Mobile Friendly SlideShare Adopts HTML5

There’s a lot of buzz on HTML5 these days, especially because all the modern browsers and mobile devices support it, and you don’t need a plugin installed for it, unlike Flash.

SlideShare, world’s biggest platform to make, view and discover presentations goes HTML5, apart from presentations, it also supports PDFs, documents, videos and more, making it a perfect place for making and sharing presentations. This seems to be a right decision taken at the right time, as more and more apps are now adopting HTML5.


So, how will HTML5 make SlideShare experience better?

  • SlideShare is now universal – Supports all devices including Apple ones.
  • Slides will be 30% faster!
  • A plugin free experience – To view slides all you need is a modern web browser.
  • Search Engines will be able to read the slides.

That said, slides embedded in blogs, webpages and old browsers like IE 6 (which majority of people use) will still run on Flash.

For a demo, they have put a HTML5 slide on the homepage, click the link below, to check it out.

Link: SlideShare

Simple Tool to Create Free HTML5 Slideshows of Images

slidemypicsIn today’s world where attention spans are less and having your photos shown in a quick slide-show is better as some people might not want to look at all the photos without a preview of sorts.

Slide-shows are a  great way to quickly present something on your blog website. With browsers adopting and encouraging the use of HTML5, creating HTML5 slideshows of your favourite photos from Facebook or Picasa seems like a useful idea.

Slidemypics is a website which allows users to do just that.

HTML5 Slideshows with Slidemypics

  • Visit the website and sign into your choice of social network where you have saved photos. It supports Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and SmugMug.


  • Add your album after you sign in and arrange the photos you want to be included in the slide-show. Users can change the order and also exclude some photos.
  • Users can then share these photos as a link on Twitter or Facebook. I really liked the idea of an embed code which can be used to add these photos on your website.


Next time you decide to create a slide-show of your favourite photos, try out Slidemypics. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Slidemypics

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