How to deal with your fake/impostor facebook profile

This post is for all those Facebook users who wants to report a fake or impostor  profile. You can report any such Facebook profile that violates Facebook’s terms and conditions or Facebook’s statement of Rights and Responsibilities. There is a hair line difference between a fake and an impostor profile and here we need to understand that as the method for reporting both of them are slightly different.

We are using the term ‘Fake’ here for the profiles that are using Fake profile name and if that name is yours (or anyone you know) then that will be an impostor profile that is if someone has created an account to impersonate or imitate you or someone else.

When I can report?

You can report a fake profile to Facebook whenever anyone violates Facebook’s terms and conditions.That can be:

  • Profiles that impersonate you or someone else
  • Profiles that use your photos
  • Profiles that list a fake name
  • Profiles that do not represent a real person
  • Profiles that have been hacked

How to report a Fake/Impostor profile?

If someone is impersonating you or someone else, go to his/her profile page an click on “Report/Block this person” link on the left bottom of the page.

Then check the “Report this person” box and use “impersonating you or someone else”. Enter the Impersonated profile link in the box given there and add required comment which is mandatory too.Finally click submit.

Report 1

However if someone is using fake profile name then just use “Using a fake name” option in the report type and add comments in “What makes it fake” box, click submit.

Report 2

For any further information, drop a comment below :)

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  2. Okay, so i have been having a problem with an imposter profile for a very long time, but I can’t figure out how to report it because every time i search for his/her profile, he or she must have me blocked from seeing it or something and therefore i can’t click that ‘report’ button. I have messaged facebook about it many times and nothing has been done. Please help me! this person is adding my friends and asking for naked pictures and stuff. it is terrible.

  3. @Korinne, sure we’ll help you. Please check your e-mail.

    • hello brother some one using my picture and name and sending message here and there i’m really in big problem if anything i hav to die.please help me to save my life.this is the url!/profile.php?id=100001892860261 i report so many times and my friends report many times but no action till now may be i’m nt good to do this please on behalf of me help me to delet that fake profile which some one using my name and my picture.
      hope you will sure help me gurunanak will help you and give you big success in life

    • The same thing is happening to me.

      someone stole revealing pics of me from my ex’s camera and created two fb accounts under my name. they’re adding all my friends and family.

      i sent a report out to fb, but nothings happening and as days go by i “have more friends”.

      please help.

    • hi sir im in big trouble in fb,my name and photo is being used by someone to blackmail me.he is my friend in facebook and yahoo messenger before but i already deleted him coz he is harrassing me and now he create a fake profile fake information using my name and photos and putting and explicit photo of mine,so sir once u read this i want you to give me and advice regarding to this problem of mine and i hope that u will also help me to get rid of this profile,can i have ur email address sir so i can email you anytime regarding tis problem,thank you so much

    • Someone has creates a profile impersonating one of his teachers in an attempt to defame her (saying her political interests are communism and such). She is an old catholic lady and does not have a facebook account. When I try to report the person they require me to select an account the person is impersonating but since she doesn’t have a profile I can’t do that. Do you have any idea how I can get this profile closed or find out which of her students has created this profile? She is very upset and doesn’t know what to do.

    • heyyyy i am so angryyyy, im ick of these fakersss, and faceboook wont do ANYTHING i got all my friends to report the fake who is from overseas, but nothing is happpening, can you please please please help me, i can prove that my profile is real, whereas this fake cant, i fb msgd her so she can remove my photos and my name and de activate her fake account but all she did was blocked mee, so now i cant even get in contact with her!!! im fuminggg, please help me, the fake profile is:

    • I have an issue with someone using my name and old pictures, I’m pretty sure I know who it is and he’s always, always been a problem in my life. Going so far as scratching my mothers car and more. Its distressing because they have added over 200 people half of which I don’t even know and they seem to be using it. I wouldn’t even know about it if a friend didn’t tell me so thats also horrible. I have it reported and even did the send in a passport photo thing, its literally so stressful I havent slept for days and my heart is constantly racing. Reaching out a bit here =/ I have the fuzz coming round later today but thats going to cause more problems in the long run. Im at a loose end =[ help

    • please help saurav ………this is fake id of my friend please ………….there are many bad thing please delete that profile

  4. i have a problem with a fake profiles and i have follow the how to report and remove.But through email or other account can still be see.

  5. Guys pls help me…..someone created a fake profile in my name n been sending friend requests to everyone…he also using my picture n sending vulgar msgs and other stuffs..i reported in fb..but no response…pls help me guys..this person s givin me a hard time in fb….

    • I also have the same problem. I’m in desperate need of help in removing this profile. The person is using obscene pictures and verbally harassing all of my friends. I’m very miserable, plse plse help me. I sent numerous emails to abuse[at]facebook[dot]com and they haven’t helped me.

  6. @amar,
    Please post your and your fake profile’s link here, I can see what I can do….

  7. Hi – I hope you can help – I have tried to report the above page several times through Facebooks tool to do so – but whenever I do, it says that I don’t have a web address in there – which I do – This page was not created by the teacher Arlene Walk – and of course, she would like it taken down – I have tried to contact facebook several different ways with no success. r you can email me for confirmation. Thanks in advance if you are successful!

  8. This page is fake. I have tried to report it several times to FB, but their form comes back and says that it is the incorrect web address. This page does not represent the teacher listed & she would like it removed as soon as possible. Any help would be much appreciated!

  9. I’m wondering how long facebook takes to respond. I know they must have many submissions but should it take more than 48hrs?

    I’ve got my mother crying on the phone because there’s a picture of me and a link to an escort service on the fake profile. What a day…

  10. this is the link for a fake profile made of me..could you please help me, the profile is sending requests to lost of people, put pictures up of me and my family and making very nasty comments about me..iv reported it and emailed fb but no reply..please could you help me it is casuing many problems for me and making threats..please please help

  11. Just wanted to update and say that facebook is completely INCOMPETENT. My situation has gotten even worse at this point. This reporting only gives you a false sense of security because facebook doesn’t respond to the reports, emails or phone calls. Even the abuse@facebook which they set a 72hr response deadline still goes unanswered. I’ve given more than enough information including having the COMPANY INVOLVED contact facebook/report pictures and had at least 6 other people report the profile as fake. The article helped me get through the steps unfortunately facebook dropped the ball on this one.

  12. @s
    Your profile is redirecting me to my homepage, moreover please provide a link of your original profile aswell.
    You have to provide complete information to Facebook which proves that the original account is yours. And please be patient cuz it’s not easy to manage more than 350 million Facebook profiles.

    • Hi fren, one of my good friend suffering from some problem in facebook. somebody create profile in facebook and give the name of my friend and upload all pictures of my friend. now my friend want to remove that fake profile of her. which is monitoring my somebody.
      plz help me and my friend to remove that fake profile.

    • Can you really help get a fake facebook page taken down, i have already reported it and nothing has been done.

  13. someone has created an impostor profile of my friend’s ex-boyfriend saying that they are still together and posting pictures of them both on the page. it is causing problems for both my friend and her ex. is there a way to get the impostor profile deleted?

  14. @hannah
    Report it to Facebook by the procedure mentioned above….

  15. i deleted my own profile, because i couldn’t hand;e the messages from the fake profile. the fake was deleted last week, but a friend of mine that is still on facebook, told me the profile had been reactivated. if you click on to the link without being logged in it might direct you to the profile..please let me know if there is anythinhg you can do, bacause obviously facebook hasn’t removed it, and this is making things hard for me.

