[Video] iOS 7 Lockscreen Hack Allows Access to Apps Without Passcode

While it is just over 24 hours since Apple released its iOS 7, a security flaw in its lockscreen has already been uncovered. A device can be locked by requiring a passcode to be entered every time to proceed further from the lock screen. The hack was found by a Spanish security enthusiast, Jose Rodriguez. It was reported first by Forbes.

How does the hack work?

The lockscreen with a passcode can be bypassed by pulling up the control center (which strangely by default can be accessed even when the device screen is locked) and using the alarm app.

Then keep the top power button for the device pressed down which shows up an option to shut off the device. Press cancel and press the home button twice. The second tap has to be slightly longer than the first one.

This allows users access to all the apps which were running in the background before the device was in idle mode, which basically means someone could potentially access your photos or your email app.

Check out a video by Rodriguez.

The iOS 7 bug has been recreated on iPhone 4S apparently. Our very own Vivek Jain could recreate this vulnerability on his own iPhone 5. I too managed to recreate this bug on my own iPad Mini.

What does Apple say?

According to Forbes, Apple accepted the bug existed and was quoted as saying:

Apple takes security very seriously and we’re aware of this issue. We’ll deliver a fix in a future software update..

So basically make sure be careful with your devices until a fix is introduced by Apple. In the meanwhile, it is not a bad idea to look stop the ‘Control Center’ from showing up while the screen is locked. Look up Settings >> Control Center on your phone or tablet and you will be able to stop the Control Center from showing up with a lockscreen.

Do you own a iPhone or iPad and have you been able to recreate this bug? Do drop in your comments.

How to enlarge Google+ Display/Profile Pictures

There’s a new hack of Google plus, a not so popular social networking website but everyone who’s using Facebook is having a Google+ account too. This post will tell you how you can enlarge a profile picture or display picture or simply dp of any profile on Google+.The best part of this hack is that you don’t have to use any software or script. Also the picture doesn’t loses its quality (depending upon the original size of the image) after increasing size of it. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open any profile on Google+. Right Click on the display picture and click view image. After that it will open a page with that picture only but a smaller one.

  2. From the same page check out the link address given in the address bar, it will be something like:


Which shows the image:

3. Now all you have to do is change the above link a little. See the last value in the link i.e “200”. This is the size of image in pixels, change it to somewhere between 500 and 1000. After that hit enter and it will show a larger picture. If the larger picture is not clear than it means that original picture isn’t that much large. In that case change the size accordingly.

New Link:


New and larger image:

That’s it. Save the new link to save the image in a higher resolution. It’s a simple and useful hack. Don’t forget to give it a try.

Kindly do not reproduce the article without informing DW authors and giving proper credits. Stay connected for more cool tricks. 😉

How to save a protected image from Flickr

If you like uploading your photos to online photo sharing websites just because they are safe and no one can save protected images from it then think before you upload. These websites are not 100% safe and anyone can save pictures from it as there are thousand ways to do that. Let’s take an example of one of the most famous photo sharing website Flickr by Yahoo. You have an option of disabling downloads of photos you upload. If you enable this no one can save your photo and it will show “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos” with that photo. Let’s see how you can save such photos.

How to save images from Flickr:

  1. Firstly open the image you want to save and go to Actions>>View all Sizes, to view the image in actual size.
  2. Now select the largest size. That largest size is the actual size of that photo.
  3. Now simply press Ctrl+S to save the page and save it to your desktop or any other desired location. You can also save the link by clicking on ‘File’ on the ‘Menu Bar’ and click ‘Save Link as’.
  4. This will save that page (link) and a Folder with that which contains all the images on that page. Open this folder and you will find the desired image in that folder.

That’s it; you can find your image in this folder, copy and paste it to anywhere else. You can also save an image by viewing Page Source (by pressing Ctrl+U) of the same page that we saved earlier. View page source and find the link of that image there. Click on that link and save the image.

[Image taken from Flickr belongs to juliusfrumble. All rights reserved.]



How to write on private/protected Facebook wall of friends

You might be familiar with a privacy feature of Facebook in which you can lock your facebook wall and make it protected so that no one or some people can write on it. Obviously there must be some of your friends with this private wall on which you might not be able to write something. But there’s a very simple way of doing that.

Since there’s no space for writing something on your friend’s secured wall so there’s no way of writing on his/her wall by visiting the profile. If you want to write on someone’s secured wall then just go to your own wall and type @ followed by your friend’s name and select the name of your friend from the list that will pop-up once you start writing. This feature is known as status tagging on Facebook.

Once you have tagged your friend then type your message that you want to write on your friend’s wall and update your status. For example  if I want to write on my friend’s wall whose name is Steve but his wall is protected, then I’ll update my status as,

@Steve “my message”

and that will get published to mine as well as Steve’s profile. 😉

PRECAUTION: Before writing a wall message like this for your friend please note that the message will be visible to your friend as well as all those who are in your friend’s list. To make this message private all you need to do is customize who can see that message. To do so click on a small lock logo below your message and select Customize.


Now select specific people in these people and select the same friend there as well.


Save settings and publish your post 🙂