Facebook Joins about and Info Tab into one, on Facebook Page

Earlier Facebook had two tabs separately for info and about. Today Facebook reconciled these two into one.

What do you think ? Will this make Facebook pages clutter free ? I kind of like this. There wasn’t any use of keeping two tabs, one will be more than enough. Instead, ‘about’ comes on the left hand side of the Facebook page.

What was creating problem is that when we tried to edit one tab then both got updated. Info and About were creating a nuisance, no more! What do you think ? Observe these and let me know.

Pope John Paul II gets a Facebook Page

All you people who thought or said that Facebook is not good, look who is about to get a Facebook page now! Yes, Pope John Paul II has a Facebook Page dedicated all to himself.

The site, which will link to video highlights of John Paul’s 27-year papacy, is designed to promote the May 1 beatification. But it may well continue beyond given the global and enduring interest in the late pontiff, Vatican officials told The Associated Press.The portal will tell us all about Vatican city from various sources like Vatican Radio, Vatican Television, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See’s press office and Fides, the Vatican’s missionary news agency.

Pope Benedict thinks that Facebook forms a community, it helps people to communicate and interact. With a Facebook page anyone can communicate with people on a wider horizon. Here, this page may serve as a journal of what is happening in the Vatican city. I think this is a great idea. Everyone should bring technology to their lives one day or the other and using Facebook for interacting with people can be a good way to do so.

Here, have a look at the Pope’s page. People can leave comments for him in his memory. This is an interesting way for the Vatican to tap into social media and interact with people. What do you think about this step? Share your view with me on this.

Eminem overtakes Michael Jackson on Facebook

Remember when Eminem surpassed Lady Gaga with more number of fans on Facebook ? We said that with this rate Eminem is going to overtake Michael Jackson very soon. The news is that it has! Eminem has greatest number of fans now on Facebook!

When I talked about Eminem getting more fans than Lady Gaga I was kind of happy inside. But when I mentioned that he may overtake Michael Jackson I was hoping that he shouldn’t. But, to my surprise it has happened!

Eminem has become the first person, living or dead, to achieve 30 million Facebook ‘likes’. Oh my God this is kind of weird! There are 30 million fans all over the world that like Eminem so much, even more than the legend himself ! Eminem has 30,281,965 fans whereas Michael Jackson has 29,855,029 fans!

So, who do you support Michael Jackson or Eminem ? Share your likes with me here. 🙂

Mark’s dog Beast, makes a famous Chinese blogger angry!

Chinese blogger and activist Michael Anti is angry about why he is considered less worthy of Mark’s dog. His account was cancelled by Facebook in January.

He says when he asked Facebook officials the reason for doing so they replied him in an email that it was against the Facebook policy. You need to use your real your identity, no pseudo names are allowed.

Anti argues that his professional identity as Michael Anti has been established for more than a decade, with published articles and essays. His real name is Zhao Jing. He was not using this name.


He said,

I’m really, really angry. I can’t function using my Chinese name. Today, I found out that Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account. My journalistic work and academic work is more real than a dog.

He also said that it’s a part of Chinese tradition to use a pen name for journalists and writers so if he is being denied the right to have a Facebook page from that name it’s kind of threat to all Chinese people!

Whoa, a hell lot of news I must say! Please Mark listen to him and let him make a page of his own with the kind of name he chooses . 🙂 Else people wont like your Beast’s page, that may be a partiality.

What should Mark do here ? Share your views on this with me.

Facebook page for Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog, Beast

Oh my God, did you all know that Facebook’s creator has a page dedicated for his dog, Beast. Wow, I was amazed at this information.

People create pages for celebrities, colleges or just about anybody or anything they want to advertise about. Well, here Mark Zuckerberg  created a page for his dog Beast. Have a look at the image below.

I kind of liked this idea. I am a pet lover so I can think of such a thing. But, people who do not care who think Facebook is just a waste of time, they are kind of irritated with it. I am sure it will be getting lots of likes and all 600 million people will slowly know about Mark’s dog also. 😛

This page is owned by him and his girlfriend. The location is described as Palo Alto. Well, I am still wondering if this page is real or someone has just cracked a joke on Facebook. What do you think ? Share your views with me on this.

Eminem overtakes Lady Gaga on Facebook

Once upon a time Lady Gaga had greatest number of fans on Facebook, no more. Eminem has surpassed her with just a small difference.

Eminem, 38, is has over half a million ‘likes’ a day, surpassing Lady Gaga. If he continues to do so ,very soon he will be ahead of Michael Jackson fans. 😛 Wow!

Lady Gaga was at the top for 8 months on Facebook. She now has 28,856,359 fans whereas he’s got 28,864,014. There is just a small difference here. Well, just for you info President Obama has only around 15 million fans on Facebook. Ha ha !

This stat makes me feel that people follow celebrities or singers more than the real big personalities. What are your views ? Who do you like more, Lady Gaga or Eminem or Obama ? Do you think Eminem will have more fans than the legend Michael Jackson ? Share your views with me here.