  16. I have reported an imposter page that was made of me several times and nothing has been done about it. Its happened to me on myspace and they took care of it everytime. but with facebook nothing is being done about it. many of my friends tell me the person is friend requesting them and they even friend requested me which is how i found out about it in the first place. the imposters link is I can take a picture of myself with my facebook link to prove its me saying that they are impersonating me or something. thats what i did with myspace… i mean something needs to be done its starting to irritate me that i try reporting it and it seems like no one cares… please help! thanx. -Angelina

  17. @Angelina Santiago
    I’ve reported abuse your fake profile, hopefully facebook will remove your fake profile now. After reviewing all the comments of this post all I can say is that Facebook’s reporting system isn’t good at all.

  18. You got that right… Their reporting system really sucks. But thanx for your help anyway!

  19. the fake profile that has been made of me is being put on facebook, and then again being deactivated. i don’t understand why, the profile had been again deactivated now. facebook should have done something about it earlier to prevent any of this happening. i will make a request to you when or if the profile is activated again..

    The fake profile has been put back on facebook. please can you do something about it.

  21. Please please could you help get the fake profile removed. It’s still there and more people are being added. It is casuing alot of problems for me please help.

  22. @s
    I need your original profile link as well cuz I’ve to submit it while reporting. Please post it here.

  23. i dont know it becasue i have deleted my original profile beacsue of it..the email i use to post these comments it the one i used for the profile..will that do??
    please do something asap.

  24. In case you have deactivated your old profile kindly re-activate it else make a new one.

  25. i have reactivated it but have taken everything off of the profile can there still be something done.. this is the link for my original profile

  26. There is someone who has created an account pretending to be me. They use my photos, add friends, and send messages in an unacceptable way. This problem actually goes beyond a fake profile and has been taken up with the law force in other matters. But for now, how can I get FB to delete the profile? Everytime I try to report the abuse it keeps giving me an error saying that I have an invalud URL…but it’s valid! Even my friends and family have tried doing for me, but they seem to get the same message. Please email me with any possible help that you can give me since I don’t want any information we exchange to be shard publicly. Thank you!!

  27. why is nothing being done about the fake profile?? i have reported time after time for the last 2weeks and yet nothing ..when will some action be taken, when things get more out of hand than they already have???

  28. why in my facebook page there is no report/block person link? how can i report the person impersonate me? and what about if this person blocked me from his/her list friend?

  29. I reported a fake page of me like a week ago and nothing has been done about it and the person is posting other people pictures saying i had sexual relations with these people and i did not i need that page taken down as soon as possible

  30. a person sent me a friend request with a fake profile, after I accepted it i call the person who they were pretending to be and she told me it was not her. I have the confirmation e-mail what can I do to report this

  31. Someone made a page under my son’s name and is adding his friends and now teachers. Sexual emails were sent to the teachers this past weekend. I have attempted to report this to facebook and no action has been taken. One of the teachers is taking this to the police…can we find out who this person is?

    • @Andrea It is indeed an issue and you can surely report the matter to Facebook for abuse as shown in the post. Taking it to the police would be one way to find out who this person is as I doubt Facebook would reveal the identity or log details unless it was a legal or police matter.

  32. So I have just recently found out someone is using my photos but using another name.. I’m trying to report it but it keeps giving me the error message.


  34. I have reported 2 fake profiles using my pictures and my date of birth, I reported them and my friends also reported them being a fake profile and using my modelling pictures! Facebook is still letting them use my pictures, there account was not deleted and my account was.

    Now them people who I have reported are still on facebook, while my account had been deleted and facebook is doing nothing about it what so ever.

  35. I reported an imposter a week ago. This person is pretending to be my husband, using his name. (Jason Mora. Saying a bunch of bad stuff and requesting people we know as friends. Nothing has happened yet? My husband doesn’t have a facebook but i do with pics of him on it. I know the person diliberately requested people so it would get back to us!What do i do? I want it gone!

  36. I’m trying to report a person who has set up an account using my name,(Thomas Richards-Bilston). when I click submit I get this error message(The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the profile being impersonated.)The text i’m enetering is (
    Please help has he is cousing trouble for me.

  37. Some one created impostor profile of my sister and using her photos and sending friend invites could you please report this profile:!/profile.php?id=100000777522798&ref=search&sid=100000838066060.1893321240..1


  38. hi someone has made a fake profile of me , using my photos with a false name .. they have added all my friends an ive tried reporting abuse about 4 months ago but nothing has been done .. this is my profile-!/elise09x?ref=profile , here is the profile who is pretending to be me – , please help me.

  39. So someone is not only making fake pages butwas trying to blackmail me into having *** with them. They made 2 fake pages, one which has already been taken down and yahoo and other accounts with my name. They are adding all my friends and had taken pictures from my page. Everything is blocked now but I email facebook everyday and nothing is being done, can I take it to the police or a lawyer to get results?

  40. Bro some guy just made an account like mine adding my friends and putting my pics and stuff when i try to put in the URL it keeps telling me its not valid when i try to its says “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address,…” PLZ HELP

  41. I have tried over and over again to get an imposter profile deleted but fb does absolutely nothing! I don’t have trouble reporting the imposter profile, the problem is fb is doing nothing about it. The worse part is I know who is making the fake profile of me! First is there anything I can do since I know who the person is? And second can you help me remove the fake profile? The fake profile is and the fake e-mail is and my profile, the real one is if you can please help me, thank you

  42. I recently also discovered that somebody created a fake profile using my name, my hometown as well as one of my profile images. I reported the fake profile to Facebook but they don’t do anything about it.
    The fake profile URL is, the real profile (mine) is

    Does anybody know which other steps I could set to have the fake profile removed?


  43. Someone is trying to humiliate me by making my fake facebook profile. This profile Angeeta Aryal is a fake facebook profile. Someone has made my fake profile 2 days ago. The link to the fake profile is Angeeta aryal ( the pictures in the fake profile are copied from my real profile and the humiliating pictures are uploaded in the fake profile. The photos that I had uploaded before 6 months has been uploaded in fake profile just 2 days ago. Please deactivate this fake account. I am getting embarrassed due to this fake profile.
    I am waiting for reply.

  44. @Marley & Anjeena
    Update your status with fake profile link and tell your friends not to add them. Report your fake profiles as well…. :)

  45. I really need some help removing an imposter profile under my name, they’re using pictures of me and adding my friends, they’ve also blocked me and i can’t report it, could you help me please?

  46. how do you report an imposter facebook account even after they have removed it?

  47. i went to go report the fake of myself and accidentally pasted my url in the box because i already had it copied and i forgot i had copied it after copying the others url before it. i pressed send as well with my url, but it was suppose to be his. what do i do?

  48. I tried and it keeps saying invalid url?

  49. hi, someone recently sent me a message on facebook that i do not know. i assume that they deleted the account after because i can not find them. can authorities help me find out who the real person behind all this is?

  50. hi, someone has made a fake account of me too and i have emailed facebook and i havent had any response and i stated i was really worried about this person as they are adding my friends and i am unable to see what they are saying i have tried reporting it but it keeps coming up invalid i can scan my id onto the computer to show i am real through email of course but please i really need you to delete this profile i have the link but i would really appreciate it if u could email me as i am very worried about this as i think people may be at danger i know it sounds exadurating but its really not i am terribly worried please please get back to me

  51. I cannot for the life of me get this profile to go away. I try to report it but I cant get it sent because it says the URL is not valid. Here is the FAKE profile:

  52. whats up i was notified that people have a fake profile or website about me and one about my brother….what could i do to resolve this any help would be good.

  53. Someone just uploaded a page impersonating me. I don’t think I put my real page in the report, will it let me resend it?

