Microsoft Unveils New Office Suite With Focus on Cloud

One of the biggest selling software for Microsoft is the Office Suite. Some analysts claim it makes them as much revenues as Windows does. With the combination of Office tools and Windows OS, Microsoft has had a pretty strong hold over the PC market in the past two decades.

The New Microsoft Office suite was unveiled by Microsoft today. It will launch the Office 2013 suite along with Office 365 Subscription options integrated with SkyDrive to keep its current customers, who might be increasingly looking at Google Apps as an option.

Microsoft Office 2013

New Microsoft Office Features

  • It is apparent that New Microsoft Office will best work with Windows 8. This is the reason for its focus on touch screens. It also has new Windows 8 style applications for Office like OneNote and Lync.
  • Touch screen and Windows 8 is what Microsoft hope will get people using Office suite on phones and tablets running Windows 8.
  • Google Apps is built into the idea of storing and synchronizing documents on the cloud. Microsoft has struggled here despite being the market leader. New Office version will allow saving documents to SkyDrive by default. It will sync documents across different devices.
  • Office 365 Home Premium subscription service will include 20 GB SkyDrive Storage.
  • Finally Office subscription models will have a social layer. It has Yammer which is a private social network for businesses. It will also integrate with Skype, which allows 60 minutes free calls every month.

The Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook will be well appreciated but how Microsoft leverages the Office 365 subscription services will be interesting.

This is where it will have to attract small businesses and home users who are more prone to move away to the cheaper Google Apps.

It is also unclear if Office will show up on other platforms like iOS. Despite the excitement around Microsoft’s Surface tablets, I doubt they will sell in their millions anytime soon. iPad will still remain the leader here and it won’t be a bad idea to have Microsoft release a version for iPad users who might be using Office on their desktops.

You can get a preview of the new Office tools from Microsoft at the link below. Do drop in your comments

Link: Microsoft Office Preivew

Microsoft Office 2010 Released Globally

After the RTM release, the much awaited Microsoft Office 2010 have been finally released. You can download the trial or buy Office 2010 and feel the power of its new powerful features which will surely make your lives a lot more easier!

Today, Microsoft Corp. announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010. Consumers can now purchase Office 2010 at more than 35,000 retail stores across the globe including; and direct from Microsoft at

On the statement given by Microsoft ” In the next year, more than 100 million PCs will ship with Office 2010 preloaded, which can easily be activated with the purchase of any one of the three versions of Office 2010, including Office Home and Student 2010, Office Home and Business 2010, or Office Professional 2010. ”

Some of the best features of office 2010 are presentations with new video and photo editing features, Advanced e-mail management and calendaring capabilities in Outlook 2010 etc. More over, the Office Web Apps, the online companions to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote and Office Mobile 2010 for windows mobiles 6.5 phones will add spice to it.

Microsoft Office 2010 – Free trail or Buy it now !

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Product Guide for Free

Few weeks back Microsoft released the Official RTM version of Office 2010 which has been posted on MSDN and TechNet. The official launch of office 2010 will be held at new york city on 12th may and will be on stores (US) from june. Microsoft has also released a series of Office 2010: Product Guides e-books for each and every Office 2010 application programs.

The Office 2010 product guides provide an overview of what’s new in your favorite Microsoft Office programs and a deeper look at benefits across all Office 2010 programs, as well as Office Web Apps and Office Mobile 2010.

Office 2010 product guides provides an at-a-glance overview, a closer look at many new and improved features, and instructions to help you find the features you want quickly and easily.

The Office 2010 product guides are available in both .PDF and .XPS formats. You will need either an XPS Reader or Adobe Acrobat reader to view the documents.

Download Office 2010 Product Guide for Free – Link

Will be the Google Docs killer? is a portal where you can upload documents online. This portal has been promoted by Microsoft and I can see it as a real looming threat to Google Docs. allows you to upload and share documents with friends over the internet pretty much in a similar way to Google Docs. At the moment you can register and sign up to be in the waiting list for using

Why Google Docs could be in trouble?

