[Browser Wars] Every 1 in 3 Browser is a Chrome

The battle of the browsers is getting less fascinating in recent times and that is because Chrome seems to be simply unstoppable. Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer to become the most used browser a couple of months ago, pushing out Internet Explorer to second place for the first time ever.  Lately even Microsoft has accepted that Internet Explorer was pretty much the browser everone loved to hate.

According to StatCounter, Chrome now has breached the important 33.33% mark.

It means that now very 1 in 3 internet user is using Chrome. The rise of Chrome is even more incredible when you consider it did not have a captive platform to grow on, unlike Safari and Internet Explorer. Maybe, if Windows 8 is a super-hit, then Internet Explorer might actually start making a turn around and arrest the slide in its numbers.

Chrome might be late into the game as a mobile phone browser, but it has started catching up with being available for Android and iOS users.

Are you a Chrome user? Do you think its rise could be challenged or stopped? Do drop in your comments.

Chrome Overtakes IE: Becomes most popular Browser Worldwide!

Browsers war at the desktop level seemed to be getting predictable. Developers might still swear by Firefox and some older Windows versions like XP, still have Internet Explorer as its best bet, most people are generally in adopting Chrome.

According to StatCounter, Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer to become the most used browser worldwide.

Usage of Chrome is apparently 31.88% which is a slime lead over Internet Explore which has 31.49%.

One might wonder where Firefox is in this race, it is at third spot with approximately 26% usage.

What could stop Chrome?

Chrome does not give features or options which are entirely very different from say Firefox and dare I say even Internet Explorer. The difference lies in the simplicity of its options. The sync features, which can not just sync bookmarks and extensions but also browsing history or open tabs.

Lately, Chrome is now available on Android and it is already seeing millions of installs very month. If Chrome makes it debut on iOS as expected, it might soon leave all other browser very far behind.

The only thing that could stop Chrome seems to be Google itself, just like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer, when they became complacent and stopped improving the browser.

What are your views on Chrome dislodging IE as the most popular browser? Do drop in your comments.

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