  54. Hi, I need assistance in reporting an impostor profile. this person is copying all my photos and worst, copied and used my kids photos. My FB is private, but for some reason, she/he mustve pretended someone that I know and I have accidentally added.. Now, there is a new FB account using all my details ,some impostor have stolen and used my details and pics, and even copied my kids photos and pretend to be her kids.. SO SICK.. this is the profile she is using..
    I have reported a few times to FB and even have asked friends to use the “report”. but no avail. My kids are more bothered.
    Please need your assistance in reporting this.

    My real URL is

  55. Hi, someone is pretending to be me and have started adding my friends
    the impostor profile is

    I have complained earlier but for some reason was deleted, not sure why… My profile is secured and private, and I must have added someone pretending to be a friend i know off… here’s my real profile

    Please help me report.. I have done the report/block this person

  56. PLEASE help me get this fake facebook page taken down… a student that has been bullying my daughter created this abusive page acting as my daughter. Many people have reported it but it’s still up! The fake account is!/profile.php?id=100001069817206&ref=search&sid=639824794.3323793013..1
    PLEASE Help!!!

  57. Someone created a fake profile of me and used my former profile picture (I have since changed mine). I have a kind of unique name and this fake account is even searchable on the web (mine isn’t). This person “likes” some pretty raunchy stuff, too–all now available to see on the internet. I work in business so this can be damaging to me. I reported it a couple of days ago and have never gotten a response and the profile hasn’t been taken down. Also, the person who created this fake profile has added several friends and business associates. How long does it take for Facebook to take down this stuff?

  58. Hey!!
    i had a fake profile i just asked my friends to report it as fake may be 7-9of them did at the same time when i was online then when i checked that fake profile wasn’t there anymore.. usually what every1 says that it takes around 48hours for the profile to be deleted…did the Facebook team changed their secuirty issue please help me in this
    thank you

  59. Because i need to prove it that actually it got deleted by Facebook team not by me please help me

  60. hi . my sister and i had a fake profile . when i report it , something showed up saying “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the profile being impersonated.” even if i did it correctly . i told my friends to report it but nothing happens

  61. do i have to wait for 48 hours?

  62. thanks for the reply. i did it. i entered the whole url but it’s still not working. ah ok . so i have to wait. will it be deleted?(the fake profile)

  63. hey ! :) Our fake accounts haven’t been deleted yet . it’s been 4 days ago but still, nothing happens. How come it’s taking this so long?:(

  64. hey ! :) Our fake accounts haven’t been deleted yet. It’s been 4 days ago but still, nothing happens. How come it’s taking this so long?:(

  65. hey ! :) Our fake accounts haven’t been deleted yet. It’s been 5 days ago but still, nothing happens. How come it’s taking this so long?:(

  66. Many of my friends did it already.

  67. Why do I keep getting the error “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the profile being impersonated.” I am typing the URL of the Impersonated profile. I’ve contacted FB through and they told me to use the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of the page. I would use this function if I could follow-through without getting the error…

  68. how do i contact facebook??????HELP PLEASEEE

  69. Hey, can you e-mail me for help with Facebook imposter profiles? Someone has created a fake account about me, but I feel Facebook is ignoring me and my case because I don’t have any pictures uploaded because I want my privacy. I’ve reported it several times, but no one has gotten back to me. I uploaded a picture to Photobucket with myself holding a sign and sent the link with my contact form, but still nothing. Please help. Reach me at:

  70. I figured it out. You have to click the report button on the profile that’s being impersonated. Then fill out the URL with the profile that’s real so that FB can check both profiles and determine which one is fake. It would help if FB explained this a little better to lessen the confusion. I did this yesterday. No idea how long it’s going to take for FB to deactivate the fake profile…

  71. hi, i really need some help here there is a persone that has open 2 profiles using my full name “Saranda Krasniqi” and and my nickname that i’ve always use “Sara” they have put pic of me and my 3 year old daughter and its just sad for me to see pic of my daughter on a fake profile.. i have reported them but the profiles are still there,….. can someone plzzzz help me i will put the links of the fake profiles here!/profile.php?id=100000495255294&v=info&ref=search with the log in email

    with the log in email

    thank you if you could help plz.

  72. I have a friend that has been impersonated. I am trying to help report this profile, but I am getting the following error message: “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the Profile being impersonated.” I have entered it by hand, I have copied and pasted, but neither are working. Will you please help me and her report this Facebook profile before extreme comments and photos are posted jeopardizing her job and character? Her name is Jacinda Sausedo (NO TIMMERMAN as it is posted on the profile) and the URL copied and pasted from the address bar is

  73. Unfortunately my security settings were not high enough and some one copied all my pictures from my profile and created this fake profile of me!!Now this person is impersonating me and also made HATE pages of me all over facebook!! Friends i am worrying sick now!! Please help me and everyone report against this!!I sent complain but no action taken

    • tell your friends to report it abuse and wait for sometime as it’s a little slow process.

    • Please help me!!!! I am the founder / president of a non profit organization. An individual is portraying himself to be the wrestler and has several sites that truly look legit. I would like to discuss this matter more in debt. The individual posts on his wall and people on his friend list are bombarding my site unknowingly he’s not the true person. Please help me!!! I am a small nonprofit org and this individual finds this to be a game.

  74. pls help me someone created a fake profile in my name and been sending friend requests to my frined using my picture sending Bad msgs and Writing a bad wall posts I already reported on fb but no response pls help me guys this person s givin me a hard time in fb Need Your Help

  75. hey.someone’s impersonating having problem in the fourth step.they say its invalid adress1plz help me!as soon as possible

    • It’s working fine for me,u’ll get this confirmation message.

      An administrator will review your request and take appropriate action. Please note that you will not receive a notification about any action taken as a result of this report. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      You can read more information about our abuse policies here

    is the url of the fake facebook profile. But every time I enter it to try to report it I get an error message “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the Profile being impersonated.” This is very fustrating. PLEASE PLEASE help. This is a person that is pretending to be someone they are not. The account just needs to be closed and hopefully the picture they have gets deleted.

  77. Hi,
    Someone is impersonating my profile. Its terrible there friending people in my school, saying sexual things to girls, making me look gay and has a profile pic of Ashley Tisdale.

    Please help me I beg you

    • I can understand your situation but all you can do is report it abuse, if it’s really very serious then you can also take a legal action against it which will result into instant removal of the profile. Else report it and tell your friends to do the same.

  78. I reported it already on the facebook help center does it actually work?

    • It works for most of the genuine cases. But the procedure is slow :(

      • Hey I waited a week to give it some time to deactivate. It didnt work. I dont know what to do from here. I tried everything facebook said to report for abuse. Everything , nothing worked. I even went to the police at my school she said to call Facebook. But i read online you cant call them you have to use the help center.

  79. I have a problem! i had 2 fb account i the first account i tought i have deactivated,and i have,but the email of that fb profile with who i login…now people add me at my old profile,can anyone help me i send an email to fb but they dont repeat,or do anything,if you can handle this problem send contact me to this email :

  80. Dude this is serious XD,but really how can I delete it?

  81. hi dude…..
    since you are the master here maybe you could help me……
    I think somebody is starting to create a fake account on me (with my first name and nick name)…while I’ve got an account with my real first name and surname),,,,I already think to know who is the guy but I need to be sure…..
    I’m almost sure because it appeared in the box as suggested friends (that I think take info from your mails and friends of friends)….so it was created by somewhere near me (let’s say)….
    If I report it to FB can they give me the email address of who created it? can I sue him?

  82. AMar says:
    January 2, 2010 at 8:30 am

    heY pls help me…..someone created a fake profile in my name n been sending friend requests to everyone…he also using my picture n sending vulgar msgs and other stuffs..i reported in fb..but no response…pls help me…..this person s givin me a hard time in fb….