There are two simple reasons why Google Docs could be facing serious competition from

  1. Google Docs is still not as widely used as Microsoft Office Documents. The prime selling point of Microsoft is Excel and Word documents which still are hugely popular compared to Google Docs alternatives.
  2. Google had one advantage of its huge user base being already there with Gmail which would automatically transfer over to Google Docs. This base was lacking for Microsoft as you know Hotmail and MSN users are dwindling over the years. allows you to sign-in with your Facebook account and this could be crucial and I am sure Microsoft will develop a application for Facebook where you can soon exchange word, excel and other office files with your Facebook contacts.

Why cloud based Documents are important?

  • Cloud storage of documents are very important because it means you store something online and can access it from any computer with a internet connection. This is the obvious advantage but there are more advantages like sharing and collaborating with teams with the same document.
  • Cloud based storage of Documents is extremely crucial for Google as it develops its Chrome OS further. If kills Google Documents, then Chrome OS project will die next. So Microsoft has got it right this time at least when it comes to identifying where they need to shore up. But will they be able to deliver.

I tried using Open Office a few times and I found it very tedious. I preferred to stick to Google Docs. But then I do not own Microsoft Office suite like most Windows users. I am sure most people having Excel and Word on their computers would want to store and share documents without changing the file formats.

So what do you think about Will it be the Google Docs killer? Do let me know through your comments.

How to add Checkbox in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is equipped with so many great features that we don’t know about. You can easily add check boxes, options buttons, toggle buttons and many things which we don’t even know. Check boxes can be used to indicate an opposite and clear-cut choice. You can check more than one check box at a time in a data sheet to show the options.

In order to add check boxes in your data sheets, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel 2007. First of all, we have to add the Developer tab appear in Excel 2007. If it’s not enabled, click on the Office button.


  1. Then, go to Excel Options.


  1. In the Popular tab, check Show Developer tab in Ribbon checkbox and click OK.


  1. Now, it’s time to add the check boxes. Go to the Developer tab, click on Insert and under Form Controls, you will see a checkbox icon.


  1. Once you click the check box icon, you will see a plus sign pointer. Click where you want to add the checkbox.


  1. Now, right click on the control and go to Format Control


  1. Under Value, select the initial state of the check box. Whether you want to be checked, unchecked or mixed.


  1. In Cell Link, select the cell in which you want to show the status of checkbox and click Ok.


  1. Note one thing, when the checkbox is selected, the linked cell shows a TRUE value. On the other hand, if it’s cleared, it will show a FALSE value.


  1. Right click on the checkbox and click Edit Text to change the text of the check box.


  1. And you are done.


If you link this guide, you may like our guides on how to import Access Database in Excel and how to embed Excel worksheet in Word.

If you have any tips on Excel or Office tools do share with us through your comments.

Replace the bloats and speed up your computer

We come across a huge number of software nowadays to fulfill our daily needs. The amount of softwares are increasing very fast today. All of them provide different type of customization and features.

But not all the softwares are really essential or our need. Today, with increasing version numbers the size of these softwares in increasing also. And some of these are nightmares for old-aged PCs like Photoshop CS4, winamp, Adobe reader. And that’s the point I want to raise here.

Do we really need these software?

Most of the softwares available offers lots of features which are of no need to most of the people. And this is because softwares codes are written by large number of peoples and this increase in size due to bug fixes and updates.

If we need a basic editor which can crop, retouch, apply basic effects then why we need a bloat like Photoshop which is out of reach to many due to its big price-tag. Even a mainstream popular media player like winamp is also becoming a bloat these days with forced Net-Based services. And the most popular PDF reader ADOBE READER which sends usage information to its server, do we need it?


We should opt for free and small-in-disk alternatives. Because they will fulfill your needs and won’t interfere with your system performance. And most of these are free or open-source softwares. There are some recommendations.

Image Editor:  Some the basic image fixes can be done by Picasa and it support face and geo-tagging now. can also  do the same

Media PlayerVLC player is everything, you don’t need to install any other players since it plays almost everything you can think of. For audio players try Foobar2000, its gaining popularity rapidly.


Being Onling: Use pidgin if you have more than one IM accounts. Eudora for E-mail client. Free Download Manager has inbuilt torrent support so no need of separate torrent client.


