5 Types of Software You Don’t Need To Buy

I’m not a fan of shareware, as there are tons of freeware apps which act as an alternative. I see many of my friends spending money on Anti-viruses, Firewalls etc. because they think that these shareware apps are better than the free ones.

Shareware is not bad, for example, Gimp can’t replace Photoshop. But unless and until it’s worth it, you should keep avoiding shareware. Here are a few types of softwares you never really need to buy.

1#. Anti-Viruses

If you’re spending money on buying, renewing Anti-virus licenses, note that Microsoft itself provides an Anti-virus, completely free. MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) is just more than enough, to run it, all you need is genuine Windows. Best of all, it’s light with very less memory foot print.

Finally, sometimes common sense is all you need to remove viruses from your Windows.

Link: Microsoft Security Essentials 

#2. Registry Cleaners

The web is full of these crappy registry cleaners advertisements which literally do nothing, they rarely effect the performance of Windows.

#3. Maintenance Softwares

If you’re thinking that softwares like Tune Up Utilities will increase your system’s speed, then you’re completely wrong. I myself have tried many maintenance softwares and I have never experienced a performance boost. All they do is, clean temporary files (which you can do with CCleaner), fix registry errors (not necessary), defragment drives (only needed for XP, it hardly has effect on Vista and 7).

As Windows is evolving, system maintenance is getting automated and you don’t need a special software for that, though, it’s good to have CCleaner.

Link: CCleaner

#4. Backup and Sync

Paying for File-backup services like Dropbox is not a bad deal, but take a look at other services, especially the space they give, before paying for any such service. If you’re using Dropbox and 2GB is not sufficient for you, then I would suggest you to check out Wuala (detailed review here) or Livemesh.

Link: Livemesh | Wuala

#5. Download Accelerators

Download accelerators like DAP (Download Accelerator Pro), IDM (Internet Download Manager) etc. offer premium version of their apps, if you end up buying such softwares, here are a few freeware apps which do the same thing, for free.

Down Them All

If you use Firefox, you must have already knew about this, it’s the best download manager built into a browser. Unfortunately, it’s not available for other browsers, nor as a standalone app.

Link: DownThemAll 

Microsoft Download Manager

Developed my Microsoft itself, has a clean UI and does what it suppose to do. Although, I would recommend Down Them All over Microsoft Download Manager.

Link: Microsoft Download Manager

These are just the top 5, CD/DVD burning softwares like Nero are also really not worth buying (when is the last time you used a CD burner?). In this web, a percentage of paid apps are just bloatware. They are stuffed with unnecessary features which increase the size of it and certainly the price of it will also be high.

4 Great Websites to Play on Virtual Stock Markets with Real Data

Have you ever traded stocks at the real markets? Often people are scared of the stock markets because of the continuous activity it observes every second. Few people are not aware on how these markets operate but they are always looking for some greater knowledge on how to invest and stay safe at the same time.

Inspired by this I decided to share few interesting websites, where you can play with virtual cash on “real markets” in your country. For now, I have included websites which uses market data from India and the US.

DW stock5

Image Credits

#1. MoneyBhai Investor

A MoneyControl.com entity, the portal is designed nicely. Registration is FREE and easy after which the user receives Indian Rupees 25 Lakhs which can be used for Buying & Selling and even Short selling. You can buy & sell stocks based on real streaming data from the NSE (National Stock Exchange, India). The experience you will have will be full of learn while you play.

DW stock2

#2. KheloStocks

Not much appreciable on the design part, however the website is organized in a very simple way. You can get access to a bunch of learning resources, Stock Games and even get to take part in Contests. Khelostocks streams Live data from two big stock indices of India namely, NIFTY and SENSEX.

DW stock3

#3. We Seed

With a great appearance and design, I found this one to be a great choice for beginners as well experts. You get to shop for companies in the United States using an easy to search module and you can pick up companies from the well-prepared categories. You can even take up a short course on Investment in three easy to learn levels. Overall exploring through this website is a great fun.

DW stock4

#4. Wall Street Survivor

As the name says, you get to do Virtual trading using the Live data from the Wall Street. The website offers some unique contests where it distributes real cash prizes to winners of the trading game. It also let you create your own Contests for Free for your friends and colleagues to play on your custom created market. And everyone including you get a chance to win real cash prizes. Isn’t that cool?

DW stock1

So next time you feel inspired about playing the stock markets, do try out these websites to test your market sense. 😉 Do drop in your comments.

YouTube – Top 5 Tech Related Videos in 2010

Top 5 Tech related videos on YouTube

YouTube is all over and just like it grew more influential in 2009, it continued its domination of being the number one website to share videos online.

Top 5 Tech related videos on YouTube

Recently YouTube released certain trends to help people look for latest trends. I decided to look for the top 5 videos which were tech related. I must say all the videos are not really tutorials or highly technical, but it probably comes under tech culture.

