Rumor: OS X Mavericks to get unveiled in late October

This might come as a surprise to some of you Apple/Mac enthusiasts. According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is not going to release the final version of OS X Mavericks on 10th September.


A few days back, Apple has confirmed their special event on September 10th, where in they’re going to release the long rumored iPhone 5C aka the cheaper iPhone and iPhone 5S. While the iPhones will suck all the limelight, that doesn’t mean Apple’s going to not care about Macs.

As the rumor suggests, Apple will probably host a special event just for unveiling all Mac related stuff. This includes the all new Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks and Haswell-powered MacBook Pros. Not to forget, Apple also has to share its earning report for Q4. So it seems all this is perfectly aligned.

OS X Mavericks was demoed at this year’s WWDC and brings handful of features including Finder tabs, better Memory compression, iBooks, better Notification center and more.

So to sum it up, don’t hold your breath for OS X Mavericks, Apple will probably release 1-2 more Developer Previews before the final release.

Source: 9to5Mac

Nexus 7: New Tablet by Google! [Rumour]

It is that time of the year again, when rumours of new tablets and gadgets are abound. Google I/O Developer Conference is only days away and everyone expects it to roll out a new Nexus Tablet. According to Gizmodo Australia, the name, specs and price range for Google’s tablet offering have been leaked.

The 7-inch tablet is expected to be called Nexus 7 and some of the rumoured specs are as follows.

  • The tablet built by Asus will ship with a 1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, GeForce 12-core GPU
  • It will have 1GB RAM
  • The data storage limits are expected to be in two options 8GB and 16GB.
  • The screen will support resolution of 1280 X 800 and have a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera.
  • The battery should last about 9 hours.
  • The price of the tablet is expected to be $199/- for 8GB and $249 for 16GB.
  • The tablet will ship with Android Jellybeans as an OS.

Who is Google possibly targeting with Nexus 7?

Even though whenever someone comes up with a new tablet, the usual comparisons are with Apple iPad. Google is not exactly positioning Nexus-7 as a alternative to iPad but more so as an alternative to the cheaper, yet highly customized Kindle Fire by Amazon. Also looking at the price and specs, it seems Google is setting a standard for other tablet manufacturers making tablets.

With Microsoft announcing ‘Surface’ tablets, we can expect a lot of competition in this niche, which is always a good outcome for customers like you and me. Over the next few days, we will know if the Nexus 7 rumours are true or not.

Do drop in your comments.

[Rumour] Google to Release Chrome Browser on iOS Platform!

The browsers are soon set to move from computers to mobiles and tablets. According to Business Insider, Google is planning to roll out a Chrome browser app for the iOS platform this year. At the moment Safari is Apple’s default browser for iOS and all links users click on open automatically on Safari.

Earlier this year Google brought out Chrome beta for Android 4.0.

I use an Android and liked using Chrome browser which is still in beta. It can be synced with my Chrome browser running on my laptop. Chrome does have a fantastic developer base around thanks to it’s Chromium project.

It has retained its speed and minimal look with a wealth of options underneath. The near seamless synchronization options of Chrome, will probably interest a lot of iPhone or iPad users, who might be using Chrome on their computers.

Also at the moment, for all the money Google makes out of searches and ads served through Safari on iOS, they have to shell out a cut to Apple. If these ads were served through Chrome, Google would not need to shell out anything to Apple.

Is Apple the new Microsoft in the Browser Wars?

Apple probably plans to not allow other browsers form being set as default browser for their iOS platforms. That sounds a lot like it’s one time favorite foe Microsoft, which did the same for Internet Explorer on Windows.

I must say, this is not a scientific research on my part but most people I know who use iPhones or iPads, are actually not such big fans of Safari. More interestingly most seem to like using Chrome.

What are your views on Google’s plan for a Chrome browser for iOS? DO drop in your comments

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[Rumour] Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on September 7th!

Apple released the iPhone 4 more than a year ago 7th June 2010. Since the past six months there has been a lot of speculation about when the iPhone 5 will be released. Generally, it was thought that the new iPhone will be unveiled in October as the September event was usually reserved for iPod releases.


According to BGR, Apple will show off iPhone 5 on the 7th September event.

This might be mainly because iPods are probably not as highly anticipated as much a new iPhone or iPad releases would be. With the new iPad rumoured for a November or early 2012 launch it might suit Apple to release iPhone 5 a little early.

iPhone5 Rumours

Rumour mills have worked over-time with speculation on new features that could make it to iPhone 5. Some of them are bigger screen, better camera and doing away with the iconic ‘home’ button on the device.

You can look at a complete round-up of iPhone 5 rumours here.

Are you looking forward to iPhone 5? iPhone 4 took almost a year to make it to India, do you think it would take that much time once iPhone 5 is released? Do drop in your views.

Facebook Phone Contacts, visible to everyone or not?

The rumors that your Phone contacts are visible to everyone on Facebook are not true, claimed Facebook on Thrusday (August 11th 2011). According to these rumors all the Facebook friend’s contact numbers in contact list of your phone was set visible to everyone on Facebook by Facebook officials but Facebook denied it.

The actual thing is that these numbers are not visible to everyone or even your frineds on Facebook. These numbers are only visible to you and are used for ease of access so that you can directly call a facebook friend from your phone just by clicking it. To enhance this thing Facebook also launched a new feature i.e “Request your Friend’s phone number” which’s available on platform’s like Facebook for BlackBerry and iPhone.

Since from the beginning, Facebook is very much concerned about it’s user privacy and they have a good privacy policy. They can’t even think of making all the contacts visible to everyone on Facebook so just Chill and enjoy Facebooking! 🙂

How to access your Facebook’s contact list?

To access your Facebook contact list open your Facebook homepage from your PC browser. Now click “Account” on the top right of the page and select “Edit Friends” from the drop down list.

Now on the left sidebar, third option will be “Contacts”. Click on that to access your Facebook phonebook and see your Facebook friend’s contact information.

facebook phonebook

You can also use this link to access phone numbers of your Facebook friends. Stay connected for more Facebook updates.