Facebook redesigns Photo Albums with cleaner look and new features

Once again Facebook changed the way we see photos on it and this time the change is pretty good. They have changed the theme of photos and its album. Now Facebook shows much bigger photo thumbnails with a cleaner design. Also there are some newly added features like featured photo, direct likes and comments e.t.c. Let’s have a look at these newly added features.


A clean four column design for photos and three column for albums look way better than the previous one. You can also browse tagged, and recent photos/albums easily just with a single click. Check out the screenshots below:


Now you can rollover your mouse cursor on an album to see slideshow of the pics in that album. It’s definitely a useful and interesting feature.

Highlight your photo:

Love a particular picture? Now you can highlight a picture easily with a single click. Highlighting a pic will show a bigger thumbnail of that picture in photos.

highlighte facebook photo

Easily Add Location and Details:

Now you don’t have to open every single picture to edit it or add a location. You can do it without opening it as well.

edit details facebook

Liking and Commenting:

Loved someone else’s pic? Now you can like or comment on the thumbnail itself without opening it.

liking facebook pics

Facebook also started showing faces using face detection for tagging friends. Personally I love these features a lot mainly because it’s not confusing and easy to use with a clean interface. Don’t forget to share your views with us.

Stop getting useless notifications from a post on Facebook [How-to]

The latest trend on Facebook these days is to tag friends on a picture in order to get more likes and comments. Tagging friends on a picture is the best way to share it with large number of people on Facebook but most of the times it annoys users mainly because of the comment notifications they start getting after the tag.

Well not just the post, you will start getting notifications even if you comment of someone’s status, picture or any post. Let’s see how you can stop such notifications.

How to stop getting useless notifications?

  1. Open the picture or post you’re tagged in or any other post where you’ve posted a comment.
  2. On that post, there will be a link ‘Unfollow Post’ given with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ links, click on that. This ‘Unfollow Post’ link will be there only if you are getting notifications from that post, else it will not appear. Check the screenshot below:

Once you click the ‘Unfollow Post’ link, you will be unsubscribed from that post and Facebook will not send any notification to you related to that post. Same thing can be done for tagged pictures as well. You will still be tagged but you will not get any notification. If you want to get notifications again; click on ‘Follow Post’. This link will appear when you click on ‘Unfollow Post’.

So next time there’s no need to remove a tag, you just have to click a link that’s it. 🙂

How to combine your profile and cover picture on Facebook

We know that now we have an option of adding Cover Photos to our Facebook profile in the Timeline profiles. But it’s a difficult task to select what to upload as your cover to make your profile look cool. Don’t worry we have something for you which will make your profile design awesome. A way by which you can merge your profile picture and cover photos. Let’s see how you can do it.

Merging your Cover and Profile Picture:

Step 1: Open the website www.trickedouttimeline.com and click on Merge Profile and Cover Photo. There are some other effects too. You can check them out as well.

Step 2: After that upload a picture that you want to make as your cover picture, that website will make your profile picture according to your cover pic. You can also use your current cover photo directly, just click on “f Cover Photo” button on the website.

Step 3: Now select the area that you want to make as cover picture and that website will make profile picture accordingly. See the screenshot below. Click “Done” after the selection.

merge profile and cover picture

Step 4: Like their page if you are using the website for the first time. After that you can download your cover and profile picture separately. Upload respective pictures to Facebook.

Don’t forget to share your profile links below. 😉 Click here for more Facebook related tips and tricks.


How to leave a message conversation on Facebook

There’s a feature in Facebook messages where you have an option of starting a group message thread. In such message conversations anyone can post a message in that thread which will be delivered to all of the members of that conversation.

This is a useful feature but most of the times it ends up spamming the inbox. Unfortunately deleting the thread is not going to work as it will start showing the thread again once somebody posts a reply.

This is a quick post for solution of this problem; here is how you can get rid of such conversations:

1. Open the conversation in your inbox.

2. Now click on “Actions” button on the top of that conversation and select “Leave Conversation…”

3. Then you will see a message “You will stop receiving messages from this conversation and people will see that you left.” Click “Leave Conversation” again to confirm.

Then you will see “You left the conversation”. After that you won’t receive any message from that conversation. Click here to read more Facebook tips and tricks.