  83. dis side chanchal….

    plzz do help he has made a fake accont by usin my pics n usin abusive languages wid mah frnzz……maa real id is n he has made fake acnt by name chanchal bengani….plzzz plzz plzz help me….hw cn i get ruin with this

    • The e-mail id you are using for this comment (saurabh) and that one which ur using in the comment (mahishakira)are two different profiles with different names and gender. First tell us which one is real before reporting it to facebook.

  84. this girl is a fake!! shes using my photos and i reported it to fb so did my friends and theyve done nothing at all!! now i gotta watch her chat to random weird guys in a slaggy way!!!! please help =)

  85. Hey… same problem as everyone else… I have an imposter profile, I’ve reported it, my friends have reported it, I’ve sent an e-mail to facebook asking them to delete it, and it’s been more than a week and nothing has been done. I’m on the verge of sueing them…. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? the imposter profile is!/profile.php?id=100000591676115 (GERARDO ROMERO)

  86. I still have someone with a fake profile under my name. I have reported it and asked others to report it but facebook still isn’t doing anything to get rid of it. HELP!!!

  87. hi! i have the same problem as everyone else here but it all started when my account was hacked 3 weeks ago, the registered email was also cracked so now i can’t have my old page back. the hacker is now making comments through wallposts and pictures. and yes like everyone here i tried reporting it to facebook and so did my friends but until now nothing is happening. i made another account and reported the old one as impostor and again no result. dear sauravjit, you seem to be the most concern and knowledgeable in this forum. please please help is there any way that the old account can be deleted? please…

    • 1. Report it to facebook again.
      2. Tell your friends to do the same.
      3. Update your status regarding the fake account (with link).
      4. If reporting again isn’t accepted then your application must be in progress, please be patient.

  88. Well, my imposter profile has been deleted. A friend that knows a bit about the inside job of FACEBOOK tells me that at first the system goes over your imposter profile according to how many reports it gets. After a certain amount of reports, then it’s revised by an actual person (so they say). So, what I suggest is that your friends have to report it as many times as possible, the more the better. Mine was deleted a bit than a week after.. so… Good luck!

  89. hey thanks rafa! i hope it’ll be deleted (cross fingers) and i wish all the impostors in the world to burn in hell. let all the stress and trouble they have caused to us come back a hundred folds! ps: rafa i’ll let you know if it works. i wish you a good cyberlife =)

  90. is there a way to track down the impostors? like to know where they are or which computer they used?thanks!

  91. Im going through the same thing the imposter keep stealing my profile pics and uploading them as their own allthough that albulm is private its a person in my friendlist idk who please help me i have reported to facebook and i cant keep reporting so please tell me what to do :(

  92. IP trackers…cool! nice. thanks! =)

  93. err…sorry sauravjit i’ve checked a couple of sites and copy and pasted the url address of the fake profile and it’s just routing me to facebook itself. in some threads they are saying that the tracker doesn’t work for facebook because of security etc =( that true? ps: haitian beauty, sauravjit is right you have to tell your friends because you can only report once. gather them all and let’s bring the impostors down!!!

  94. hi..somebody is impersonating my sister’s profile…i went to report it but couldnt understand wat was impersonated link…pls help asap

  95. Hi i am trying to get rid of this fake facebook going around of me on facebook i have had everyone to report but there is no action taken and i dont have a facebook of my own, but someone has been using my pictures in a wrong way which is insulting me, and i need help to get rid of this right away please if you can help me with this.
    Thank You




  97. Report it again to facebook and tell your friends to do the same. Msg your friends regarding the fake profile but everytime yoiu message, just change the text a little bit. Facebook consider msgs as spam when we send same text to everyone.

    If it’s harming you personally or your professional life, then you can take a legal action against it.

  98. sauravjit!!! rafa!!! i think i got my fake profile deleted!!! i tried searching it on facebook, like from friend’s friends list and it doesn’t appear anymore. also, the private message from the impostor sent in my account doesn’t have a picture anymore and it doesn’t direct me anywhere even when i clicked it. is that a sign of a close account??? if yes then i’m the happiest person in the whole wide universe! blowing you kisses, thanks for your help guys! ps…will it be opened again? please say it’s not possible…

    • Click on that account which doesn’t have a picture on it, if it’s redirecting back to your homepage then that means the profile no longer exists. Hopefully it will not be opened again but there’s a possibility that the creator of that profile deactivated it. Please note that there’s a difference between deleting and deactivating. But don’t worry for now, just enjoy facebooking.
      cheers :)

  99. Sauravjit, i have an ex employee who created a facebook page of me.he is ruining my life and business. i cant get page down reported to fb. how can i get proof of source of creator of page.
    I spoken to several attornys with no help. please help me, link!/profile.php?id=100001303282904&ref=ts

  100. please help me someone is using my picture and posting porno vidoes on faccebook.Im soo worried cuz this person is ruining my life. I had this happen to me before. I cant report it on facebook either…everytime I put the link it says check the url. what the..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    here is the fake profile

  101. I need help, for months now someone has made a fake profile of me. Saying false things about me. Here’s the profile ttp://

    When I report for Impostor, and send that profile link, it says it’s not valid. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  102. ok,i have a problem!
    i dont have a facebook profile,but my friend told me that someone made my fake profile.
    i went on that profile to report it as a fake profile of a person who is imitating me,but when i wanna add URL it say it doesnt exist or its wrong.
    i really dont understand.that profile exist and its fake!
    how can i remove it??
    i also tried to report this fake profile,but i need impostor e-mail.
    how can i know e-mail of a person who made that profile??
    i really dont know what to do,and im asking someone for help cause its not comfortable to know that someone opened profile to imitate me!
    thank u

  103. Roberto Maldonado July 26, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    hello sauravjit, having the same problem with an imposter can you help out ?

  104. Roberto Maldonado July 28, 2010 at 7:46 am

    hey sauravjit,,

  105. omg my ex boyfriend made a profile of me , hes using pictures of me from my myspace before i deleted it. i reported him so many times to facebook and msged facebook and nothings happening. then he blocked me so i cant even report it anymore. i still have the link to the profile, but this is driving me crazy.

  106. hey Sauravjit i need help.
    someone made a fake profile of me and its really annoying their saying all kinds of rude stuff on the profile.
    i was wondering if you could help me get it deleted please.
    I’ve had many people report it prolly around 15 – 20. Facebook hasn’t done anything about it. I would really like this account gone and for it to not happen again. Please help.

    Email me for the fake profile url

  107. Is there a way I can find out WHO is the creator of my impostor profile? Someone stole my pictures and put up false info stating I am a lesbian and I am “fat and ugly” and I would really like to know who is behind this. I reported to facebook already.

  108. Someone is misusing my profile picture and my name on facebok , i have been reported to the facebook team but nothing is going on.Pls do help me what shall i do.

  109. I reported it already. this didn’t help. :/

  110. So I reported a fake profile of myself about a week ago, but I wish I had found this before I did that.

    Unfortunately, I selected the “Impersonating me or someone else” tab instead of the “Using a fake name” tab. I almost did the fake name one because it is also a fake name. Now I can’t change my report or report again.

    Anyways, how long will it take for the account to be deleted? It’s becoming quite a nuisance due to the fact all my friends see it under their suggestions. Please help!

  111. I have reported an imposter profile to facebook, and I have had at least 10-20 other people report the profile, and facebook has done nothing. The person stole my profile pictures, created an account in my name, and is talking to people about my personal relationsihps and telling them locations where I go and everything as if they were me. I know the person who has the fake profile, and have asked them to remove it, but they haven’t. What can I do? Facebook has done nothing…the account is clearly the fake one seein as the pictures he stole are thumbnails, the profile doesn’t have as many friends and was created more recently than my real, much-more-developed profile. If facebook reviewed my report, it would have been clear the profile was fake and it should have been deleted. However, when I go to re-report the fake profile because facebook has done nothing, it just says I can’t do anything because I’ve already submitted a report against that profile. How can I actually get facebook to remove this profile and is there any legal action I can take? Please help—Thanks!!

