Check Who is Invisible/Online on Yahoo Messenger!

One of my Orkut friend Niharika Arora asked me on Orkut how to check if a person is online on yahoo messenger? I googled for sometime and here are my tested results…

First let me tell you coolest thing about hacks in this tutorial. They do not require a targeted yahoo user to be on your friend list! Now..

To Check Online Status:

This will work only if user is online and NOT into invisible mode. Invisible part is covered later… ;-)

First Official Way: Go to Yahoos profile directory and check target user profile. Say you want to check status of someone (where someone is Yahoo ID). Now suffix someone to URL so it will become Open final URL in browser and the profile will have status indicator!

Another Way: There are many simple sites which takes Yahoo ID and returns status of Yahoo user. I have tested successfully!

This part is not a hack but official Yahoo feature documented here.

If you want PHP code to create a status-checker page of your own, this page may help you.

To Check Invisible Status:

I tested and used a third-party program named Buddy-Spy! Unlike above this requires a Yahoo account. I strongly discourage using your own Yahoo ID. You better create a new one! ;-)

Following is a screenshot of my test result, which says everything.

Yahoo Visible

Also point to note is that I was not in friend-list of Yahoo account used for testing! :D

Buddy-Spy Links: Download | Homepage | User Guide

Update: Try Its tested, working fine and web-based! (Added October 7, 2008)

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  1. hey, I know of another simple trick to know if your friends are online…Open a window for a chat with them, then load the Doodle IMVironment…It will not load until your friend has your chat window open…send an IM like “hi” or something like that…This will open a chat window on their computer if they are online and the IMVironment will load completely…If it doesn’t, then it means that they really are offline…If u are on the recieving end of this trick, just disable your

  2. Probably we can just BUZZ everybody in the group by using send to all. We might get answer from some of them.hehe

  3. I don’t know how it works in the new versions, all my friends have disabled IMVs…

    • @Wulf
      I guess it stopped working from version 7.
      Cause all posts/articles mentioning IMVs hack are quite old now.
      By the way some day this will also get outdated… so lets stick too wats working today!
      Anyway thanks for useful comments… :-)

      • Is there a way for someone to check through their own computer who do I chat with on my yahoo messenger and how often I log in to chat? If so, how do you go about it? thanks very much for your help. A request, pls do not display my email address on yr page…thanks very much!

  4. hey rahul…ths is really vry long time whn i last surf net.n ure’s site..its nice 2 c a complete change of luks of the site…watevr…ths is really a vry gud thg i learned from ths page..a new way to know if someone is oofline or online….thrs one mre site i know 2 search the same…””u can evn add it 2 ure site…n i dnt knoe if u hav already put ths here if not i want 2 let our frns know…”HOW TO LOGIN MULTIPLE USERS IN YAHOO” VIA U.


    • can i detect tht any person is invisible mode.give me solid solution.thr r so many likns i have tested but i think all of them gives me different different solutions so it becomes difficult to trust pls provide me a confirmed link or a confirmed tricks..pls

  6. hey this buddy spy thing is nice….but is there any way to know people who r invisible on G MAIL CHAT OR ON GTALK???? pls tell me ! thanks in advance ! i got information on some pidgin or so…it claims (i havent yet tried) that it will tell me that who have deleted me from their friends list…. its 10mb huge file so any other way ???? pls tell ! thanks in advance !

  7. thanks rahul for replying me :) and thanks to ur e mail alerts option :) i subscribed it and came here as soon as i got alerted :) very usefull facility :)thanks to U! THAKS TO TECHNOLOGY!….
    mmmmm ok ….i understand that gmail invisible thingy is quiet new ….i also searched alot for the hack i want…. want to know who is UNDER THE CLOAK ! lol …ok i than u in advance for saying “Of course, if I happen to find something I will post it here! ” :) i will keep visiting this page then :) uuuuuuhhhhhhh now off to see recent entry of netmeter :)
    bye take very good care !

