4.00 4.00
amaranthine 1 4.00 4.00
binaryday 1 3.70 3.70
praveen 1 2.60 2.60
zubin 1 2.60 2.60
amol 1 2.60 2.60
ripe 1 2.60 2.60

Just another point, Blogger of the Month Contest is held for all guest authors across all blogs on rtBlogs network. So feel free to contribute to any one of them, they all count for Blogger of the Month. 🙂

Keep reading, Keep writing 😀

Monday Morning Blues [2nd Nov 09]

Yet another Monday is here and we have some announcements to make along with telling you what is new on DW.

First things first it has been a pretty good October for rtBlogs. Facebooknol our blog dedicated to Facebook has been doing quite well, and slowly but surely moving upwards. Sauravjit has been doing a stellar job there.


Blogger of the Month

We are still checking and rechecking the scores for Blogger of the month for October. But many guest authors had questions on how the ratings are calculated. Every post you contribute on an blog on rtBlogs will get a rating and it all adds up for winning Blogger of the Month. Feel free to give relevant posts on Facebooknol, Orkut Diary, Crictalks and obviously Devils Workshop. 🙂

Also I can tell you that next month Blogger of the Month winner can expect a surprise coming his/her way. 😉

Top Posts

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[Result] Blogger of The Month – July 2009

This is quick post to announce winner of Blogger of The Month contest for July 2009 and few more announcement related to network.

Blogger of The July 2009

July 2009, had very close competition between Richi and Prateek. As you can see from results table Richie won the race despite publishing 1 less post than Prateek.

Both Richie and Prateek published together 17 awesome posts which helped many users in our community. Overall, 40 posts were published in July by 17 guest blogger. Complete details are here.

We congratulate Richie and wish all bloggers good luck!

Major Changes…

Swati is no longer editor at rtBlogs. We already finalized new editor who will take charge in last week of August. We are also screening few more candidates as having multiple editors across entire rtBlogs network will be good idea.

If you are from Pune, or know someone who is interested in full-time blogging career, please check this bloggin-job opening.

We also regret for inconvenience some of our guest bloggers are going through.

Me and other team in Pune busy in shifting to new office, Deepak is busy with his CA exam preparation, Swati is gone, New editor will join after 2 weeks! You see, its all messed up for next few days. But we are damn sure that you guys will stay with us and keep us motivated for next-few-tough days! Thanks for that in advance! 😉

Recognizing Good Blogging…

We silently increased privilege level of few guest bloggers from contributor to author. This means there posts will be published without any review from editor!

Here is the list of bloggers who are privileged author now. The list will expand soon! 🙂

A note to privileged authors…

Triple-check your posts before you hit publish button. With power comes responsibility!

Editors will continue to rank your posts so that you get fair chance to win Blogger of The Month award.

To all guest bloggers about pending posts…

There are more than 50 posts in draft which we regard as incomplete. You have to log into DW Dashboard and submit your posts for review if you think they are complete.

Many authors use Draft feature to develop long articles and tutorials over the time so we editors never touch that area.

If you are waiting for your post to be published, you have to submit it for review. As long as it stays in draft, it will be ignored!

If you have any other question, feel free to use comments or use forum!

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