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How to Convert a Photo into Pencil Sketch [Photoshop Tutorial]


In this tutorial lets see how to use photoshop to convert a photo into a pencil sketch masterpiece. There are numerous ways to do it in Photoshop, but i will show you the easiest way to get the best result. So lets start with good a picture. Step1:  Duplicate the image layer.(Shortcut key Ctrl+J) Step2:  Make […]

How To Look Younger Using Soften Skin Effect – Photoshop Tutorial


Photoshop Actions is a series of task that you can save for reuse, it will perform the saved actions on just click of a play button.

In this tutorial I will show you 2 things, first how to use Actions to make the task simpler and second is using action how one can achieve soften skin effect in Photoshop. The following Action uses Gaussian blur to soothe the skin.

Create Blink Light Effect Using Lens Flare Filter [Photoshop Tutorial]


You must have seen many animated .GIF images but had not idea on how to go about creating them. Here I am going to tell step by step how to go about creating an image with simple GIF animation.

In this tutorial we are going to use Blink Light Effect using Lens Flare Filter. As in the above image you can see it the original on the left hand side and make it look like the headlights were turned on.

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