  8. u not poting new hack here?? not here ?? … mmmmm ok so i am going to bookmark ur whole site ;) lol so i will come and visit ur workshop and keep track when that required hack will be out :) and i hope as soon as it comes out somewhere in internet,, it wont take much time to reach to this workshop site lol …. so… now off to book mark whole homepage of this site :) here i go to home page and here i press ctrl+D :D lol
    bytheway,, i am ashamed to tell that i know nothing about this feed thing neither about digg nor delicious :( uffffff i must search wikipedia for it…. RSS i know is just one …political…erm…social party in india :P…. ok ok i am going to learn about this “FEED” THINGY at my OWN ,, I dont want spoon “FEED” this time ;)

    • @Adi
      Hey its k buddy!
      Simplest you can do is put your email id in email alert form and click submit.
      You will get a confirmation email from feedburner service. You have to open it and follow confirmation link .
      Once you done with that anything I post here will be sent to your email address automatically… :-)

  9. i installed the spyware thing. i have 1 query…well i created another yahoo address.i checked the status for my ‘real’ address by signing into yahoo. lets say my email ad. is like what if there are different addresses such as or
    how do u know which address you’re checking for…i had this problem as i was trying to check the status of a address…

  10. There is a one click way to do this with a tiny javascript snippet saved as a bookmark in your toolbar (a bookmarklet)

    copy this code, save it as a bookmark

    javascript:void(q=prompt(‘Enter Yahoo! user ID’,”));if(q)void(location=’'+q+'&m=g&t=2'+escape(q))

    click on it in your toolbar, you will be prompted for the username…..

    • @tinku
      Thanks I will try them.
      Actually I tried xeeber at the time of writing this article but it was giving error, so did not mention about it.
      I will test again both now.. :-)

      Update:Both are not working! Giving “Server is busy” error message. :-(

  11. xeeber and dont work anymore
    this one is better at finding meebo users

  12. hi friends
    may i find how i know of my friends online on orkut

    • @sushant
      There is no formal way but generally friends shown in profile or homepage sidebar are sorted accoriding to their online status.
      Order is – Most recently online friend shown first!
      So you can count on it somewhat… :-)

  13. @Tim
    Thanks to u 2 buddy! :-) also works…

    But I guess their server is having downtime issues… :-(

  14. they work for me seriously

  15. buddy spy works well for me.
    What I want to know is how to tell when an ID was first registered or what the person ‘join’date was.

  16. @tinku
    Yep… Thanks for positive feedback… :-)

    I guess finding joining date will be hard. It may not be available publicly…

  17. i have a wild method to guess joining date lol its not accurate but just for fun u can try this…. applicable for yahoo only… see,, normally atleast a non techie person doesnt update his or her profile in yahoo account… so when we see yahoo profile it says last modified or last updated and i consider that date is the joining date itself … just a wild guess…

    • @adi
      Hey buddy sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation…

      Yeah, I agree with you as most yahoo profiles never updated. May be yahoo users are more interested in their profiles at social networking sites like facebook, orkut, etc… :-)

  18. i download buddy spy2.2.19, i can not use bot to log in yahoo sever, someone can help me? thank you.

    • @tester
      First sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

      Now about your problem… You may use your yahoo account to login or create a fake one! ;-)
      Rest you can use some online status checker as mentioned above…:-)

      I have 2-3 options for MSN messenger in testing. Will post about them if anyone of them work! :-)

  19. Hi Rahul! How about checking the invisible in MSN messenger? ;)

  20. [...] Check Who is Invisible/Online on Yahoo Messenger It’s a tutorial about finding out the invisible user in Yahoo Messenger. No more buzz out of nowhere.. [...]

  21. That audible one worked i just tried it and it worked

  22. @Drebowlegs
    What audible r u talking about??? :o

  23. Hi Guys ,

    Please help me , when i scan on a yahoo id in buddy spy , it doesn’t show anything for the online status (the column remains blank) . why is it happening so ?


  24. please tel me wat shud i select in YMSG server,CAm server. YMSG port, WEB server..:( i want to use this software really very urgently on my buddies…

  25. uhmm hi everyone… just wanna share..
    if you want to check if your friend is appearing incvisible.. ( if you want to check the online activity of your friend for the last 24 hours)

  26. Check a Yahoo ID if is offline or invisible using Detect Invisible .com. You can download someone else avatar too.

  27. thank you for creating this

  28. @Check Yahoo Id
    Thanks for sharing… :-)

    I haven’t created this checkers.
    I just posted them here. :-)

  29. is there anyway to see if that person is idle or not while there not on your list ??

