PrivyTalks – Encrypted Anonymous Chatting Online

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Privacy is a big deal on the web, especially in recent times when social networks makes finding individuals very easy. Anonymity and encryption are two vital way to maintain your privacy. Also there are many instances when we want to not share our Gmail or Skype ID but use something temporary but what to discuss something with someone from a forum or a group.

With free online tool PrivyTalks, we can chat anonymously and also have the exchanged information which is encrypted and hence safe.

Features of PrivyTalks


Just visit the PrivyTalks website and start the chat. A link can be shared to invite others to chat with them.

The messages are encrypted from the browsers using the service. The website claims they only transfer the encrypted data and does not have access to any of the chat messages shared.

This makes it truly anonymous and secure way to share and share information. People sharing passwords to a service might find this PrivyTalks very useful.

If you are interested in online privacy refer to this guide. Also check out this link for chatting on any webpage anonymously.

Link: PrivyTalks

Note: PrivyTalks is in beta testing stage as of now and will be launched on Friday, Sep. 2, 2011.

All about deleting messages from your Facebook inbox

Most of the time people ask questions about Facebook messages like how to delete a particular message from a conversation or what happens when we delete a particular message from that conversation, will it be deleted from the receiver’s inbox as well? This post will give answers to all your queries.

1. What’s the difference between new Facebook chat and Facebook messages?

In a recent change in Facebook’s chat and it’s previously launched ‘Facebook mails’, Facebook integrated both Chat and inbox messages. With this new integration, all your messages can be seen on chat as well or you can chat in your inbox. While the ‘Facebook Chat’ is online way of interacting with your friends, ‘Facebook Messages’ is the offline one. Now you can type a message in the chat window of an offline friend and send it to his/her inbox directly.

2. How to delete a particular message from the Facebook inbox?

With the new inbox, you have an option of deleting a particular or few messages from the whole conversation. To do so, open any Facebook conversation in your inbox and click “Actions” on the top of that page. From the drop down list select “Delete Messages” and check the box given with every message you’ve sent or received. After that, click ‘delete selected’ as shown below.

fb msgs-1

3. What happens when I delete a message from my inbox? Will it be deleted from reciever’s inbox as well?

Well no, whenever you delete a message from your inbox after sending it, it won’t be deleted from the receiver’s inbox. Just consider it like Outbox of your cell phone’s SMS. After sending a SMS you can delete a message from your outbox but not from others inbox.

4. How to delete a Facebook message from friend’s (receiver) inbox?

Clearly it’s not possible to delete a message from receiver’s inbox once it’s sent. You can delete that message only if you know the password of his/her account. 😉

Have more questions? Drop a comment below. 🙂


How to use bold/Underlined fonts in Facebook chat

I always thought how do people use Bold or underline in Facebook chat. Well here is how to do that.

When you are chatting with some one on Facebook chat you just need to add some symbols to make your text as required. If you want to write an underlined message add underscore before and after the word.

Eg. Text

If you wish to write a Bold word then use asterix before and after the word.

Eg. Text

To use bold fonts type your message between two asterisks.

e.g. message

Try this and let me know if you find this good. 🙂 If you know any other such tricks do share with me.

Voxli – Voice conference with no registration!

I always wondered if there is a way out to talk with remote teammates while playing Counter Strike and now Voxli makes me happy at last.

It is the solution for all those who want to hold conferences for a short time, probably to get acquainted with someone you met on Facebook or somewhere else on this internet world.

Voxli Features

  • The simplicity of using it adds up  to the comfort. It is as simple as holding a button and talking (No sign-up needed)
  • Just visit Voxli and share the URL with your friends and start talking. This is as anonymous as it can get. 🙂

  • If you are talkative then you can switch the hands free on and do all the talking.
  • You can even install a add-on and use this feature without giving a tab of your browser to their site.

So if you are looking for online voice chat without wanting to share your skype or Gmail ID, then Voxli is quite perfect. Try it out and do drop in your views and comments.

Link: Voxli

[New Feature] Can you have a Voice chat on Facebook now?

If the news is to be believed then Facebook is testing a voice chat. Wow! Some of the Facebook users said that they see a Call button on the upper right hand side of Facebook profile, making it possible to voice chat.

Last year Facebook did plan out for such voice chat when it joined hands with Skype (source). Well, we cannot do anything else than just wait and watch.

Do you think this will effect on Yahoo or other chat clients? As there are almost 600 million people using Facebook they may love to chat from here only. What do you think? Share your views with me.

3 Bugs in Facebook Chat

Have you ever noticed bugs in Facebook chat? Well, I have and I get them every single day. I wonder why doesn’t anybody complain of that or some step has been taken?

When I open my Facebook account, I look for my online friends on Facebook chat. I see many of them. On clicking any one I get to know that a particular person is offline. Either that person sees me and logs out or this is a bug.

Bugs in Facebook Chat:

  • A person appears to be online but is not.
  • When you click on a certain person, although the person is shown online he is not and you get no reply.
  • Sometimes the chat window disappears altogether.

After the news that phone number and home address have been made public (source) I have started having second thoughts on using Facebook.

These are very small things that do matter at times. How many of you have experienced it? What did you do? Did you try to complain about it? Share your views with me.

