Terrorists used Google Earth during Mumbai attacks?

google earth logo It is too scary to know that some free web services can help the terrorists and anti social elements to create havoc around the world. Recently, I came across an article in PcWorld which revealed, according to investigations terrorists used Google Earth to get familiar with streets of Mumbai and learn the roads around them during recent Mumbai attacks. Everyone knows, with growing technologies there must be some disadvantages too, but such a heavy loss to the national heritage and resources can ever be compensated by these technologies that make our life easier? It is really a big question..

The article also said that, in the year 2005 our ex-president Mr. Abdul Kalam warned people about how Google earth can be misused. Further the article goes as follows:

Indian security agencies have complained that Google Earth exposed Indian defense and other sensitive installations. Other nations, including China, have made similar complaints regarding military locations.

Don’t know what exactly Indian government is going to do after such a heavy loss of life and resources of the country. But I am sure that these scary situations will bring some problems for the launch of India based satellite mapping service – “ISRO Bhuvan“.

Source: PCWorld

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