  30. is it possible to c when some one online last time in yahoo messenger?if u know plz write it down.thanxx

  31. [...] Find Who is Invisible on Yahoo Messenger //OBSTART:do_NOT_remove_this_comment var [...]

  32. @khan
    No I guess.
    Such information must be there maintained by Yahoo but it may not be accessible to outside world.

  33. TRY Yahoo Tracker best result with lil time hope to get ya best result with it

  34. @isha
    Thanks but I guess all these tools use Yahoo tracker behind the scene! ;-)

  35. well … if tried everything, cause i think a friend of mine is hidding from me, so i tried a few sites.

    but all sites gave all different messages … one said offline and the other said online … so it’s confussing. best thing is (i think) to ask the person, hope she tells the truth, altough the doodle thing was right. it stayed so i think she was realy off-line .. hmm

  36. With You Can Find an Invisible User on Yahoo! Messenger.
    Test it and say your opinion.

  37. @Andrews
    Have you tried services listed in comments?
    Personally you can go invisible and check which service is showing your yahoo ID online. You can count on them… :-)

    Thanks :-)

  38. , works 100 % perfect
    yahoo programs , avatars , statuses

    check who is invisible on yahoo !

  39. is there a way to check

    1. if the perticular user is using the webcam and to whom? in buddyspy it only shows whether the webcam is on/off.

    2. to which ids the user is chatting to?


  40. @SunKist
    I don’t think that is possible.

  41. hi
    is there any way to get notified if a person comes online in yahoo messenger without adding the person.
    I know about the online status checkers but its not efficient as we have to keep on checking over and over again

  42. @venus
    Sorry. I dont know one…

  43. Hi i was wondering if you could help me.
    See my boyfriend has many id’s on yahoo
    he knows i know but how can i find if he has made more id’s under some other name i need HELP PLEASE thanks

  44. @mar
    Use key loggers on your boy friend’s computer :P

  45. hiii nybody can tell me how can i remain invisible as people r using sites to know dat i m online(invisible) or not????thanx

  46. Gorgious effort u ppl doing, labb ya

  47. to Rahul

    thanx buddy bt frm where i can get dat script?

  48. Gud and educative post

  49. is der a way how to know how many ppl my friends chatting with?

  50. Hey can you tell me way to get same thing for gmail users??

  51. I just realized that Gyachi shows you automatically who’s stealthed. But I think it’s for Linux users only unfortunately.

  52. Thanks a lot Deepak.

  53. hey one of my friends got this software
    were he can see who is online or invisible
    even how many people they talking too
    anyone know about it?

  54. i try buddy spy … the person already online but it stil say he was offline

  55. @ mikaelayifu
    hey u talking about gtalk or yahoo for new software??
    and btw buddy spy works fine with me..

  56. hi jeetu
    im talking about in yahoo … i dnt know if it a new software or
    maybe just hack … but i keep trying to look for it
    but der no stuff like what he have

  57. Hello Friends

    here two cool sites to check status of Yahoo! User

    i am using it and its working perfect…

    Bhavin Patel

  58. @rahul

    hi .. i try most of the link post here
    can u give me the best one u ever like?

  59. uuhh… simplest would be…


  60. ohh sweet … about abt in msn?

  61. @ goddes liyah
    i did try that .. it say invisible but he was online

  62. @ mikaelayifu
    maybe he was invisible to everyone but you ^_^

  63. his not invisible to other … i ned to find this out lolz

  64. maybe he was invisible to most people you dont know.. lol!
    nah… uhh.. but maybe again you just have to figure out why..

  65. I got buddy spy at my office and at home but the program at my office doesn’t show if the person is using the webcam or not, but my home computer does. Is that because of the firewalls? Is there a different configuration that I need to set up? Thank you.

  66. dudes the checking incisible stuff is available in the internet…..!!!!!!!but i need a way for escaping from the checks against me wether im invisibleee…can anyone help meeee…huh????

  67. @Satish
    I guess there is a setting in Yahoo which assures your privacy.
    I am not able to remember it but I find it again somewhere I will surely post it on DW.

  68. hi rahul.. is it possible to check the last log in date in ym?

