GoDaddy Auctioning 42 single and double character .ORG Domain Names

GoDaddy the popular domain registration and hosting portal will be auctioning several unique .ORG domain names. The unique part of these domain names are that they are either single or double characters.

So for example domain names like or are up for sale. It seems as the demand for such unique domain names is very high, GoDaddy is taking the auction route.

You can look up the entire list of single and double character .ORG domain names available at this link.

Unique domain names with single or two characters are in great demand because they are extremely easy to remember. A good example of this is Twitter’s short URL domain being

Expect even more unique Domain names in the future

With ICANN allowing more top-level domain names in any script a mad rush was seen by the world’s biggest technology companies like Google bid for 101 top-level domain names.

Many of these unique top-level domain names will see the option of more unique domain names becoming available to the general public.

Some internet experts do think that having too many options will actually force large companies to unnecessarily spend millions on buying unique domain names.

Link: GoDaddy PR

Register Free for GoDaddy – Web Development & Marketing Forum in India!

Indians lately are waking up to the fact, that they need to get their hands on a bit of internet property. Many are registering multiple domains for various plans they might have in the future. is sponsoring a Web Development & Marketing Forum in Chennai and Mumbai. If you are a web developer, web marketeer or even interested in domain reselling, then you might want to attend the forum.

The Forum does not require participants to pay a fee but it is by invitation only.

About the Web Development & Marketing Forum

  • The Forum meets will take place in two cities. It will take place in Chennai on 15th May and Mumbai on 18th May respectively.
  • Registration to the Web Development and Marketing Forum is open, so if you can make it to Chennai or Mumbai, you might want to get register immediately.
  • The speakers at the event will include Yong Lee, Vice President of Business Development and Reseller Group,

Do let me know in your comments if you have registered and are attending these forums.

Link: Register | Agenda

How to Install WordPress on

To Install WordPress on your Godaddy hosting account follow the steps below :

  1. Login to your Godaddy Account Manger .
  2. Click on the Hosting menu in left sidebar under the My Product menu.
  3. After that it will take you to the next level in where you need to click on Launch menu for the particular domain where you want to install WordPress.
  4. Now click on Install Apps and select WordPress and then click on the Install Now button.
  5. After that follow the steps shown below to install WordPress and then select domain name. (see the screen shot below)
  6. After completing all the steps of WordPress installation, you will get a notification by email.

You can find more about WordPress installation on Godaddy’s official site. If you are new to WordPress check out more articles on how to use WordPress in this User Guide.

To Install WordPress on Your Hosting AccountTo

How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server

domain_registrar After my last post on my experience with Indiatimes domain service, I got a couple of questions asking how to change the dns settings for domains registered with Indiatimes.

As I already mentioned in that article, Indiatimes does not provide total dns control to its customers. There are, however, two ways you can get your dns settings done.

1) Providing details to Indiatimes tech-support team

You can mail the Indiatimes web-support team at “websupport[at]” with the required cname, aname and mx records. For me it took 5 days, 4 e-mails and 5 phone calls before the changes were finally made, but ideally you will get it done within 2 working days.

2) Manage your dns through another domain vendor who provides total dns control

This is my preferred way, because you get full control of your dns settings. There are many registrars who provide this service for free. I will tell you how to do it with GoDaddy Offsite DNS.

i. Login to your GoDaddy account and go to

ii. Click Add Off-Site DNS.

Off-site DNS

iii. Enter your domain name in the domain name field and click OK.

iv. Wait for a couple of minutes (refresh the screen if required).


That’s the first part. To complete the process you will have to update the domains NameServer’s.

v. Login to your Indiatimes domain manager.

vi. Click on Name Servers.

vii. Update the nameservers with and save settings.

change nameserver

That’s it. Within 24-48 hours your nameservers will be modified and then you can enjoy full dns control through GoDaddy. Thanks Bisomber for the tip.

$1.99 for .COM Domain – New GoDaddy Promo Code “geo199”

godaddylogo.jpgJust registered a .COM domain via GoDaddy for $1.99 (+$0.18 ICANN fees).

Use promo code – geo199 for discount.

Limitations – It will work for single domain registration only and you need to pay via credit card.

If you want to register another domain use promo code – tweet1.

