Customize Nokia S40 Themes

Now you can easily modify Nokia S40 themes which have .nth as their extension by using a simple trick. To do this, you will need an unzipper, which can unzip zip files, like WinRAR. The trick is very simple, firstly check if your phone comes under Nokia S40 platform or not. Check in the list of mobiles that come under Nokia

Now, get the .nth (theme file), you want to edit:

  • Rename .nth file to .zip extension
  • Extract the contents of the file
  • You will get number of files, some of them are images, some of them may be ringtones and one “theme_descriptor.xml” file, which contains the information, that how theme will work in phone.

Now, you can easily merge any number of themes by selecting good features of them. You can replace wallpaper of some theme to other, or you could also customize ring tones, swf files etc.

All you need to take care is of that you have to replace the original file, with same dimension image (for good clarity) and replaced image should also have the same name as of the previous one.

If you are a computer geek, you can also try out editing “theme_descriptor.xml” file, for advanced features. You can also use Carbide.UI to create and edit S40 and S60 themes.

Links: List of S40 Phones | Carbide.ui

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  1. but after replacing all the desired contents can we re get the extension .nth. I mean how will we again save it as .nth format?

  2. You just need to zip all that unzipped content back and again rename it from .zip to .nth, and use it in your phone…

  3. is there any tool to easily edit SWF files (changing position of text, background, etc..?)

  4. I think Sothink SWF Decompiler can do this…

  5. You guys are editing themes in your computer while you could do the same in your s40 mobile using ‘medieval blueftp’. Although editing the .xml file is not possible but one can make a theme easily with this software. It can extract files and again compress them to zip, jar, tar, thm, nth and gz extensions. Just replace the file you need to edit and then rename it to match the actual file. In this way i was able to change the menu icons, menu backgrounds and many other such editables to make a new theme.

  6. Hi there, medieval blueftp is the only “s60 software” supported by a s40 device, i guess. It can extract .zip, .tar, .nth, .gz, .thm but extracting and compressing .jar from and to .zip is not possible in my 2700classic. You can directly extract the .xml (descriptor) from the .nth theme and view it . Since editing is not possible, you can edit it by MobyExplorer of bermin software. Or you can rename the .xml file to .txt and directly edit it by your device , provided that it is not too long.

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