Apple gets sued by company named “iCloud”

apple_logoLast week, I wrote about Apple’s new service called iCloud. It was a cloud storage service which Apple users can used to synchronize all their gadgets. But Apple has run into a small bump with the name iCloud. There is another company and it goes by the name “iCloud Communications” and was created in 2005.

iCloud Communications is now suing Apple for using their company’s trademark by naming their cloud service “iCloud”.

iCloud Communications is a VOIP Service for businesses and based in the US.

Who is to blame?

Well it seems, iCloud possibly rode the bandwagon to make their product sound fashionable. There are many companies around with the letter ‘’i” in front of them.

But, unless Apple has trademarked the letter “i” itself (which I find very unlikely :-P), they cannot use another company’s brand name for their own.

Also, this is a bit disappointing from Apple, considering I have read stories on how zealously they go about protecting their brand name and copyrights. So what should apply to a very large company, should also apply to a relatively unknown and small company. Right? Only time will tell. 😉

Do let me know your views on iCloud using Apple through your comments.


[Confirmed] NASDAQ systems hacked!

Over the past week, I have followed the “Wall Street Journal” which apparently reported a breach in the NASDAQ network, however it was maintained that the hackers didn’t touch the Trading platform nor did they steal any customer information.

However it has now been confirmed by the company that owns the 2nd largest Securities Market that its network was hacked including a platform called “Directors Desk” which lets the management of various companies share confidential data among each other.

DW nasdaq1

The Law-enforcement agencies are presently investigating the entire matter, however it’s been said around the hackers are probably trying for something bigger which could potentially damage the stock market network ultimately aimed at making high monetary benefits. This is not just an issue which can be ignored as hackers are possibly able to get access to “real” data which means a lot of money is at stake.

DW nasdaq2

Do post your comments on the future of electronic communications where even such big entities like NASDAQ are not 100% safe.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Hilarious Spoof Website takes on Apple Inc

I bumped on to a shareable today which was a picture of an imaginary product that Apple Inc could possibly develop in the near future called Water. 😀

Here’s the picture for all you readers. Click to enlarge.

I read the line at the bottom of the picture as many of you might have, and went straight to to check it out, and was not disappointed one little bit :D.

Scoopertino is one of the funniest fake news sites I’ve come across in a while. You’ll find tons of fake Apple news that would really make you laugh out loud!

Here’s another article I read on Scoopertino which claims that Apple recently opened a theme park for its fans which drew nearly a million visitors in the first week itself. 😀

Here are some of the rides in the Apple theme park –

“AAPLcoaster: This high-tech roller coaster literally reconfigures itself second by second, mimicking Apple’s stock performance in real time. Feel the adrenaline rush as your nest egg soars to new heights, plummets to the ground, then rockets skyward once again. (Not recommended for pregnant women or investors with heart conditions.)”

“Android Attack! Strap yourself into a sleek, weaponized, iPhone-style race car and put the pedal to the metal. It’s a life-or-death dash to the finish line with hundreds of vicious Androids nipping at your butt. Careful! For every Android you kill, two new ones take its place.”

This website is a definite treat for all Apple fans as well Apple haters 🙂

Do check it out and drop in your comments/opinions below.

Link: Scoopertino

New CEO at Google by April 2011!

Today in a post the current CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt announced that he will step down from his position in April. He will be replaced by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Schmidt has been CEO for over a decade at Google and he has been the managerial face of Google behind the innovative genius of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Schmidt was interviewed by Page and Brin who founded Google as CEO in 2001. Schmidt is 20 years older than both Brin and Page. He had held many technical positions before he became CEO of Google.

What will happen to Eric Schmidt?

Nothing, he will stay on in Google as its Executive Chairman. This will mean he will be concentrating on company deals and acquisitions. I guess we can expect a lot more acquisitions over the next year or so.

Why make a change?

Google recently has posted growth of revenues by 26%. This is good news for Google fans but we all have seen that Google has come out with some muddled projects in the past couple of years. With trying to create a social layer or with flops like Google Wave and Nexus, many might be wondering if Google is now a follower instead of a leader when it comes to innovation.

