[Windows Tip] Get Notified When Any Program Registers Itself to Run at System Startup

The one issue with installing a new software is that very often it automatically registers itself to Run during system start-up. I personally do not like this as at times it can really slow down my computer.  Many of these applications, register themselves without notifying the users.

There is a discreet application which does exactly that. It keeps an eye on all the programs that register themselves to run during Windows Start-up.

Download and Install StartUp Eye a free software. Run the software to allow it to Run at Start up and play up an alarm whenever there are changes in the registry for Windows start-up.

I tested it out by changing the settings of Skype to run during start-up and sure enough I got a pop-up warning me about changes.


Why having lesser applications run during start-up?

The lesser the applications run during system start-up, lesser resources of the computer are used. It also speeds up the start-up time for the computer.

Another reasons is a lot of a programs that run in the background during start-up can end up consuming more resources. If you are using a laptop like I do, it can end up taking time off your battery.

Ideally only critical software is needed to run during start-up like anti-virus and firewall applications.

You might want to check this simple tutorial on how to go about removing applications running during Windows start-up.

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Link: StartUp Eye

Solution for “This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows”

If you’re using a 32-bit Windows then sometimes you might get a Windows error while deleting or uninstalling a software which prohibits the uninstallation. That error is:

“This installation can only be uninstalled on 64-bit windows”

You get this error when you remove a file directly or even using “Add or Remove a Program” in the control panel. If you are thinking that just removing the desktop icon will help you then you’re definitely wrong. That just deletes the shortcut however every file related to that software will still be there and occupy the same space on your hard disc as before.


Well the solution for the problem is quite simple, just open your program files and find the software’s folder there. Delete that folder first before uninstalling the software from control panel. You can either open Program file by opening C: drive then click on ‘Program Files’ folder if you have installed your windows on C: drive.

Alternatively go to Start>Run and paste   C:\Program Files   there and hit enter.

After deleting that folder open control panel and go to ‘Programs and Features’ and find the software you want to uninstall from the list. Double click that software to delete it properly without an error. You can delete any software using this method doesn’t matter what error you are getting. Drop a comment below if you got stuck somewhere.

How to unban a member/page from Facebook page

Banning a user from a Facebook means completely restricting him from the page. A banned user can neither post anything on that page nor he can join/like it again. Sometimes admin of a Facebook page bans a user and later he doesn’t know how to unban him. And sometimes admins just mistakenly bans a user. Let’s tell you how you an remove a ban i.e. unban a Facebook page’s member. Just follow the steps below.

  • Open a Facebook page that you admin. After that click on ‘like this’ link given with the number of fans of that page on the left.

  • Now you will see the list of people who liked that page. On the top of list there will be a drop down list ‘People’. Click on that list and select Banned to see the list of banned people from that page.















  • Click unban button given with every name to remove the ban from that user. You don’t need to save it, just click on close.

That’s it, the banned user will now get the access to your page again and he can post comments and like wall posts. Removing a ban is so easy but strategically placed by Facebook that’s why admins get confused. Drop a comment below if you got stuck somewhere.

How to hide/unhide updates from a Facebook app

Are you tired of getting useless updates from different apps? Then the best way to stop them is to block or remove that application. But in some cases user doesn’t want to remove an application but definitely wants to stop updates of friends from the same application. For example if somebody wants to show daily horoscope on his profile but doesn’t want to read others horoscope. In such a case you can hide updates from an application rather than removing or blocking it.

Hide updates from an app:

To hide updates from an application in your news feed, go to any update from that application and click on the cross mark given with that app on right side.








After that click on ‘Hide all by (app name)’. For example here I’m hiding all the updates in my news feed from ‘ZooZoo Characters’ application.

Unhide updates from an app:

If you want to switch back and receive all updates from an application again then you have to click on ‘Edit Options’ link on your Homepage. You can find this ‘Edit Options’ link on the bottom of your ‘News Feed’ or Homepage.
















After that you will see a list of friends and applications that you have blocked on your homepage so that you can’t see updates from them. Now find the application name and click on the cross mark to start receiving updates again. Click Save and you’re all done.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions. Stay connected for more Facebook updates.

How To Stop Those Useless Notifications from Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a good way to interact with a number of people at the same time. You can share a post, photos, videos, events, documents simultaneously or you can even ask a questions. But a negative point of these groups is that admins or your friends can add you in  a group without your permission which leads to flooding of useless updates in your notifications page. One option of stopping these notifications is to unjoin that group, but there’s an alternate solution too where you can stop these notifications while staying in that group.

How to stop group notifications:

unjoin group

  • This will open the custom notifications, see the screenshot below.