Get a Timeline for all your Social Networks

I basically use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (rarely)  to connect with bloggers, college friends etc. As I share a lot of links, photos, videos and all, it’s always good to see all those updates from different social networks on just one page. Just like the Facebook Timeline (which will be public by today/tomorrow).

Glossi is a webapp which does just this. If you like Facebook Timeline, you will like Glossi too!


  • Glossi features your Social Networks’ updates on a magazine styled page, it helps you to dive into your past.
  • Glossi currently supports Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and Faceboook. Apart from that, you can also add RSS feeds too.
  • You can even see at how many places you have checked in, number of photos you have shared, through the bottom bar.

Image 017

  • If you ever want to share your Glossi page with friends, you can do that, click on ‘share’ on the sticky navigation bar and get the public URL.
  • If you care about privacy, then you can lock your Facebook updates (for instance) from being public, go to your account page and click on the lock icon beside Facebook logo.

If you’re a SocialMedia-holic, check out Glossi.

Link: Glossi

Poke on Facebook is a notification now

Facebook Poke‘Facebook pokes’, not a very popular feature but still people use it specially after Facebook started banning users to send friend request to strangers and even people you know personally. You can simply poke the other person if you cannot send them a request or message but there should be at least one mutual friend between two of you.

But it seems like Facebook is going to remove this feature completely. First Facebook removed the Poke button and now they stopped showing Pokes on your Sidebar. Rather pokes are shown as a notification which is a very ineffective way of informing profile owners and there’s no use of such notifications.

The problem with pokes as notification is that what if you missed a poke notification? You don’t know that your friend already poked you and the other person cannot poke you again as you haven’t replied his/her last poke. But this seems to be a strategy by Facebook to stop this poke feature completely.

But personally I like this poke feature very much as users stopped talking on social networking site these days so it’s better to poke someone rather than sending a ‘Hi’ in the message if you are talking after a long time. Let’s see what’s there on the mind of Facebook officials.

Do you poke your friends and strangers? What’s the importance of Poke button for you? Don’t forget to tell us!

6 Recent changes in Facebook and purpose of launching them

Facebook recently changed lots of stuff on user profiles. As usual people do not like these changes due to the same reason, that is these changes are confusing and users are not habitual of them. Let’s tell you everything about these changes and what’s the use and purpose of launching them.

Sticky bar at the top (header):

Facebook’s header is still the same but Facebook made the new header bar sticky. That means header will stick to the top of page and will always show you whenever you use Facebook. Even when you scroll down to the bottom of a page it will remain at the top.

Purpose: The purpose of this change is to keep search bar always with you so that you can easily search for your friends without going to the top of page. Also it makes easier to access the homepage and profile page easily with just one click without scrolling.

Top and Recent Stories:

Unlike older buttons of Top post and Recent posts on Facebook, we have now selective Top stories where you can select yourself which post should be there as a top post and which shouldn’t. You can select a Top story by clicking on a Blue corner with every update. Facebook will show similar stories as top whenever you visit Facebook next time.

Purpose: Well there no such use of this feature and it makes Facebook’s homepage damn confusing as there are no separator between the top and recent posts. But according to Facebook this feature lets you to select your kind of top posts rather than showing every post with likes and comments. It might be a useful feature once we get familiar with the new interface.

New Lists:

This feature isn’t new and we told you about this few days back. This is a new automated way to add people into lists and read more updates from selected friends only.

Purpose: The major reason for launching this feature is to make users to use the old lists and to get updates from selective friends only. It also gives you an option of hiding your updates from some people in your friend’s list without unfriending them.

Bigger photos in News Feed:

A feature copied from Google+, Facebook also started showing bigger pictures in its news feed. Also if you upload a group of photos it will show once bigger picture and two smaller pics side by side.

Purpose: The purpose of this feature is to attract friends to the pictures you upload. Obviously a user easily gets attracted to a bigger picture rather than three smaller ones, so the chances of opening the picture increase. This is a good change in Facebook even if it’s a copied one. 😉


A new updates section on the sidebar which shows updates from all your friends and their recent activity. This is more like a news channel’s Breaking News. 😛

Purpose: Facebook Ticker is also launched to increase user interaction. It gets updated every second and user checks it time to time. Also watching an update is easy as you don’t need to visit a new page for every update, just roll over your mouse cursor to an update and it will show the whole post there. It’s not liked by Facebook users but I’m sure they will get habitual of it.