    • Try reporting it again using ‘using my pic’ option. Of course you can take a legal action against the fake profile creator and that would be much effective as well as compared to this normal reporting system. So if this profile is really harming you then I think you should go for a legal action but before that just warn the profile creator once regarding deleting the profile.
      You can see from the comments that facebook’s reporting feature sucks and anyone can misuse someone’s personal data using a fake profile. That’s why we can help our visitors much :(

  112. Some one has made a fake profile of me and adding my friends and abusing them. me and my friends reported him fake but facebook admin is not taking any action :(
    He has stolen my family pics aswell and adding bad comments on them, i dont know who is doing this much bad with me. i need help as soon as possible.

    this is my orignal profile link.!/profile.php?id=100000080979418

    and its that fake profile link below.

    kindly remove it …i shall be very thankful to u

  113. Is it possible to get down an fake FB account (created imitate someone)
    for a person that have chosen not to join FB and dont have a profile of there own.

  114. Someone has created an imposter account for my 4 year old daughter. I am extremely upset by this. Also, they have done screen captures of my wife’s website (she is a photographer and my daughter often models clothes for photo shoots). The amount of effort involved in doing this is beyond normal and I fear that this person is a stalker and or pedophile. I want action taken immediately!

    I have tried to report this account so many times, but everytime it says the same thing others have said: “The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the Profile being impersonated.”… WHY DOES IT KEEP SAYING THAT???

    Here is the profile link of the impersonator:


    My wife and I are going insane over this.

  115. i have done this..3 days back but fake profile is still dere :(

  116. someone has stolen my pictures and information.. what will i do to delete that fake profile???

  117. can someone please help me? someone made a fake profile of my dad and my dad doesn’t even have or use a facebook. This fake profile even has photos of our family and house. i dont even know how this person managed to steal our photos… how the heck do i get rid of this profile asap?!/profile.php?id=100001264371217&ref=ts

  118. The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the Profile being impersonated.


  119. Please help me remove this fake profile

  120. PLEASE HELP ME! this person is using my pictures, adding my friends and leaving comments. Not only do i wanna delete his profile, i want to find out who it is… regardless of pay, i need to track this person down.. is it possible? in addition, its been reported for days and its still UP! what can i do?

    fake profile: “”


  121. I have had someoone make afake profile of me.. using my pictures and this person is realy abusive to other making explicit claims!!!… Can you please give me on sum indication as to how this issue can be tackled !! i have had loads of people in the dozens to rpeort it also!!!! the link to the fake profile is!/profile.php?id=748833875&ref=ts

  122. Hi Sauravjit,
    Sumone is using my picture and sending out vulgar msg’es and adding my friends.the profile name is sagee sweet.really appreciate ur assistance..thanks..pls reply me via email asap.

  123. Can someone help please?
    I tried reporting an imposter impersonating me but I keep getting an incorrect url instead.




    • That’s a problem with the reporting system. Try reporting it under fake account category

      • Thanks-I reported under a different category. But how long does FB take in trying to get to these reports? I understand there probably is a million reports but was wondering a ballpark figure–one week, two weeks?
        The fake got ahold of one of my friends and he gave her his number thinking it was me-she called posing as me from a call center in Mexico and tried to sell him vacation packages. He’s since blocked her from FB but he’s getting tired of her sales call.

    • Well its been about a month but the fake profile using my pics and name is still up and running. I was wondering if there was any hope in getting it taken down?

  124. HiSauravjit
    I wondered if you can help. My ex-partner has created a fake facebook profile of me and is posting all sorts of racist, deflamatory and cruel things about me on groups/wall/people who are close to me. This includes posting my address, telephone number and invites for ***. I am the mother of his child and all of this is scaring me as I am now having weird phone calls too. I have reported the profile to facebook and the police are involved. I need to get an IIP address, if possible, as well as having the page removed. I have gone through the facebook fake profile report mechanism but really want to speed things up if possible as judging from these and other posts, they are non to quick to respond. Can you please help me? Fake account:
    Thanks in advance.

  125. Hi someone made a fake profile with my name and pictures I have reported it but did not see a box where I can write a message. will the fake profile still get deleted after not adding any comment and how long will it take before the profile gets deleted.

  126. Hi, I need help regarding a fake profile. My fiance’s ex is using his lastname and picture on her profile and also posted all the messages that my fiance wrote to her over 2 years now. We have reported her following the FB method but still the profile can view by everyone. Its ruining our relationship, I hope you can help us remove her entirely to FB.

  127. Someone made a fake facebook just talking a whole bunch of crap and adding people. I told all my friends to report it and it’s still there. Any help would be great.

    MY PROFILE:!/profile.php?id=100000541130981

    FAKE PROFILE:!/profile.php?id=100000987647730&ref=ts

  128. Sauravjit

    The fake profile is back, what can I do? :(

  129. hi..someone had made a fake id of my son,Harsh Nandu ,14 years old,with his profile pic and was sending abusive and life threatening msgs to him and his friends we did report this to fb. the fake account seems to hav been deactivated, but i really need to know who the impostor is as this shud not b repeated wid anyone else.please help…i wil b greatful..this is urgent.

  130. hey bro,, actually i need help, bcoz sumone had made mine fake profile on facebook and he/she misusing. so plz help me as soon as possible

  131. Sauravjit, my father has created a fake profile of a friend of mine and is using our images to defame us. Basically he calling my friend a polygamist and I his other wife. These pics anyone can access with a google search, but he is revealing my full name and location in an effort to damage my life as he threatened to do. I am not proud that this is my own father doing this but because of some mental issues this happening. Can you help me please before someone at my workplace or his comes across this? I don’t need to lose my job for a conflict of interest. He doesn’t care that I am trying to take care of my children he is just trying to be right…I have reported this but I can’t afford to have this up there for several days or weeks. Thank you.
    Here is the fake profile :!/profile.php?id=100001485735368&ref=ts

  132. Hi sauravjit, I’ve read everything posted here and must thank you for taking the time to help others, and also hope you can extend that same help to me. In regards to my situation, I do not have a Facebook account but I am a recent graduate that just started my professional career, so I Googled my name to see if anything potentially damaging to my professional credibility would appear. Lo and behold is a fake Facebook profile of me with untrue and damaging “likes”, and a completed profile that includes my hometown, current location, birth date, past colleges and a fully composed description “about me”. I understand that there are ways to report this fake profile even though I do not have an account. However, which category would be best? ‘Does not represent a real person’ or simply a ‘Fake profile’, because the profile DOES represent a real person (me) but I do not have a profile. Additionally, I understand that Facebook reviews fake accounts based on the number of reported abuses they receive on fake accounts; thus, should I be self-reporting repeatedly and as much as possible in order to get the fake profile removed?

    Thank you for your help.
    - concerned.

    • I just tried to report abuse to Facebook under the “report abuse with no Facebook account” ( but it won’t allow me to submit a report without entering the “impersonator’s email address” – information which I do not know. Subsequently, I have opened a Facebook account now under an alias and saw that the fake profile does not contain an email address. How can I submit a report without using a Facebook account or know the impersonator’s email address?

      Thank you.

  133. Sauravjit,

    Please help me get the fake account removed! I have reported and reported it and NOTHING IS BEING DONE. This man is crazy and I have had to take out a criminal warrant over his stalking and harassment! Please help me this is causing me serious stress and anxiety! The fake account is:

    My real account/profile:

  134. plz, somebody copied an old pic of me and created facebook account , with my name, he is adding my relatives and friends, and publishing very bad image of me, i reported him to fb but nothing happened, my true account, is almost clear, i deleted everything long time ago , plz help me , i am so desperate.

