Facebook Messages to be made available to All

By now I guess everyone would be knowing about the new messages. The one that lets your email id be changed to [email protected] ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah and the same one which was about to be the Gmail killer.

Anyways, jokes apart Facebook has rolled out upgraded messages to many and has said ,

We’ve begun expanding the rollout of Messages to everyone on Facebook. This will happen gradually over the next few weeks.

So, after a long wait finally this is happening. Finally we do have the Facebook messages. I really like it.

Why should you have Facebook message ?

  • You can happily give your email id as [email protected]
  • You can just enter your Facebook id and get access to the Facebook profile. ๐Ÿ™‚ No need to write the full email id just enter the name and you get it!
  • Facebook messages are a better way to do the talking if the person is not online. The messages appear as chat.

So how many of you have the new Facebook messages ? Did you like using it ? Share your views with me.

How To Block Messages from Strangers on Facebook [Privacy Settings Tip]

Today Facebook changed its design. Just as I was busy checking out the new features somebody asked me a question. How to avoid getting messages from strangers on your Facebook profile?

Stop getting messages from strangers on Facebook

How to stop getting messages from strangers?

  • Go to Privacy settings in your Facebook profile.
  • Click on View Settings under Connecting on Facebook.
  • Find ‘Sends you messages’.
  • Select ‘Friends only’.

This will surely be helpful if you are looking out for ways to avoid getting messages from strangers. If you know any other way to stop such messages do drop in your suggestions through the comments below. If you have any idea on which you want me to write post on, send in your tips at [email protected]

How to get back your deleted message in Facebook

In Facebook, now you can also recover your deleted messages or a group of messages from your inbox which can be your recieved or sent messages or simply updates from the different pages that you have joined. It’s not a trick or anything like it, rather it’s just a feature added by Facebook without any notification or update in their official blog.

To recover a deleted message, find the link of undo in a yellow box below the button ofย  “+ Compose”. Check out the screen Shot below.


This link will appear in your inbox whenever you delete one or more of messages that might be received or sent messages. You can also undo the deleted updates from the pages. This feature helps to clean inbox faster as you don’t have to confirm “are you sure want to delete this message” every time, but you still don’t have an option of recovering an old deleted message that you have deleted a long while ago. However to read an old message that is no more in your inbox, you can check your e-mails as Facebook always send you an e-mail notification in your mailbox whenever you recieves a new message.

How To Hide Scrapbook Completely From Your Friends on Orkut!

Ketan Goyal and few other readers are interested in hiding their Orkut scrapbook from their Orkut friends.

Sometimes it happens that you get a friend request from a bully from your school or workplace. You love your privacy but you cannot reject his request as you are in same social circle. At such times you really wish you can just hide your scrapbook, albums and other content from such people even after accepting their friend requests.

Now such privacy features are available on Facebook but on Orkut there is no official way. Personally, I am waiting for such feature on Orkut sine long but for time being I am using a workaround.

I run Orkut scrapbook cleaner script periodically on my account. This script when run, deletes all your scraps automatically.

I know it really hurts to delete all your scraps but that’s the best way to avoid information misuse. If you have some important content in any scrap, you can copy it to your email account or save it as a file on your computer.

I hope Orkut will improve its scrapbook privacy features in near future. Till that time if you are really concerned about your privacy, you can use this script.

Link: Orkut Scrapbook Deleter Script

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