Samsung unveils Galaxy S4: 5-inch screen, 1.9GHz Processor and Available in April

Samsung has set a lot of expectations for its new flagship Galaxy S IV model. The phone was unveiled in New York. The octa-core rumors turned out to be true. The phone does not disappoint and lives up to some of some of the hype that was set for it.

Here are some of the basic specs and some unique features.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S IV Specs

  • Display: Full HD Super AMOLED screen, 1920 X 1080 display (441ppi). The screen will be 5 inches. The screen though wider than S III the body of the SIV is slightly smaller.
  • Processor: 1.6Ghz quad-core processor (some locations will have 1.9Ghz octa-core processor)
  • Networks: 2G, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth. An LTE version will be rolled out later in the year.
  • OS: Android 4.2.2
  • Camera: 13 MP primary camera and 2 MP secondary camera.
  • Memory: 2GB RAM. It will ship with memory storage of  16/32/64 GB.
  • Battery: 2600 mAh and it is a removable battery.

Galaxy S4 Unique Image and Video Features

  • Dual Camera Mode: The phone has two cameras front and back. Dual Camera mode allows the user to take a photo with both cameras and mix them in.
  • Drama Shot: More than a 100 shots in 4 seconds and can be used as a collage in a single frame.
  • Eraser: Allows users to take photos and remove people in the background of the photo especially in a crowded place.
  • Story Album: Users can create story album of photos and videos from a holiday. The unique part is users will be able to send hard copies of the album at a price.

I saw Samsung’s presentation’s webcast and it was pretty shoddy. It packed in too much information and mentioned feature after feature that really did not let what the phone could do sink in. But the Galaxy S IV is solid product and it will probably end up selling a lot more than Galaxy S III. The launch in New York was a sign of confidence by Samsung. It shows it is ready to face-off with the big names in the US (namely Apple).

The phone will be available in most countries by April.

Video and Photos of possible Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked!

Samsung will be taking the covers of their flagship Galaxy S IV phone in a couple of days on 14 March. But that has not stopped some photos and a video of it being leaked. According to website SammyHub, the phone in the model below is what the Galaxy S IV would look like.

Galaxy S4 Leaks front

The phone model is supposedly GT – I9502. The phone allegedly is the dual-sim version of Galaxy SIV for China. The phone seems to have Android 4.2.1 and 5-inch display screen. It has 2GB RAM and 13MP camera. The phone does seem to have all the specs to be the next Galaxy S IV.

Galaxy S4 Leaks front

You can also see a short leaked video hands-on:

Is it the real deal?

We will never know about that. Samsung Galaxy S IV might be testing many models during their testing phase and this could be one of the prototypes. But it will be great to compare and check to see if the phone when unveiled on March 14.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV will be unveiled on March 14

Samsung has confirmed in a tweet that there is a “unpacked” event in New York City on March 14. The event will be where Samsung will unveil Galaxy S IV. Samsung has had a fantastic year in 2012, with record sales for Galaxy S III handset. It is almost certain that Galaxy S IV will be sold in very large numbers.

Samsung has had difficulty selling its Galaxy S I and S II handsets with patent filings against it by Apple. Thought S III was a different story and with S IV launch in New York, it is obviously trying to make a big splash in the United States.

Samsung Unpacked

Expectations from Galaxy S IV

There have been rumours that Samsung will be stepping away from Android in favour of its own Tizen. Though, it seems very unlikely that Galaxy S IV will have Tizen. It will most probably ship with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Earlier in the year, Samsung showcased flexible OLED screens. They might make an appearance with Galaxy S IV versions. I think it might be fair to expect a screen that folds over the edge, which could be useful to display notifications. It will most probably have a 5-inch display screen.

Samsung Galaxy S IV will end up competing with the likes of HTC One, Nokia’s Lumia 920, possibly an iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S) and BlackBerry 10 for top honours in the smart phone industry. If Samsung keeps doing as well has it has in the past year, it could probably mean very difficult days for HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry.

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