  135. Help. My ex has created an account in my name and is sending messages to my friends to get info on me.!/profile.php?id=1563296691
    I have tried reporting the page but keep getting the following error: The text you have entered is not valid. Please enter the URL, or web address, of the Profile being impersonated.”
    My friends have also tried reporting the page but keep getting the same error.
    How do I get this id reported/removed?

  136. hi, i think an ex of mine is harassing my current GF,

    the thing is she keeps deactivating the fake account so we arent able to view the profile page and report her…

    so the thing is.. i want facebook to at least block the messages from that account to my GF

    what can i do?

  137. this is an imposter profile, wasn wondering if u can helf and get her removed, I also am having the same issues as the ppl above… Have followed the steps in reporting her to facebook, but like many others, nothing has been done, isn’t there some legal issues with this? Firstly its an invasion of privacy, 2nd its somewhat identity theft, and a form of harrasment, it really angers me that ppl choose to try and wreck “good ppl’s” lives, I just received an email from a wife today…. Not impressed. Would be greatly apprieciated if u can help!!! Thanks, jc

  138. Good morning, can you tell me what does it mean when you click on the Report button and it says you have already submitted a report for this content? I thought it meant that it was under review but from your response to SAPPHIRA on July 16th this means Facebook has disapproved the request. Can you tell me your thoughts? Also why is it that some are able to get a page deleted quicker than others? I have had several of my friends report the above mentioned page as an impersonation as well as the pics that are on the page with no avail. Thanks for any insight.

  139. Hello evri1! please Help me! this guy is using my pictures! n making me tensd! adding everyone!!/profile.php?id=100001504188546

  140. same with us – an impostor put up a whole other site with my name and my schools and is getting in touch with all my friends and has a naked picture of me on there. everyone in my family and i am messaging facebook but to no avail.. what can we do ? can you help me?

  141. i cant believe we are having to wait for fbook to take this down so long – i would think they would remove PORN!! all these kids are looking and seeing complete PORN

  142. To FB management,


    I would like to inform you that i am one of the victim of IMPOSTOR. I already reported this by following the rules re: reporting Impostor/fake profile thru fb itself. But until now,no action taken. My profile & my husband’s profile is still there.

    Kindly help me. I’m so much affected by this cause it’s not nice the foul words about me & will be seen by my family & friends. And also if i will report impostor & asking this URL, where can i find it?

    Your immediate ACTION will be highly appreciated.Thank you so much. God bless.

  143. Hello. Victim of impostor or fake profile. Kindly see the detail below.!/profile.php?id=100001429642731&ref=search

    Another fake profile or Impostor for my husband Bassam Almutawa.
    The fake one, always SOLO picture. The true one is i am w him w our wedding pictures.

    The fake description;

    Basic Info
    Sex: Male
    Birthday: February 2
    Relationship Status: Married to Celeste Esperanza
    Anniversary: August 11, 2003
    Hometown: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    Religious Views: ISLAM
    Bio If i could go back in time and fix all the mistakes i made,i would not because it has made me who am i today…………….
    For me
    * Money is nothing; character,conduct and capacity are everything.Money isn’t everything..BUT LOVE THAT SOMETHING.
    * Marriage is the happiest bond of LOVE, hands were joined when hearts agree
    * Quietly forgiving and moving on is a gift of GOD -and yourself
    *Life is about making the right decisions and moving on
    *There are things that we never want to let go,people we neve want to leave behind.But keep in mind that LETTING GO is not the end of the world it is the beginning of a new life.
    Favorite Quotations
    {“oh my GOD so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha}.

    “anyway tnx for the wonderful nyt with u my love…let’s have party tomorrow at spring park.. HAPPY EID.eid MUBARAK.HAPPY bday waleed!happy holidays!5 days off again mahal ko..LOVE it!”

    *Accept Fate and move on,don’t yield to the seductive pull of self pity,acting like a victim threatens your future.
    …*Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened.
    *Let go of what’s bitter and move on.
    *The worst feeling in this world is knowing that you’been used and lied to
    *Forgive yourself for your faults and mistakes and move on………
    we just hav to do our own thing no matter wat anyone says.. it”s our life

    d reason people find it is so hard to be happy is that they always see d past betterthan it was..d present worse than it is,and d future less resolved than it will be..:

    Please help me to remove the fake FB profile of US, Maria Christina Par & Bassam Almutawa.

    The true one is we are together in picture & we have only ONE Fb account & the email im using is the one im reporting to you.

    Thank you so much. God speed. FB speed!

  144. Hey, Sauravjit!
    Dude, you are doing a superb job by helping others. I’m really happy to see someone in action.

    Bro, therez a guy who is impersonating me and sending requests to my friends. He has got the very same name. I’ve reported on him a number of time but got no results. I got fed up and blocked that person from seeing my profile because he was stealing my new profile pics and were uploading ‘em. I’ve change my font type with some weird fonts so that my real friends can recognize me :)

    Here’s my real profile link…!/profile.php?id=100001554660107

    And here goes the fake one…!/profile.php?id=100001552425505&ref=ts

    Sauravjit, bro you can see his other profile pics. I’ve already blocked him that’s why he is not updating more pics of mine.
    Please do something about it!

    Sauravjit, there is one superb suggestion for preventing fake profiles to happen. Why don’t we restrict “Save image as/ Save picture as” options in browsers and “Print Screen SysRq” button on the keyboard?
    If you do so, No one will be able to save our pictures and make fake profiles or black mail us by showing ‘em to our family members or friends.

    Someone please convey my message to Facebook administrators.

  145. Hi Sauravjit,

    I wrote you before regarding my situation of a fake profile. It appears Facebook have removed the fake profile because when I click the link to the profile it says “the page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be expired or broken, or you may no have permission to view this page” — can you confirm/verify that this means the page has been removed by Facebook? Thank you so much!


  146. Hi,I am having a fake profile which is using my name and my’s not deactivating..please!!
    The real account:
    The fake profile:!/profile.php?id=100001253239520&ref=ts

  147. @ concerned- that probably happened because your offender took the page down.

    Everyone- FB changed their reporting system back on September 1st. If you sent a request prior to that I would check to make sure it is still pending. Most request were released and need to be re-submitted.

    • But that’s just my concern… How can you be sure Facebook has removed the profile and not that the person merely put the fake profile on unsearchable or private? Because to be honest, I do not think my impostor/offender removed the fake profile willingly so how can I be sure it’s removes when Facebook does not send a verification or confirmation email once it’s been deleted?? Hmmm.


    This is a fake profile posting pictures of my friend on various groups. If the account is deleted, will the pictures be deleted from the groups too? I’ve tried so so many times, but to no avail. I’ve heard for a profile to be deleted it must be reported more times than the number of friends they have. Is this true?

    Please report. This is the actual profile:

  149. Sauravjit,

    How can I be sure my fake profile has been deleted by Facebook and not merely inactivated or put into private or non-searchable settings on Facebook? Thanks so much. I’m just scared the impostor will continue to secretly send people messages under my full name to hurt my reputation.

  150. Hello, there has been a fake profile claiming to be me for almost month now, and even though I and several others have reported it, the imposter account is still active. They have sent harassing messages to my girlfriend, as well as a mentally-challenged kid and several others, I’m sure.