#5. Google Chrome Speed Tests

This video demonstrates the lightening speed of Google Chrome with strange and weird experiments. This was viewed over 4.13 million times.

#4. “Take me Out” by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

This was a song sung by Atomic Tom on a NYC subway train. The video is tech related because the entire song was recorded and played with instruments using only iPhones and its applications. This video was viewed over 4.17 million times.

#3. Iggy investigates an iPad

Iggy is the name of the cat who in this video investigates an iPad. The natural curiosity of the animal along with iPad touch sensitive apps make it an amusing video. This video was viewed over 7.2 millions times.

#2. iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo

This video has two characters discussing the iPhone and is a sarcastic take on how people are looking to buy an iPhone only because of the brand and not so much know much about its features. This video was viewed over 11 millions times.

#1. Annoying Orange: Pacmania

We all realized this year that Pacman still evokes massive mania as Google found out when they put up a pacman interactive game as a doodle on their homepage. On YouTube is a video which has a fruit changing places with Pacman in the video game. This was viewed over 12.3 million times on YouTube.

Most of these videos show how Tech brands have become iconic in our everyday life and that is the main reasons of these videos becoming so popular. Do drop in your comments and let me know which one is your favorite among these videos.

Useful CSS Tip for Beginners – Set Internal Spacing For <ul> <li>

For <ul><li>we need to adjust spacing between the bullet and the text. So I write CSS for ul li but when I want to edit those properties, it’s a bit confusing which property is being used and where. In order to explain  this I have a small demonstration using below image that will help you understand CSS properties used in the following example.

CSS-ul li bullet

A : Distance between text and the bullet i.e. padding-left for li.

B : Bottom distance between two li items i.e. margin-bottom for li.

C, D : Vertical and Horizontal position of a bullet i.e. background-position: x y.

E : margin-left of ul.


<li>Contact Us</li>
<li>About Us</li>

CSS Code

ul {
margin-left: 20px;                                    /*  E */
padding-left: 0px;

li {
padding-left: 30px;                               /*  A */
margin-bottom: 10px;                           /*  B*/
background:url(bullet.png) no-repeat 2px 8px;       /*  C,D  */

Do drop in your views

4 Free websites to scan files for virus

Many times we do not have a Anti-Virus installed on our computer. Some times such Anti-Virus applications give false alarms about a certain file or script. Sometimes we suspect that there is nothing wrong with a particular file and that the Anti-Virus software is raising a false alarm.

Most times in such cases it is better to scan your computer for viruses, trojans and malware scripts. Online websites which scan for viruses are great mainly because there is no need to keep updating the anti-virus database as its done by the website offering this service. 😉

Below are 4 websites which will allow you to scan files your computer for trouble and that too for free.

#1. NoVirusThanks

  • This website allowed me to scan a particular file for a virus by scanning it with 24 Anti-virus programs which includes AVG, TrendMicro, Panda, Kaspersky, Vipre scanned form the website directly.
  • The only limitation is that the file size of NoVirusThanks is 20 MB.

#2. VirusChief

  • Pretty much like NoVirusThanks I could simply upload any file from my computer and scan it online with VirusChief portal.
  • It uses multiple anti-virus scanners for scanning a file like AVG, AntiVir, Avast, Bit Defender and others.
  • VirusChief also requires no registering to scan a file and it a free service.

#3. Dr.Web File Scanner

  • No registration required for using Dr.Web file scanner for viruses.
  • It is very useful for scanning a file for Mac or Linux users who are sending certain types of files to Windows users which might be defined as malware or suspicious.

#4. ActiveScan from Panda

  • ActiveScan 2.0 is powered by Panda Cloud Anti Virus. It allows you to scan your computer for viruses, trojans and malwares.
  • It can also carry out a quick scan of essential files on your computer.
  • It scans for more than 2.7 million viruses and trojans.
  • Active Scan can also be integrated on a website with a API being available for developers.

These 4 websites should be able to look up and diagnose a corrupt file on your computer. But it is not really a replacement or alternative for anti-virus applications installed locally on the system. Read up 3 free anti virus programs for Windows for getting options of having a Antivirus software locally.

These websites can more or less be used for diagnostic purposes but not for defending yourself from having infected files.

If you know any more alternatives do share with us through your comments.

3 great websites to create RSS feeds of links shared on Twitter

My Twitter time-line is full of my friends who are sharing links with me of things they find interesting and most importantly they also end up writing about what they are doing to cricket scores and which movie they are watching over the weekend. Some of these tweets are quite irritating as like many people on Twitter, I usually want to look up interesting links which are shared by friends.

Here are three websites which will allow you to create RSS feeds of only the links shared people you are following on Twitter.

