How to combine your profile and cover picture on Facebook

We know that now we have an option of adding Cover Photos to our Facebook profile in the Timeline profiles. But it’s a difficult task to select what to upload as your cover to make your profile look cool. Don’t worry we have something for you which will make your profile design awesome. A way by which you can merge your profile picture and cover photos. Let’s see how you can do it.

Merging your Cover and Profile Picture:

Step 1: Open the website and click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo. There are some other effects too. You can check them out as well.

Step 2: After that upload a picture that you want to make as your cover picture, that website will make your profile picture according to your cover pic. You can also use your current cover photo directly, just click on “f Cover Photo” button on the website.

Step 3: Now select the area that you want to make as cover picture and that website will make profile picture accordingly. See the screenshot below. Click “Done” after the selection.

merge profile and cover picture

Step 4: Like their page if you are using the website for the first time. After that you can download your cover and profile picture separately. Upload respective pictures to Facebook.

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Write in Strikethrough and Underlined text on Facebook [How-To]

We have another cool trick for all the Facebook lovers. This time we will tell you how you can update your Facebook status or even comment on other’s statuses with Underlined or Strikethrough text. Before this I want to clear one thing that writing a text in Strikethrough in MS Word and then copying and pasting it to Facebook won’t work as both texts have different encoding. Let’s see the simplest way of doing that.

Writing in Strikethrough/Underline:

To update a status or post a comment on Facebook in Strikethrough go to this website. This is a direct link to the tool which generates the Strikethrough Text. Write the text you want to convert to Strikethrough format in the box 1. and click generate. After that copy whatever text it shows in the box 2. and post it on Facebook. For Strikethrough select ‘Format Type’ as ‘Horizontal’ on the same page. For Underline select ‘Format Type’ as ‘Underline’.







Writing comments and updating statuses on Facebook in Strikethrough and underline is something new and trending. Don’t forget to give it a try. 😉

Update: You can also write this underlined or strikethrough text in Facebook Messages.