I guess this led Google to make changes over the next few months so they can get back to making geek look cool all over again. 🙂 – Read Today’s & Old Editions of Famous Newspapers online

I do admit that I get most of my news from the internet or the television, but I still cannot get out of my habit of reading the newspaper first thing in the morning. I grew up in Mumbai and now work in Pune. This makes me miss my local newspapers which I grew up reading. Also sometimes I wish I can look up old archives of some popular Newspapers.

Thankfully ePaperGallery comes to the rescue.

  • I could look up a few newspapers from around the world and specially from India. Also I could surf through the different editions –  city wise on the site.
  • Most times we can read the front page of the current newspaper, but if you register and login I could look up the entire newspaper.
  • One good feature of this website was when I was reading the newspaper I could also look up archives of that particular newspaper. This was really useful and I could read some papers dating back to almost a year ago.

So if you are into reading newspapers and for some reason cannot get one, try out ePaperGallery to look up newspapers from around India.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: ePaperGallery

All new things on Google at one place!

Google is a very large company and they have more than a few products and services which people are interested in. I personally was more interested in Google Search and Gmail. Slowly I became a fan of Google Earth, Google Reader, Google Analytics etc. Get the picture? Because I blog about tech the next logical step was to subscribe to all the blogs which Google runs for its services.

Google New products is a page which shows exactly what’s new, that Google is churning out.

If you are keen on following Google and its various dedicated Twitter account you might want to read follow everything Google does on Twitter.

Wondering about all the blogs that Google keeps to give information about its various services? You can look that up at this blog directory.

I see that Google makes looking up information for its services a lot more easier than any other internet company does. For instance try searching for the actually landing page to download Internet Explorer 9 beta version or even search for what is new with Yahoo or Bing.

What are your views on this? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Google Blog

Bluetooth v4 to hit market by end of 2010.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has finalized the Bluetooth 4.0 specs. It is expected to reach manufacturers by the end of August 2010, with hardware expected to reach the market in late 2010 or early 2011.

This newer version is based on low energy module and hence, it can be built into products such as watches, wireless keyboards, gaming and sports sensors, health care products, which can then connect and communicate with host devices such as mobile phones and personal computers.

Main features for users like us would be, resistance to interference and range can be optimized as per application demands upto 200 feets or even beyond (Currently it is ~ 30 feets). This would be specifically required for, in-home sensor applications where longer range is a necessity. This all is going to extend Personal Area Network (PAN).

According to latest press release from Bluetooth Special Interest Group, More than 8 new Bluetooth enabled products are qualified every working day and more than 19 million Bluetooth units are shipping per week. There are nearly three billion Bluetooth devices in the market and that number climbs daily, making it the only proven wireless choice for developers, product manufacturers, and consumers worldwide.

Estimate of Bluetooth Integration in Mobile Phones
2007 2012
47% 73%


  • Ease of implementation both independently and in coexistence with classic Bluetooth technology.
  • Low cost as a standalone device and minimal cost addition when integrated into a Bluetooth dual mode device
  • Extremely low power consumption. Especially low standby currents for applications with long idle times between active radio use.
  • Low peak and average power consumption to enable button cell applications with minimal external componentry such as capacitors and power conditioning circuits
  • Robustness and resistance to interference
  • The ability to provide a variety of range, extending to full home coverage
  • Fast startup and shut down times
  • Physical and operational coexistence with classic Bluetooth technology
  • Similar level of privacy and security that Bluetooth v2.1 has today.


Looks like one more big step to stay wireless.

You Tube unveils a new design to all users

You Tube has been redesigning their pages for a long time now and finally the new look is out. You Tube has spent over 8 months redesigning it and come up with some very interesting changes. The changes are not radically different but are quite significant. As usual there are some people who are bowled over by the new design and some who don’t take very kindly.

Subscribe made easy…

When you look up a video on You Tube now right about the video playing area you can see the account or channel name who has uploaded the video. It also neatly shows the number of videos uploaded by the particular account and a very prominent subscribe button.