  69. Now I can catch those offline friends easily. Thanks

  70. I use Yahoo Invisible which is not very popular, but it’s stable and never busy. I’m happy with it.

  71. cool post thanks for that. It’s really east way to find if some is invisible.

  72. The other websites use the Yahoo servers.. they have a link to yahoo and when the feed the yahoo id in the link and navigate to tht link (thru php), a number is echoed and its diff when the user is offline, online or invisible. And the site echoes the user status. :-)

  73. @ Bloggers : Now there are scripts available to install on your site which will catch offline messenger contacts. If you want one, google it.

  74. hey does anyone know if someone is “idle” if their status when looked up will list them as invisible?? cuz my friends status on IM has said idle for the last two hours but when i checked on to see if he was invisible or not it said he was. how can this be if he’s clearly “idle”??? plz help this is so important thanks!

    • @mustangsally
      These tools used to check invisible status don’t work accurately all the time. So try few of them and see on what status most of the agree! ;-)

      About 2nd question…
      Yes it is possible. On yahoo one can control visibility settings on per user and/or per group basis.
      So it may happen you and neostatus see different status.

  75. 2nd question: i can see my friend online but when i check on neostatus it shows him “invisible” he only has me on his friend list and nobody else (i know his password) so why would it be doing this? is he purposely putting invisible on for everybody else that might just know his user id so nobody will bother him but me? of course i have tried to message him and he won’t answer, he hasn’t gone “idle” yet either hmmmmmmmmmm what’s the deal i wonder???? or is he in a chat room as invisible so i won’t find him there? can u still IM in a chat room if your invisible? he now has it on his yahoo mail that when he signs on his email he automatically logs into IM does this cause any quirks that you know of? sorry for all the questions but there are some unspoken issues right now that i need to get to the bottom of. thank you in advance

  76. a very good invisible scanner is never busy

  77. how can u know if the person in msn is invisible?

  78. someone told me thers a way to detect invisible users using regedit…iwould like 2 know..

  79. is there a way to know the real location of a person whom you’re chatting with? if there is, how can you do it? thanks.

  80. I personally use, and I found it excellent.
    Gorgeous interface, fast.

    They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

  81. Hi all – the best of the best is – it has something amazing – use can add yahoo id’s and it will monitor for you all the activity of those users. Super, now i can see what my girlfriend is doing online without having to check manually.


  82. @ georgeH ..
    i wonder why it not working for me .. it say pending
    even the person is already online

  83. Dear , how can i know what my freinds talking about me while we chat.. i need a software.. so pls . help me out.

  84. how to knw when does yahoo user has login last time

  85. hi
    would u plz tell me how i know my friends last login?

  86. invissible detector cannot work properly,,even the person is offline its indicate that he or she invissible!

  87. it was very helpful

  88. how can i know my yahoo messenger port no. in buddy spy??

    if u have the answer, please e-mail me

  89. hi dude i just wanted to know if there is any way to remain safe from this buddy spy software

  90. Thank you for information. Other way that we can see invisible yahoo messenger by using email address, try to use send / compose, you will see an icon showing online or offline friends.

  91. is der any other website were i can know who is online with webcam?

  92. Hi, my gf is chating with somebody keepin herself invisible.Is it possible to know to whom shez chatimg?

  93. Hi rahul,
    simply great work buddy. I need to ask u 3 things.

    1. I have a friend added up in my messenger. it shows him as offline, but when i checked his status from , it showed him to be ONLINE(not invisible), then howcome iam seeing him as offline in my friends list??

    2. is there a status checking website where i can put all my friend’s id’s at once and check as to who all are online/offline/invisible. coz in other sites i have to put their id’s one-by-one…..and thts kinda time taking.

    2.i have a yahoo id,it got hacked by someone and i just cannot log into tht account nemore.i tried the forgot password option but i have forgotten the secret question’s answer….
    is there any way to get my password??

    i will b grateful to you.


  94. @prateek

    i can recomend ..
    it can monitor ur friends activity

  95. Can the id you query tell that you wer checking their status?

  96. nope jensen!they will not have a clue!maybe(1% chance) …width some script they can see your ip!