    The fake profile:!/profile.php?id=100001480833949&v=wall&ref=ts

    My own personal profile:!/Joe.Lobsinger

    Please report it if you can. Thank you. :)

  151. somebody help me pls,
    someone’s imitating me and created a fake profile using my complete name.
    she keeps on adding some of my firends and doing nasty stuffs and talking to them in a dirty way.
    She is also posting some slutty informations about me.
    pls help me delete this fake profile:!/profile.php?id=100001468043140&v=wall&ref=search

  152. Hello Sauravjit,
    Please help me..someone have created my fake id..I have also complaint for this but now it’s not here..please help me I am in so much tention only because of my fake profile..please help out..just remove the profile from facebook!
    I will be very thankful to u!!
    My real profile is:
    The fake profile is:!/profile.php?id=100001253239520&ref=ts

  153. Hey Sauravjit, i recently discovered a facebook profile that is impersonating me and causing defermation of character. Ive notified all of my friends through the status that the profile does not belong to me but would you do me the favor of deleting that profile so that i may rest easier?. Thank you for your time and have a blessed day – Michael

    • Micheal, basically follow all the steps Sauravjit has mentioned. We at fbknol cannot delete profiles as we are not connected or affiliated with Facebook at all. Fbknol is just a blog about Facebook in which we try to publish tutorials and find solutions to issues we and our friends face with Facebook. :-)
      Ideally report that profile and Facebook should be taking care of it.

      • oh i see lol thanks i didnt even think i was going to get a reply back. but i do have another delimna, before i came across your site when i didnt know the proper steps for reporting a fake profile, i reported the person but i did it in the wrong manner (just my luck lol)(i reported them for hate speech or attacks on an individual). i tryed to return to the impersonating profile and facebook will not allow me to file another report. is there anything i can do to bypass this so that justice can be served and that profile can be deleted? lol

      • before i came across the site, i had a lack of information and didnt see the “fake profie” options. i marked it as harrassment. i tryed to go back to the profile and report it again but fb didnt allow it. i also tryed to report the profile why i wasnt logged in and i couldnt find a report button. ive noticed on a few other posts that some writers posted thier real profile url and thier fake profile url and it seems that the fake was deleted because sauravjit said he would see what he could do. can you guys please help me. thanks again – michael

    • Give me the fake profile and real one’s link.

  154. Someone has opened an account using my name (jeff oliver)and is an imposter, they are sending obscene messages to my friends and family INCLUDING my children.. its disgusting and scaring my children!!!
    everyone is reporting it but nothing has happened to remove it!!!!!/profile.php?id=100001582086901&v=wall&ref=ts

  155. hey plz help me this account is a fake ! We reported about several times but still no respond from facebook. I say this profile is fake coz she has hot pictures of another friend who is not in facebook. now she pretend to be the real one !! here is the link!!!/profile.php?id=100000019544797&ref=ts

  156. Help please everyone!!! Someone made an impostor profile for my friend henrico Tagalog at Facebook. I really need help in shutting it down immediately. He Doesnt own the account.There’s this girl on that fake profile named clarisse limbag harassing & threatening his life. She woulnt stop. I think she controls the fake account. I need to shut down both of these accounts. Also, we know the real person behind it. Her name is candy Torrecampo. I want to take over her account first before shutting her down. She’s spreading malicious rumors and lies to everyone my friend knows. To top it all, she’s stalking & threatening his life. Greatly appreciated all the help.

  157. Sorry got my email incorrect. Please do help. A lot of us has reported this to fb but it’s taking so long for them go shut it down. Henrico Tagalog is the fake account. Thank u

  158. Someone made a profile of my friend as a prostitute and has put her pictures and some a** and p**** pictures…many people have really contact her for a s**…she is very disturbed and we want to report to the police. is there anyway you could help us know the person behind the profile and report to police transparently. please reply me…….please help bro and sis…this is very disturbing specially she is indian and her relatives are killing her…we really want that person to go to jail…unless she will be killed

  159. Sauravjit,

    If I get this message when trying to access the fake profile does this mean Facebook deleted the profile? I asked a friend to be unsearchable on Facebook and the same message pops up too! Why can’t Facebook send confirmation emails when they delete a fake profile page so I can stop worrying? Very frustrating..

    This is the message I get:

    “The page you requested was not found.
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    * Return home
    * Go back to the previous page”

  160. yea one of the administrator is my friend ….he deleted it ……anyways thnx sauravjit

  161. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this discussion…are we supposed to be helping each other get accounts deleted, does Sauravjit actually get involved in helping to delete specific fake accounts? Does Sauravjit help sometimes and not other times.?

    • Well first of all I am not at all related to the official facebook, so all I can do is to help others by giving tips based on my facebooking experience.

      Secondly facebook’s reporting system sucks!! I can’t help it if they are not deleting the fake profile.

      Don’t think that I don’t wanna help or I help only some people, I can just help you upto a limit after that no one can do nothing except Facebook officials.

      • I’m not blaming you Sauravjit, at the same time I see all of these post asking for help and wonder what purpose it serves to do that.
        When people post a link to a fake facebook page, do you also report it to facebook? I see that you sometimes recommend that people encourage others to report the fake page and wonder if you also help by reporting it as well.

    • J, there’s a possibility that the fake profile maker is posting fake profile’s link here as real.

      I don’t wanna report a real profile as fake and sometimes it’s impossible to judge which one’s real :)

      • You are correct, that is a possibility. So, I ask again, what is the point of all of this discussion? If one reads the article that is all there really is to say. All of these folks imploring you to help really doesn’t amount to anything in terms of solving their problem. It isn’t your fault as there is nothing more you can do. But at the same time, all of these posters seem to think you can help them….but you can’t. What is the point?

        • Cuz they get the tips from this discussion, so I give and some they get from the past user experience. And trust me most of the time these tips really helps. Moreover if a user is coming here, he/she must be in problem and it feels so good if that person gets someone to discuss their problem . :)

  162. well…j u shud understand that there r very less ppl who really help…..n sauravs suggestions are really praiseworthy ………i have reviewed his previous comments n that really helps u to sort the probs out…..

  163. Dear Sauravjit,
    Please help me to delete an impostor profile.. I am very much hopeless, I did everything to report it in fbook but it seems they are just ignoring or i don’t why they are not doing anything..Please I am very much harrassed by her posts.She used my picture and my name.For God sake help me. Thank You in advance. This the real one (my fbook)
    This is the fake one

  164. Well tell your friends to report it as well. The reporting system of fb is very slow and they take very much time to delete the fake profiles. :(

    • Bro we did it already,my friends are helping me to report it but its not working though.Please its only your help that can put this things into end aside from HIM of course. Please I don’t trust fbook with regards to this issue. Please….

  165. someone made this page about me and a false email address form yahoo in my name and I did reportand its been up for four weeks or more I want its stoped I gone as far as filling out a ic3 from which is a goverment webiste for cyber crime

  166. make a fake profile with any name n send an add request to ur fake id…….wait till she adds u…….after she adds u…..just open her profile page n keep reporting arnd 40 to 50 times……….that will take arnd 10 minutes…….bt while reporting do not block her n do not remove her from ur frnds list …n thn wait for 24 hours… shud be deleted……….!!!!

  167. can u please help me out with my fake id..pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    the fake profile is:!/profile.php?id=100001253239520&ref=ts
    please help..deactivate and never creat any other occount from my name..