Ratings replaced with Facebook style ‘Like’ button…

Now more five star ratings for your videos. It has been replaced with Like and Dislike buttons something which clearly has been borrowed from Facebook. I personally like this system as it will be used more than the 5 star ratings format. People prefer liking or disliking something rather than rating something.

Sharing of social Networks made easier…

With prominent buttons for Twitter and Facebook I guess You Tube is trying to get more friendly to social networks. Social networks are very important way for sharing videos. These are not new options and have been there for some time now but the new design makes it more apparent by having a cleaner interface.

What You Tube has acheived here is certainly a more cleaner interface for viewing videos and also narrowed down on what they want their users to really look up. I do not think this new design is brilliant or great but I do not think it is bad either. I might end up liking it as I spend more time on You Tube. What do you think about the new design? Do you like it or dislike it? 😛

Do drop in your comments.

Featuring Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series [PICS & VIDEO]

It was very much expected, and it happened! Microsoft unveiled the much anticipated Windows Mobile 7 during a press conference at Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, Spain. CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcement about new operating system, that thay have been working on.

Windows Phone 7 Series, yes this is the brand name for the microsoft’s next generation of windows phone. All Windows 7 smartphones will be united under this brand name. With a smart design, good looking UI and integrated features the 7 series has been rebuilt from the ground up. A completely new OS for the smarphones. The user interface that wasn’t looked at for the past 10 years, has been changed for the sake of good Multimedia expereince and real-time feaures. As per reports, there is no flash support in the initial launch.

Windows Phone 7 Series is much about integrated set of experience on a phone through Windows Phone hubs. Hubs bring together the related content from various services, simplifying it to a single view. Six hubs which simplify the common tasks have been built on the activities, that matter the most to people-

  • People- An engaging social experience, bringing together relevant content based on the person, including his or her live feeds from social networks and photos. A one stop to post updates on various social networking websites at once!

  • Pictures- Bringing together a user’s photos by integrating with the Web and PC, making the phone the ideal place to view a person’s entire picture and video collection.

  • Music + Video- Turn your media experience into a social one with Zune Social on a PC and share their media recommendations with like-minded music lovers.

  • Games- Xbox LIVE experience on a phone, including Xbox LIVE games, spotlight feed and the ability to see a gamer’s avatar, achievements and gamer profile. Million of active members around the world, Xbox LIVE unlocks a world of friends, games and entertainment on Xbox 360.

  • Office- Access to Office, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace all in one place, users can easily read, edit and share documents.

  • Marketplace- This hub allows the user to easily discover and load the phone with certified applications and games.

Demo may provide you a better idea about its features-

[Links – Microsoft , Engadget ]

A few words from the CEO of Microsoft corp., Steve Ballmer-

Today, I’m proud to introduce Windows Phone 7 Series, the next generation of Windows Phones,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer at Microsoft. “In a crowded market filled with phones that look the same and do the same things, I challenged the team to deliver a different kind of mobile experience. Windows Phone 7 Series marks a turning point toward phones that truly reflect the speed of people’s lives and their need to connect to other people and all kinds of seamless experiences.

Ir seems Microsoft looks all set to clash Head on with Apple’s iPhone! Let us know, what you think about this latest venture from Microsoft ? Does Apple has something to worry about??

Windows Mobile 7 OS Set to Launch- Pics Leaked

In news for so many months now, Microsoft is all Set to launch Windows Mobile 7 OS at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event is expected to take place in some time, supposedly 7-8 p.m. IST.

With the preparation for the unveiling heating up, a photographer was able to take some snapshots of the Banner that was being set for the event. Engadget, in a story reports about the X-box Live integration, as it appears to be from the screen-shot. Also, the interface looks to be the new home-screen for Windows Mobile 7 OS. Here is the screen-shot of the interface-


The consumer-oriented platform with a simplified user interface is built on Microsoft’s Zune HD player. Though there are no confirmed reports for the launch of Windows Mobile 7 handsets as yet, rumors suggest that LG might introduce on in september this year. With the unveiling of Mobile OS 7, Microsoft is set to go Head on with Apple’s iPhone in a fight for smart-phones. Track back for the latest.

[Source – Engadget]