A car that reads Facebook updates !

Have you heard of a car that reads the email, twitter and Facebook updates ? Well, here it is what scientists may call an internet car! Read on for further information.

The unique Rinspeed Bamboo car can also help motorists behind the wheel surf the net by using a series of voice commands. To avail this facility drivers just need to attach their smartphones or ipads into a charger in the electric car before they set off.

The car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show recently. According to Harman, the first cars fitted with the technology could be on the road within 18 months. The car is compatible with all smart phones and ipad. Wow, seems interesting. I am waiting for this car to be out so that I may start planning to buy it. 🙂

Share your views for it here. Do you think that it may lead to accidents if some Facebook addicts read or react to their Facebook updates while driving ?