Take Full control of Files & Folders with Access Control Changer [Windows Freeware]

Access denied errors are quiet common when we try to access files or folders from one user account to the other on the same system or, when permissions for the folders are set set to disallow you to open some files or folders.

We often create different user accounts on our system, but receiving such errors can be quiet annoying at times when it is urgent to access important file or folder.  You are left helpless, googling for the solution and google coming up with list of spammed software solutions that are either useless or you will need to pay to use them. Same thing happened to me after which i discovered a freeware named Access Control Changer.

Access Control Changer is a freeware utility that allows you to change file permissions of any file or folder allowing you to read-write, change or take full access over the file or folder. From the application UI, select the file or folder for which you want to change the permissions, click change and click ok for the confirmation of the change. You get the desired permissions set for your folder!


Download Access Control Changer now! Do you use any such freeware? Let us know..

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