New changes in Facebook’s “Add as Friend” & Chat Feature

Facebook keeps me busy with changes and updates. Below are the two recent changes that I have noticed.

Change in ‘Add as friend’

Yesterday my friend Murugappan told me about a new small addition being made. Did you see any difference in ‘Add as friend’ ? Well, earlier it was all green and now it is Blue! Just like the color of Facebook, it has been changed to the same color. It looks more of a Facebook now. The image below is how it used to look before.

Old one

Here is the new image. All in blue.

new one

Change in Facebook Chat Feature

There is one more small change in Facebook, as told by one of my friend Sauravjit. Did you hear the sound it makes now when someone messages you? The chat message sound has changed.

These are some of the small changes that I got to know and shared with you. Some of you might have observed it and some of you would not have. Just making sure you all are updated with the latest news on Facebook. 🙂

If you notice any other change do tell me through your valuable comments or mail me at [email protected] 🙂

New Facebook Chat interface

Facebook is doing some minor changes with its User Interface (UI) and this time it is the friend’s list for chatting. Yes they are continuously modifying their design and the main reason behind this is not to make Facebook look better, it’s just to reduce the disk space usage on their servers and to make the page speed faster.

The recent change in the Facebook Chat is that the homepage will not show the names of the person who are online, rather it will show the profile pictures only and to check the name of the person, you have to rollover your mouse cursor on it and it will display the profile’s name.

Also you will see a small dot with an online profile’s picture which shows whether your friend is available to chat or he/she is idle. A green coloured dot means your friend is available and blue coloured means he’s idle.

There’s also a new ‘Friends on Chat’ search box where you can find your online friends by name if you can’t find them by pic or if you have a huge list of friends. Personally I don’t like Facebook chat much cuz it’s full of technical bugs but most of the Facebook users are addicted to it so do tell us whether you like it or not????

YoStranger Lets You Perform Video Chat and Make New Friends Online

YoStranger is a video chatting sites on which you can chat with random people and make new friends. It requires signup process therefore we can’t say it an anonymous chat site. You can sign in with your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Open ID account. After signing in it asks you to create a user-name and giving an email ID.

It is safe to use in comparison to previous discussed Omegle, because the site has your email ID as your identity and other random user can see your profile.

Apart from chatting with random visitors, you can search for people present on the YoStranger. You can also send a message to him.

By default, it takes 10 second for the allotment of random visitors. When the visitor allot to you, you can start video chatting. If you feel anytime that the chat is going in wrong direction, you can always hold the chat and switch to some other user.

The other advantage of using this site is nudity and obscene behavior is not allowed on the site. The account of such user may get banned by the administrators of this site.

If you liked this post you might be interested in reading about video chatting on gmail.

Check out YoStranger to talk with anonymous people and make new friends online. Let us know your views and opinions about YoStranger through your comments.

Top 6 Websites to make free International calls

International callling is now made easy due to rapid development in Networking over the past years. Many Organizations regardless they are Small or Large have been offering these services. Due to raise in competition among these companies, now to survive some organizations are providing the free International calling services.

Calling is divided into 2 categories.

  • PC-PC voice calls
  • PC-Phone calls

PC-PC voice calls : Instant messaging services like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk already offer these kind of services. This PC-PC calling services doesn’t come under International Calling.

PC-Phone calls : International calling services comes under this category. Many Websites were offering this service for free of cost.

Instead of buying a plan for making the International calls which is really costly affair, we are having many alternatives now a days which are providing free International calls.

Here is the List of Top 6 Websites to make free International calls:

  1. Eva Phone
  2. Globe 7
  3. Jaxtr
  4. Flash2 Voip
  5. iCall
  6. Bonus: Adphone

These 6 websites will offer you free PC-Phone calling services.

Eva Phone :

EvaPhone provides Internet telephone calls for free. It offers free VoIP call solutions(free VoIP service lets you make PC-to-phone free international calls). All you need is a computer to start making free VoIP calls using Internet to phone.

Eva phone

Globe 7 :

Globe7 is a tiny application integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in widgets for your complete entertainment, information and communication. You can also do many other things like Watch Free Videos, Play Free Games, Free Live TV, Free Live Radio, Send SMS, Upload & Share Files, Breaking News and many more.

Globe 7

Jaxtr :

Jaxtr is a social communications company that melds together global calling, SMS, and social networking. You should signup for free account initially. Enter your number to get local jaxtr number than Call the jaxtr number on your phone and Dial your destination number after the prompt and talk.


Flash2VOIP :

Flash2VoIP is conventional SIP based video telephone written in Adobe Flash technology. It can be used to connect to almost any existing SIP service provider to make VoIP and Video calls through it.  Flash2VoIP is paid-for service provided by GTalk2VoIP Inc. You need to pay 5$/month. Here is the list of rates they charge for every Destination.


iCall :

iCall uses Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology which uses your existing Internet connection (cable, DSL, wireless, or dial-up) and your PC to plug you directly in to the regular telephone network. lets you make and receive free or low cost phone calls on your Windows computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


Ad Phone :

ADPHONE works wherever you are, and you can call any phone in the world. It provides you 30mins free-calling everyday to anywhere in the world. But beyond that you need to pay(low rates).

Ad Phone
Do you know any more websites which offer Free VOIP calls without any catch?