It will make .COM domain available for $4.99 (+$0.18 ICANN fees)

Credit card payment ans single domain limit are applicable for both promo codes:

It seems offer is open till November 1. But it never hurts to hurry up… 😉


Promo code geo199 for $1.99

Promo code tweet1 for $4.99

Promo code OYH7 for $7.49*

*OYH7 is never expiring promo code. You can register as many domains as you want and can also pay via paypal.

Screenshot: For skeptical minds… 😉

Godaddy $1.99 domain registration-1

$2.99 .COM Coupon Codes from Godaddy!

Its been long since we last posted a working Godaddy coupon code for purchasing .COM domains. So, if you are waiting to purchase a domain, then its the right time you can get one for just $2.99. 🙂

Coupon Code: 299BUYCOM

godaddy coupons

Things to remember:

  • Code applicable only for .com domain purchases
  • Code applicable only for new Godaddy customers. If you are an existing Godaddy customer, you’ll have to open a new account on Godaddy and then transfer the domain to your primary Godaddy account free of cost.
  • Unlike customary domain purchases, if you would like to use this coupon code, you will have to make the payment either via a credit card or by check!
  • As you can see on the screenshot, $2.99 is the basic charge. The total checkout amount would come to $3.17 including taxes and ICANN charges.

Thanks Santosh for the tip! 🙂


As commented by Pavan, this coupon is valid for existing customers as well!


As pointed by Martin, this coupon is no more valid and you cannot get a domain using this coupon anymore.

.COM Domain For 99¢ On GoDaddy Using Coupon Code “99BUYCOM”

For all bloggers and webmasters, Godaddy has released a special coupon code 99BUYCOM using which you can register any .COM domain for 99¢.

I personally tested this and found it to be working. Although it  is valid for 24 hours, I am not sure how many hours before this coupon code has been released. So hurry up! Best of luck! 🙂

Thanks Deepak for tip!

Update: Below is screenshot… 😉


Update: Check Dave’s comment below….

Get .COM Domains from Go Daddy for just $1! [Hot Deals]

Update (19th Feb, 2008): Offer seems to be over as reported by our reader- Satish

godaddy logoI remember a couple of months ago, I posted about a GoDaddy promo code using which you get .com domains for just $1 from the most popular domain registrar – GoDaddy. Now I came to know another such promo code using which you can register not only for .com domains for $1 but other popular domain extensions like .Org & .Net. There are some other taxes and charges you need to pay while purchasing domains using this code, and the total bill comes to $1.99

The promo code you need to use is love99. To me it seems this promotion was launched on the occasion of Valentines day as the promo code is “love99” and we are not sure about how long the offer would continue, so get your own domain for just $1. 🙂

Promo Code: LOVE99

Thanks Pavan for the tip. 🙂


p align=”justify”>Link: Godaddy

Now Register .IN Domains from Godaddy!

godaddy logo– One of the most popular domain registrar has now come up with support to register ‘.in’ and other ccTLD ( Country code top-level domains). I personally take it as an opportunity, becuase, earlier we used to miss out all the discounts and coupon code offers while registering for .in domains. 🙂

Not only options to purchase ‘.in’ domains are visible, except this, other India related domains that are now being supported by GoDaddy are “ | | | “ etc. As GoDaddy has now included support to purchase Indian domains, you can also move your .in domains from existing registrars to GoDaddy.

Link: GoDaddy


p align=”justify”>(Via Quick Online Tips)

.COM domains from Godaddy just for $1.99!

I am damn sure, you must be wondering whether I am talking about a ‘.com’ domain or ‘.info’, if it is really .com then the domain provider must not be Godaddy.. aren’t you?. Infact, with a special promo code, Godaddy is providing ‘.com’ domains just for 1.99 USD + 20 cent as ICANN fee (Total comes to $ 2.19 = Rs. 100/- approx.).

Recently I stumbled over an article at weblogtoolscollection wherein  this great deal was mentioned, and I thought of sharing this with all my viewers, so that you may save some hundred bucks if you are planning to go for a new domain in the recent days ;). While registering for your own domain, please take care that, you do no forget to enter the promo code i.e. ‘199TEST‘ else you will not be billed under the special price.

I am not sure, how long this deal is open for, so it is advisable to make the transaction as soon as possible 🙂


(Via Weblogtoolscollection)