#1. Sift Links

  • This one is very simple. Just enter your Twitter account credentials and you Sift Links will show you immediately all the Tweets with links by people you follow.
  • Sift Links can also create RSS links for you to monitor all the links shared by your Twitter friends.
  • Finally the good part is this service does not need any registrations. 🙂

#2. ReadTwit

  • ReadTwit is pretty similar to Sift Links but it does not display any links like Sift links does but creates a RSS feed directly.
  • Just enter the credentials on ReadTwit and you will get a RSS feed on only links.

Click here to read full review of ReadTwit on Devil’s Workshop.

#3. Twitter Lists 2 Rss

  • Sift Links and ReadTwit are great to create RSS feeds of all the links that are shared in your Twitter time-line but invariably we have Lists within Twitter and what about all the Links within the lists.
  • Twitter Lists 2 Rss allows you to create RSS feeds on specific lists on Twitter so you can narrow down the information you are looking for.
  • This can be very useful if you have a large number of people you are follow but have some important people who are listed and you want to absolutely follow.

These 3 websites I reviewed are probably great for someone looking to get information for a limited number of followers. Sometimes it is a little costly to follow people blindly as we do not know if the Tweets they share are too few or too many but glancing up and down a RSS feed is easier than looking up your Twitter timeline on a desktop app.

Do let me know your views on these websites by dropping in your comments.

Convert Twitter Lists into RSS feeds

More than a month ago, I wrote a post about how you can look up links sent on your Twitter account using ReadTwit with Google Reader. Today I want to share with you about how to convert Twitter Lists into RSS feeds. It will make life a lot easier by allowing you to access webpages with links posted on Twitter.

I think following a Twitter List in RSS is a lot more helpful than having all links show up. This way I can narrow down the information coming in especially if you are following 100s of accounts.

How to get RSS feed of a Twitter list?

  • The RSS feed can be generated at the Twiterlist2rss Appspot page. The page is pretty self explanatory and you need to type in URL of the Twitter list. Here I used Twitter list of all the blogs we have at rtBlogs.


  • Then click on ‘Get an RSS Feed‘ and it will create a URL for RSS feed of your Twitter List.
  • If you want to read this feed with Google Reader, just click on ‘Add a Subscription‘ while on Google Reader and paste the URL of the RSS feed from Twitter list into it.


  • You are set and ready to read links from Twitter List in RSS with Google Reader. 🙂

If you are on Twitter follow Devils Workshop @devils_workshop and you can follow me @bombaypirate. The List that I took as an example has feeds from all blogs on rtBlogs network. You can follow the list @bombaypirate/rtblogs.

Link: Twiterlist2rss Appspot

List of 100% adsense Revenue Sharing sites


DW is an adsense revenue sharing site and such websites allow you to generate revenue through Adsense from the posts you contribute.These sites have high rankings and Google is calculating CPC based on the smart pricing method, where the statics of the page (where you got the click) is very important in determining the value of a click.The sites can surly increase your CPC. Also keep in mind that they have a lot of loyal readers who possibly reads your articles also (more readers=more clicks=more money). Rather than Just money, you can also earn some authority and experience through these posts!

Here I am compiling a list of 5 such sites, which allows Adsense revenue sharing on their posts.

1.Devils Workshop (DW):

I think that there is no need to describe DW.You can earn money from your posts in DW through Adsense revenue sharing system and can also win $100 if you became the ‘Blogger of the Month’.My favorite site where i makes guest posts.

2.SheToldMe ;

Another favorite of mine.It’s the best way to earn from adsense.Here, Instead of writing,  you have to share articles – i.e, this is a social bookmarking site like Digg and reddit.Through this site, You can promote your blog and also earn from adsense.You can even earn money by sharing the articles of others.

3.Hubpages ;

One of my favorite.You want to create ‘hubs’  and can earn money from the ads displayed in the hubs.Each posts is a page which is called hubs.Most of all hubs are added on the front page of Google and is highly SEO optimized.

4.Flixya ;

It is an image, video, blog sharing site, which posts your ads on the shared pages and shares with you 100% Adsense revenue generated from the contents you share.

5.Simpy ;

It is also another social bookmarking site just as SheToldMe.It also allows 100% Adsense revenue sharing to the contributors. Here too you can promote your blog or earn by other’s contents.

There are many other Adsense revenue sharing sites, which pays from 50%-100%. Anyway, this concept is accepted by Google and is the best way to make more money.

In my opinion, if you have an Adsense account you must checkout the DW and shetoldme.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Rajeel KP or ‘Reji’. Rajeel is a teen blogger who writes at Labofweb on stuff related to the Internet, blogging, useful sites, utilities, tech news, blogger templates, etc.

If you, too would like to write for Devils Workshop, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are here.]