  97. My experience with is that it is completely unreliable.

    I have seen myself as being registered as online at times when I was fast asleep.
    The first time I noticed that my ID was registered as being online when I was not I thought that perhaps my account had been hacked, so I immediately changed my password, only to find myself being registered online again at a time when I was not a day later.
    So, I changed my password again, from a different computer. Yet the result was the same, I was still registered as being online when I knew for sure that I had not been online.

    So, you would be wise NOT to base any conclusions about someone being online or not from,; it’s not a reliable site.

  98. Seems like all services have been down the last two days.

  99. Yes.. all services are down… not detecting invisble users.. but detecting online users…

    I tried testing with my own yahoo id… it shows offline when I was invisible…

    Does anybody know the reason?

  100. New site:
    check Yahoo! ID invisible nick 100% right.
    This website can show a real status of a Yahoo! ID ( online/offline and invisible ) with 99% accurate.
    hope u like it.

    And u can add nick wow.robot for check quickly

  101. Okay, so how you do check yahoo mail and use messenger without people knowing? It seems there are far more resources dedicated to outing people who want to be left alone rather than allowing people to have a little privacy.

    • Um, those people who “want to be left alone” or “have a little privacy” are the ones invading the privacy of their so called buddies by watching them while hiding and they should be outed for the faceless hypocrites they are.

      If they don’t want to be seen then they should automatically forfeit the right to see and be invisiblised by a default setting.

  102. Use , It’s 100% accurate , And it’s never busy. (Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messengers Users at , No One Can Hide From You Anymore)

  103. Check
    The response is 100% true.

    Test it…

  104. Hi, Is it possible to know who is chatting with your friend?

  105. hi, rahul well i have an doubt in yahoo webcam option. Well can I see my friend’s web cam screen who is also seeing me………:D

  106. new ym detector! !hi5 profile is also displayed.

  107. hi rahul.. gr8 work..
    but i am having some problem logging into buddy spy. its saying that the protocol no longer supported. what cn i do to login to my yahoo messenger.. pls forward the deatils to my id if possible..
    thankyou in advacne..

  108. how can i search my frends id in yahoo chat, suppose we want to know that in which chat room my fren is chatting.
    i think you all can understand what i want to say

  109. how cac we find the last activity of yahoo messenger users,,,,,,

  110. if you just go to or, then you can see if someone is online, invisible, or offline. Just type their username and that’s it

  111. I think someone knows ive been viewing there yahoo profile and their invisible status …is this possible?

  112. how can I get that Buddy-Spy? after clicked your download link, i never found the true-download-link.. :( just some advertisements there…

  113. update for !

    you can scan multiple ID-s in the same time

  114. hey, you know i have downlaod buddy spy, but i cannot log in cos in YMSG server i do not know how to put the YMSG server, there are many, can u tell me?

  115. how do i know the status message of a yahoo id not added to my friend’s list?

  116. Hello rahul

    My name is shailesh. Actually i want to know that how to get information about one friend is online on yahoo msger ( invisible status)so how can i get that he is online on mobile device. most of the what happen. some one msging than after i get msg he/she online. but i want to know other person is online(invisible status) i get alert from him without he msging me. just mail me. this is very important to me

    at last. how can i get know he/she is online without alert. actually the person is online(invisible status)

    Thanking YOu



  119. is there a way to check whether a person is idle or not when the id is on invisibe mode? reply back this is ridiculously important. thanks

  120. hi friends
    i hv tried all the sites , but its not showing current status of id when i m log in and make it invisible to evryone and i check the id as above sites its showing me OFFline when actually im login to ym
    if any other trics let me know

  121. guys please check again there is problem in all sites , when u check first time its shows offline and click second time its show invisible how u know which one is right

  122. Another website is working well and exactly, you can try it:

  123. Hi, is there anyway or any version of yahoo messenger or program you can download to check if you are in a person’s contact list or not. I added this guy’s email (msn messenger id) onto my yahoo messenger list and would love to know if i’m in his list or not.
    Thanks. Can you also tell me how to tell when he was last online on yahoo messenger?


  124. hi,once i was chating in mail and someone sent a pm to me,the words that was written in the chat window for his id was just:d mmmmm
    i don’t know who is he but he completely knows eveything about me
    is there a way to know who he is or what is his ID?

  125. None of these work anymore, does anyone have any solutions?

    • None of these online invisibility checkers seem to work with Yahoo 10 anymore.