MySpace officially joined Facebook !

Some two months ago I posted about how Facebook has taken over MySpace (Source) . Well, now I can’t help smiling myself, when I found out this. Even MySpace has a Facebook Page. 😀

When I saw this page it had to be shared with you all. We present you statistics, graphs and what not, but what more can we actually share? This is it ! MySpace created a page for marketing themselves on Facebook.

I know its okay to create a page and all, but will you by any chance include your biggest competitor ? Hah ! That too you are making a page on Facebook for MySpace. I wonder what Mark Zuckerberg would have felt on seeing this ? May be MySpace people just wanted to market and they found Facebook with greatest number of  social network lovers.

What do you think ? Share your views with me. Did you like this step or you too find it quite funny . 😛

Unmerge your Merged Places Facebook Page

Some days ago Facebook launched a new feature Unmerge to its Facebook merged places pages.

Now you can unmerge your Facebook page with the Places. This can be a good thing as merged Place Pages were unable to set a default landing tab which could create a mess at times.

With the new feature you can freely unmerge things and that lets you restore all the functionalities of the separate entities. Unmerged pages have a single physical location.


Admins of merged Place Pages now see an “Unmerge all merged Places” button in the bottom left of their Page. When clicked, a confirmation message is displayed you just need to click on Confirm and the work is done!

Top 5 Facebook Pages for Products

We recently spoke about the top 10 celebrity pages on Facebook. This time the countdown is for the celebs in our routine life – the consumer goods – the life and soul of a consumerist society – Products! Our life and ‘likes’ would not be the same without these well branded goods. So lets find out the which bar code made its way up to our top 5?

  • Coca Cola: It doesn’t beat Lady Gaga, but we must acknowledge any page which has over 19,500,000 fans. The story of the Coke Facebook Fan Page is quite famous now. The page was started by two friends, Dusty and Michael, as a normal fan page for Coke. Gradually this page grew to becoming one of the most popular pages, and now is officially supported by Coca Cola as well. Its one of those pages where you can spend your Sundays watching crazy videos of the duo, get into discussions and do much more.

  • Starbucks: From a small coffee shop amidst Seattle to 18,500,000 fans, its been a long journey for Starbucks. That’s why this strong distinct flavor makes it on our top 5 countdown. On Facebook, its been quite proactive – be it a personalized application to its credit with Starbucks Check-in or managing your Starbucks subscription Card on Facebook. That’s a few brownie (pun intended) points from us.

  • Oreo: It may go perfect with your Starbucks Cafe Verona, but that is no the only reason this little cookie makes it here. I love when Facebook brings to life my day-to-day products. Oreo shares with us fun albums, recipes and much more. Much deserved place on my list with over 15,000,000 likes.

  • Converse: When it comes to the kicks, Converse wins with a cool 11,000,000+ fans, almost twice as many fans as Adidas Originals. The simple no fuss shoes hold a strong spot in my ranking as the first non-edible item (hopefully) here.

  • Facebook: It proves absolute gratitude and loyalty when the most “liked” page on Facebook is the ‘Facebook’ Page. A symbol that no one has taken it for granted. Alright, maybe few people have, but not the 28,000,000+ fans who like this page.

I consider it as the art of brilliant branding when users don’t forget to prove their love for what they use everyday.  These were my top picks for the most popular product pages on Facebook. Don’t see your favorite product page here? Drop in your opinion below and let me know your views.

List of 5 Best Designed Facebook Pages

There are millions of pages on Facebook which remain bound to the custom blue and white. This list is not about them. This list is about those extremely well designed pages which make you question where you are – Facebook or a beautifully crafted website! Here it comes people, the best designed Facebook Pages:

#1. Cheetos

The Facebook page of Cheetos is makes it to the top of my list. With sound effects, smart graphics and brilliant styling, Cheetos makes you forget that you are on a regular Facebook Page. Its customized and well branded for the target audience of the product. It’s a no brainer how it made it to my list.

#2. Nissan

Nissan zooms in to our list with a well-organized Facebook page catering to each individual product listed and linked to the related web page, YouTube videos and regular polls. Its a concise and neatly planned Facebook Page offering fans right amount of details.

#3. BlackBerry

Shouldn’t be surprised after the success of the BlackBerry models, how difficult is designing a sleek Facebook page? Not much for Research In Motion who sure does loves what it does. 😉

#4. YouTube

The Facebook page for YouTube is the next on my list. Its kept updated and retains the branding features of the original site.

#5. Levis

After inventing the alternative to skin (read: Jeans!), Levis keeps up its name amongst fans with a classic Facebook page.

So these are my top 5 picks for the best designed Facebook Pages. It’s difficult task to personalize the page as Facebook has it ‘blues’ all over which give brands with different trademark colors a tough time. Keeping that in mind, I think these 5 have done a commendable task at proving their aesthetic with fans.

Let me know what you think about this article. Don’t forget to leave behind your comments and suggestions below.