Facebook Places comes to Middle East!

Facebook places allows users to check-in to locations using a mobile phone. 🙂 Earlier it was limited to a certain places only. Now it is available for Philippines, Egypt, south Africa and more!

So the thing is that Middle East gets Facebook places. This expansion was made available to all on March 18.

The feature is now enabled in Facebook’s smartphone applications on iOS and Android version 1.5.2 which up until 17th displayed a message saying ‘This feature is not yet available for your region’.

So well if you love using your mobile and Facebook then will surely keep you busy! Display your location and get Facebook check in deals. Wow, this sounds good. Share your views with me on this!

How to disable tags with Facebook Places

Facebook Places has been widely reported and a lot of Facebook users have started using it. One of its features is that you can be tagged by other friends on Facebook Places. Some people might not liked being tagged at all as there it highlights your profile to people who might not be in your friend list.

Disable Tagging with Facebook Places?

  • Login to your Facebook account. Then look up under Account and Privacy Settings. (see image below)

  • Privacy settings opens a new set of options for you. Click on the Customize Settings link right at the end of all the options.

  • Here we can see the 3 sections with settings. Look up in the second section under things others share.
  • Here we get the option to customize which is named Friends can check me in to Places. Click on select one and we get a drop down menu. Select Disable and none of your friends can tag your on Facebook places.

This is a great step to make sure even your friends do not inadvertently share where you are on Facebook.

Do drop in any question you might have through your comments.