      I have 2 ways that willwork but has the side-effect that they might know you are checking them.

      #1# If the buddy you want to check is on your list, then (1) open an IM message to the person, (2) load the IM Environment under Yahoo Tools->Doodle. It will say “Waiting for your buddy to load Doodle.” (3) send a simple message, like “Hello” or “miss you, send me a message when you are online next time” (4) if they are really offline, it will continue to say “waiting for your buddy to load Doodle” forever. If they are invisible, it will clear that message when you send your message. The buddy will not need to reply to you, but he/she will see Doodle loaded in their IM window. If they are not too bright they might not know what you just did.

      #2# send a file to your buddy. If they are invisible and either decline the file or close the IM window without accepting or declining, or they logoff Yahoo, you will see they declined your file transfer. If they ignore you, you won’t know, until they logoff, which might be a long time if they never log off and stay invisible a long time. You will eventually know if your out-wait them :)

  126. how can i find out if someones ignoring me on his yahoo messenger?

  127. can any one please let me know how to Scan the complete buddy list at one click to know who are online and offline or invisible?

    Its very difficult to check each and every id one by one as i have more then 490 people in my list.

  128. well, there is just 1 site now that working so great and with 99% accuracy, that is try and see how great it is, i suggest this site to all my friends.

  129. hi.why none of invisible detector doesnt work any more?can you guide me what is the problem?which site give the certain answer?

  130. dear Rahul:i ever download the latest version of ym but all of the invisible detector site give me the wrong answer.what is the problem?is the problem with my pc?what should i do?i need a site for invisible-detector.introduce me a site please.tanx

    • hi, same with me here , the website all of them give me the wrong status of a person,
      well i try from a different pc an ip address it works like a charm
      so i guess u have to change the pc and ip address,
      to confirm that try checking the status from a diff internet connection , and not from ur pc an let me know if it worked for u

      cheeeeeers ^_^

  131. hi.what do u mean by changing the ip?i cant can i do that?please explain a bit more step by step.tanx

    • sure , see the only way i know how to change the ip is to contact ur provider, also what i mean is like this ,
      go to ur friend house and try from his computer and his connection
      thats what i mean by different computer and different ip address
      cuz to me it does the same , but when i use a different pc and connection it works like a charm ^_^

      so try it like that. if u still dont understand let me know.


  132. haii___i need invisible yahoo detecter___plz help me:-(

    • try this one an let me know

      hope they work with u , if not try using different pc and ip location. cheeeers.

      • No it is not working.
        I went to invisible mode in yahoo messenger and entered my id here, but it shows as offline istead of invisible.

        It is not detecting yahoo messenger invisible, but it is detecting yahoo mail and invisible(Yahoo mail has inside chating option there if you are in invisible mode then it is telling here invisible but when I am in yahoo messenger invisible it is not finding). Please help

  133. there was a problem while i was chatting in yahoo room someone stopped my yahoo messenger and it was not responding. And that was stopped by other chatter deliberately using virus or any other setting. can anyone help me to this problem. I also want to know that how did he do that.

    • they used a boot program on you they are all over the place do a search and you can find them, but if you get caught you will lose that ID’s and maybe access based on your IP.

  134. [...] Invisible/Online on Yahoo [...]

  135. There are many sites for yahoo…but NO ONE PERFECT for msn..i read all the comments here & tries all suggestions for msn..but are shows ofline which is conformly online…Does anybody know the exact & accurate site for msn invisible checker..thnks

  136. can i acess someone yahoo messenger with screen name only

  137. work 100% for check invisible and get the script afiliate program :)

  138. appear offline is not listed as an option in yahoo messenger . may i know the reason ????

  139. is there a messenger scanner that tells you if someone is mobile? Vizgin did tell you and peoples status example * in kitchen bb soon * but that service has not worked for months and i loved it

  140. December 5, 2011 at 2:02 am

    hey friends can anybody help me out that how to find the date when we added a a friend in our friend list in yahoo messenger…please do help me its urgent.. thanx in advance

  141. Hello ,
    I have moved to can check , is 301 redirect) Please modify my link in your article. Thanks a lot

    Admin &

  142. @prasoon
    Glad to now that you like it sooooooooooooooooo much :-)

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