Image of Pidgin

Office Software: As MS-Office is an expensive investment. The alternative is Open-Office which can also be a resource hog. If you only need basic editing then try Abiword, its tiny word processor. Foxit Reader is good for handling PDF files being small in size.


Another good thing is that, Google offers web-based services. If you have internet connection then some basic things can be done online and there is also good things that user can work with their files anywhere in world

Remember, the listed softwares are alternatives to the behemoth ones and will not do everything you want. MS-office and Photoshop are huge because they offer lots of feature to work with. Foxit Reader does not support everything like Adobe Reader and VLC is a not good in Library managing.

Different people, different opinions. I just want to know what you think about it?

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How to try Microsoft Office Web Apps immediately?

I think everybody here has heard about Microsoft Office Web Apps. If not? then see this little video.

Microsoft Office Web Apps is a free online version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the OneNote Web App.


With Microsoft Office web apps, you can edit any document from you computer and as this works in browser you can even edit Office files from a MAC!

How to Sign-up for Office Web Apps

  1. Create a new Windows Live ID (Sign Up link) if you don’t have one or if you use a country other than US as this requires you to be from US.
  2. When you are signing up, make sure you select “US” for the Country field else you are not allowed to use this program. You can use NY for State field and 10001 for the ZIP code
  3. Once your Live ID is setup, just click here, accept the license agreement and see the magic, the Office Web Apps Technical Preview will be activated for your Live ID.IF you don’t understand this step Go to Step 5.
  4. If you fail with Step 3 then see this else you can continue. Go to SkyDrive, upload any dummy Word file like me to the Documents folder and you will see an invite to join the Office Web Apps programs.
  5. microsoft_office_web_apps

  6. After clicking that link, accept the license by clicking “Accept“. A new menu entry will be displayed in the header called New. Now click on it to open a new submenu with options to create a new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel workbook or Microsoft OneNote notebook.
  7. 'New submenu'

  8. Now enjoy your Microsoft Office WebApps.

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Microsoft will have a free version of Office 2010!

Microsoft is joining the free brigade. First offering a free computer security suite in the form of Security Essentials, now it plans to sell Office 2010 for free. Just before I was about to do happy cartwheels I read the proverbial small print about how exactly is Office 2010 free. 😉


Starter Office 2010

  • Office 2010 Starter will be pre-installed with new computers exclusively. That means you cannot get freeware version and you have to most probably buy a new PC. However that might be just a initial tactic.
  • It will support advertisements and that idea is  not so innovative but quite a time tested way to keep things free. 🙂
  • Microsoft’s official product development blog mentions that Office 2010 Starter will also have reduced functionality. It does say you can view, edit and save files but leaves out exactly what reduced functionality will mean.
  • The Office 2010 Starter will only have Word and Excel. So that means no PowerPoint and no One Note.

Why free?

One reason Microsoft is offering this free is to get new PC users hooked onto Office right from the time they buy a new computer. Hence the focus on it being pre-installed on new PCs. The rise of Google Docs without Google really marketing it aggressively means that the idea of creating and storing documents online for free is something that people are demanding.

Mostly Microsoft has been a champion of paid software and not free software, but on the other hand US and Europe has fined Microsoft record amounts because Microsoft did exactly that by giving people free Internet Explorer along with Windows in the 90s.

Test Drive Microsoft Office Web-Apps Now

msofficeAfter Google released Google Docs, as an online replacement for MS Office, the guys at Microsoft also thought that they must provide an online version of their software. Microsoft Office Web-Apps, known as “Office Web Apps”, includes Word, Power-Point and Excel and is free to use. However as it is in its initial stages so far, you must be invited to use and test it. Here’s how you can test drive the tool in a few seconds!

Continue reading “Test Drive Microsoft Office Web-Apps Now”

Office 2010 – The Trailer

office2010You haven’t read it wrong. The guys at Redmond have released a mind-blowing, special-effects filled video trailer of their newest Office offering, the Office 2010. The Microsoft officials have already confirmed that Office 2010 will be released by the first quarter of 2010.

What is great to see is that Microsoft is getting many things right this time with the success of Bing, then the approval it got from the public on its next OS, Windows se7en and now this video.

Of course, the main thing that remains to be seen is the actual product!

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