Make the following changes:

  1. Select ‘Only posts I am subscribed to’ to completely stop notifications from that group, you will not receive any notification even if the admin posts. If you want updates from a post click ‘Subscribe’ link given with that post.
  2. Uncheck this box if you don’t want notifications as an E-Mail too.
  3. This box enables group chatting, if you feel that pop-up appeared by group chats are annoying too, then uncheck this box as well.

Now you’re all done, just click ‘Save Changes’ and that group will never disturb you again with annoying and useless notifications. Stay connected to Devils Workshop for more tips and tricks.

How to find who unfriend you on Facebook [without app]

Last week we told you that how you can Backup or Export all your Facebook contacts with their E-Mail using a Yahoo! account. If you missed it you can read it here. Exporting contacts is a part of this tutorial so you have to read it before proceeding further. The good thing about this method is that we are not using any kind of 3rd party application and hence there will be no spam or scam.

Requirements: You need a Facebook account and a separate Yahoo account for this tutorial.


  1. Follow the steps 1 to 4 of this tutorial: How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts. After that all your Facebook contacts will also be there in your Yahoo! account with their E-Mails.

  2. This will create a Backup of your friends till that day. Now if you feel that someone deleted you, you can check it out by opening the page: https://www.facebook.com/find-friends.

  3. On that page select Yahoo. Now enter your Yahoo E-Mail address that you used in Step 1 and click ‘Find Friends’. In this Step we are importing our contacts back to Facebook that we exported earlier.

  4. Now a Pop-Up will appear asking your permission to start importing contacts on Facebook. Click agree to begin.

Facebook who unfriend you










  1. After that it will take you back to the ‘find-friend’ window and will show you how many contacts are there who are on Facebook but not in your friend’s list. This is actually the list of the people who unfriend you (deleted you) from Facebook provided that there were no contacts in your Yahoo account before step 1. You can add them back by checking the box given with each profile else click ‘Skip’.

facebook who unfriend you-1













Check out the screenshot about, when I imported my Yahoo contacts it shows that I have 82 Yahoo! contacts on Facebook. That means a total of 82 people deleted me from their friend’s list from the day of my first Backup. Please make sure that you export your contacts time to time.

If you are stuck somewhere drop us a comment below. 🙂

How to write on private/protected Facebook wall of friends

You might be familiar with a privacy feature of Facebook in which you can lock your facebook wall and make it protected so that no one or some people can write on it. Obviously there must be some of your friends with this private wall on which you might not be able to write something. But there’s a very simple way of doing that.

Since there’s no space for writing something on your friend’s secured wall so there’s no way of writing on his/her wall by visiting the profile. If you want to write on someone’s secured wall then just go to your own wall and type @ followed by your friend’s name and select the name of your friend from the list that will pop-up once you start writing. This feature is known as status tagging on Facebook.

Once you have tagged your friend then type your message that you want to write on your friend’s wall and update your status. For example  if I want to write on my friend’s wall whose name is Steve but his wall is protected, then I’ll update my status as,

@Steve “my message”

and that will get published to mine as well as Steve’s profile. 😉

PRECAUTION: Before writing a wall message like this for your friend please note that the message will be visible to your friend as well as all those who are in your friend’s list. To make this message private all you need to do is customize who can see that message. To do so click on a small lock logo below your message and select Customize.


Now select specific people in these people and select the same friend there as well.


Save settings and publish your post 🙂

Tips to Be Powerful In Mafia War

Mafia Wars on Facebook

Mafia War is another game developed by Zynga and is second to only Farmville. Its a game about being a Don in the Mafia world and win all fight we attend. To be a powerful in Mafia war, we first need to recruit others but how?

  • The first step in Mafia War is to recruit a massive number of players instantly by joining mafia wars group. To do so just search “mafia wars” on Facebook search at right hand corner.
  • Second buy bulk properties at once. If you buy one at a time, you need to pay more. Try to do some calculation. You also need care while buying weapons. Try to buy weapons from limited edition loots which seems often cheap and good. E.g. Bullet Proof Vest instead of Body Armor which requires an upkeep of $400.
  • Max all the job tiers to unlock the bonus items and deposit your money so that you will safe from get stolen.
  • Too many mafia friends in your friend list? Create a friend list and collate all the mafia friends into that list. It would be neater that way and you can’t help your mafia friends when they request for help out in game, unless they’re in your friend list.
  • Join the mafia mailing list to receive limited time items, rewards, updates, offers!
  • Collect all the collectible so that you can unlock hidden stats point from the Collection and Vaults section.
  • And finally enjoy the game and give a time to work around.

Hopefully following these points you will soon become very powerful in Mafia Wars. If I am missing something, do let me know through your comments. 😀