Birthday and Event view:

Facebook birthdays and events are shown in a new way now. The placement is still the same but when you click on a birthday or an event it will show it on your homepage itself without opening it in a new page.

Purpose: This is a good feature and user friendly too because by using this you can wish all your friends who are having birthday on that day on a same place without visiting everyone’s profile and wishing them separately. Also you can see current and upcoming events with a single click.

People don’t like most of the new features at the moment as they hate changes but they will start liking it. But it’s true that people visit Facebook because their friends are here and to stay connected with everyone. The fun part in Facebook is missing now. Let’s see whether people like the new timeline feature or not which is not yet available for everyone.

Soon you can Tweet in Hindi and 4 other languages

Like Facebook, social networking and microblogging website Twitter is also going to launch its services in Hindi soon. Hindi will be launched with 4 new languages that are Filipino, Malay, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. After launching these new languages Twitter will support 17 different languages for more than 100 million users all around the world. Twitter made this official announcement on its blog after crossing 100 million users milestone.

Both Facebook and Twitter now have a large user database from India. We already have an option of choosing Hindi as our default language on Facebook. Some other Indian regional languages supported by Facebook are Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Addition of this new language in Twitter will definitely increase its Indian user’s database but I’m sure that most of the Indians will continue to use it in English as it’s accepted worldwide.

Twitter is now 5 years old social networking and microblogging website but personally I still prefer Facebook when it comes to social networking due to its design and features. Twitter is good when you love to interact and stay connected with famous people, politicians, celebrities, blogs or even newspapers and magazines. Don’t forget to share your views about this new service launch on Twitter.

Facebook’s new higest traffic record [June 2010]

Once again facebook.com breaks it’s own traffic record in United States for the month of June by getting more than 141 million unique visitors (via comScore) in U.S. Even in the month of May Facebook got around 130 million unique visitors which was a record in itself too.

If we see the previous year’s traffic records for facebook, the number of unique visitors nearly got doubled from 77 million (June 2009) to 141 million (June 2010).

facebook june traffic

Clearly from the traffic graph by comScore, we can see how rapidly facebook is growing as compared other social networking site myspace which has nearly a flat growth and micro-blogging site twitter. However the situation is not the same in other parts of the world except U.S. Like in India people are still using Orkut and even Twitter is getting popular by time. But still facebook is the world’s best and most popular social networking website and world’s second most visited website after Google.

3 Great online tools to clean up your Twitter account

If you are using Twitter a lot you might be following a lot of people who are not really active. Sometimes these accounts are far too many and it can be a bit of a problem to keep track. Having 2000 people follow you on Twitter and following 2000 people in return is a little lame. Some accounts are robotic and others tweet too much to basically spam your timeline.

I decided to do clean up some cobwebs from the list of people I follow on Twitter and found three different services which were quite useful. So I thought why not share them with you!

#1. Friend or Follow

  • Friend or Follow actually is a wonderful tool to take a few seconds and find out how many people you follow do not follow you back.
  • You can filter these accounts too which means you can exclude verified accounts from showing up. 🙂
  • The best part is does show you a list of people you follow and they don’t follow you back based on last tweet or the age of the account. I guess if someone is Tweeting once in 6 months you might not really want to follow that person.

#2. Manage Flitter

  • ManageFlitter is another tool that allows you to clean up your account. I used it and found it very useful as it has more relevant information than Friend or Follow.
  • It shows up friend who dont follow you but also based on other behaviour like how quite is a particular account. It also simply shows inactive accounts you might be following all banded togeather.
  • All we need to do is select the accounts you want and unfollow them from Managerflitter itself. 🙂

#3. TwitCleaner

  • TwitCleaner promises to clean up the garbage on your Twitter account. It gives a decent view on certain followers who do not follow you back.
  • Some of these stats are interesting as you can see in the image above it shows the number of people who have had no activity over a whole month.
  • This is one of the few tools that also highlights Twitter accounts who are repetitive or only tweet links. 😉

Hope you enjoyed these three tools to make sure you are not following irrelevant accounts.

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Do you follow too many irrelevant accounts? Do let us know about your views through your comments.