  168. can u help me pls? someone made me an impostor profile, which uses my photo and name, also adds my friends with the url:!/profile.php?id=100001616143610&ref=mf I already reported it on fb a couple of times, and also asked my friends to report it as well. i also got her email add from our mutual friend, if its useful in any way i’ll give it. The real or My real profile is :
    pls help me :(

  169. ow im sory i made a wrong link earlier..

    can u help me pls? someone made me an impostor profile, which uses my photo and name, also adds my friends with the url: I already reported it on fb a couple of times, and also asked my friends to report it as well. i also got her email add from our mutual friend, if its useful in any way i’ll give it. The real or My real profile is :
    pls help me :(

  170. Hi sauravjit .. i have been having a problem with an imposter profile for more than 4 days, Me and my friends have reported him as fake but no action has been being taken on that profile yet Please help me! this person is adding my friends and commenting on their photos very badly ,it is terrible.His profile’s URL is and mine is . I am damn sure you can easily differentiate between the fake one and real one from many considerations 1)Date of joining 2)Updates 3)Total number of friends . Please please help me!!!!! And also please tell me how to take precautions since i don’t want it to happen again . For that guy(fake) its fun but here i hav to answer my friends that its not me and i am facing hell:(:(:(.

  171. Hi sauravjit ..
    Please please help me!!!!!
    a problem with an imposter profile
    My facebook is
    The fake is

    Someone use my name
    (พิมพ์ภัทรา ออสวัสดิ์ = pimphattra ausawad )
    and my family name have only 8 person in this world
    (my brother is big guy in ..”Thai Airways International”..)
    and my social network is my real co-worker
    (I working with displaced people of Burma )

    I so worry about this !!!
    Creditable of my family name use a long time to made
    Not only mysself -_-”
    Please please help me!!!!!

  172. hey but does that account get deleted ????

  173. Please help. I’ve been trying to get this impostor profile removed for over a month now.

  174. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE! ANYONE! Someone has made a fake profile of my little sister and has over 3000 frieinds! We have contacted FB… and at least 15 of us have reported it and NOTHING has happened. I fond a phone number for FB and left a message and of course nobody has called back. Tanya Movchanyuk is the name and!/profile.php?id=1478154182 is the link. She is really upset and I’m doing everyting I can to help her. Thanks so much.

  175. I have already clicked on report/block a person link on fb but nothing has happened this person has continued to send messages to others and has used my pictures on their profile. I’ve had friends report it and feel my only choice is to deactivate my page. How can I report it as fake now if I already reported them as impersonating me?

    Fake profile:
    Real profile:

    Do I need to reactivate my page to get any assistance on this. Please help

  176. Hi,
    I want to stop people tagging me on pictures.Some of my office mates put up our party pics and tag me.I want to restrict this.Is there a way out?

  177. guys please help me, someone has created a fake profile of me and is sending out friend requests to my friends and it is very offensive. I have reported it and my friends also have reported it as fake profile but facebook hasnt removed it yet. please would appreciate your help. thanks.

  178. Hey. My little brother’s facebook profile has an imposter going around pretending to be him and it’s been going on for nearly a week now. The REAL profile of my brother is this link here:
    The imposter’s profile page is here:
    It has been reported just so you know.

  179. Hi sauravjit ..
    Please please help me!!!!!
    a problem with an imposter profile
    my account is….:

    and the fake account is :
    I am doing my graduation from IET,alwar engg college,
    if u need my more details…i will submit all of them…please help me ….please delete this fake account

  180. Hi, someone posted a fake profile making fun of me. Could you please help me get rid of it? The fake website is My actual profile is Thank you so much.

    saurav this id is back^^^^^^^^ its impersonated see if u can contact any admin of fb n get this deleted plzzzz

  182. imposter profile please help.
    this person is pretending to be me and is using my profile picture.
    I’ve reported it,and action has been taken..
    can you help please?

  183. and NO action has been taken please help remove this facebook account.

  184. fake facebook!/profile.php?id=796212003, the hacker changed my email and password, updated a lot of disturbing comments. please help!Facebook is taking a long time to respond.

  185. Hi sauravjit ..
    Please please help me!!!!!
    a problem with an imposter profile
    my account is….: the fake account is :

  186. Your profile has been deleted!! :D

  187. hello sauravjit a girl called niyutee patel is being rude and sending me rude school she is making her cousin (a maths teacher) gang up on me help me she ahs blockedme so i cannot view her profile please please help me !

  188. Hi sauravjit.

    Kindly help me!
    having a problem with an impostor profile.
    my account is:!/shehzadi.ali
    and the fake account is:!/profile.php?id=100001561090736

  189. heeey…a terrible thing happened…yesterday my friend lost her mobile or actually it has been stolen in uni…she got afraid coz she has terrible pictures in (her pic in bikini or making sexy posses) this may be normal to ur society but to ours its very terrible..we’re living in the middle eastsyria n i think u have an idea abt this…so we woke up today n found that he added me on fb with a fake profile of her and he uploaded the pics that we were afraid off…the girl is destroyed..completley destroyed…she doesnt know how she can go to uni anymore…i mean we’re in middle east…we cant accept these kind of photos…so im just asking of u really can help us…i put above my email…but as i told u my friend got a fake profile not me…i wont forget it if u can help us…thanx a lot..peace

  190. Sauravjit,

    Could you please help me with getting this fake profile removed? I have a cyber harasser who has created an account in my name with my pictures (from my actual account) and is posting horrible stuff about me and my husband! Please help!! I have reported it and had several of my friends report it and NOTHING IS BEING DONE BY fb! Please, please help!!!! Again, thanks for all you do! Here is my actual fb account URL:

    Here is the fake account URL:

  191. Well tell your friend’s to report it as well, I can’t distinguish between the fake and the real one as both profiles are locked!!

  192. this is my real profile:

    and this is the fake:

    I would greatly appreciate you getting rid of this pest

  193. I’m a facebook user. My profile name is “Carmine Albanese”
    I wanted to report a person who is using my photos and my
    identity. His name is “Carmine Desi” (!/profile.php?id=100001657174888). My friends and I have been reporting him from his page, but Facebook is doing nothing to shut down his profile. This guy says in his “activities” that he likes bareback sex with other hiv positive guys and he has more than 1000 friends. I can’t sit here and wait while he makes people believe that I’m hiv+. This is a huge violation, especially if someone I know or my family reads this about this guy, thinking it could be me. Please help !

  194. I don’t get how to report someone who created a facebook page on my name (or actually my husband’s). There is no ‘report this person’ button. I can report the page, but not as being a fake, only for violent content or spam. I did that, but i’m not sure if that will be enough.

  195. I just came across someone impersonating me on facebook. They are using my profile picure as their own. My name is Katie McCrary and the imposter goes under the name Katie McKrary. I reported it to facebook two or three days ago and haven’t heard anything back. Is there anything at all I can do. This is the link to the imposter site!/profile.php?id=100001670611726

  196. Please help me, someone has created a fake profile of me and is sending out friend requests to my friends and it is very offensive. I have reported it and my friends also have reported it as fake profile but facebook hasnt removed it yet. please would appreciate your help. thanks.

    This is the link of the fake profile:!/profile.php?id=100000601276658

    This one is my original profile:!/profile.php?id=574586479

  197. pls help someone impersonated me.. The fake profile is ariel andres (ahye) it has mine and my girlfriend’s photo on it which has been stolen from us..I made a complain several times but to no avail.this is the second time this impostor made a shit like this.the first fake was but when I reported it fb removed it after a week and now she make a new fake profile the same as before.pls help.tnx

  198. heyy so today someone created a fake profile of me, they used ll of my information and added all of my friends i need it to be taken down asap! this is the fake profile : please please help me! ive tried filling out that form for a fake profile thing on facebook but i dont have the impersonators email :s

    • jennifer gonzales malapajo October 26, 2010 at 11:21 am

      dear facebook…

      I am reporting a violation of your Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. my husband and her common law wife made an abusive and fake account under the name of SHERWIN MALAPAJO AND SHERWIN MALAPAJO MALAPAJO,but they use my picture(jennifer gonzales malapajo) and put a set of malicious and vulgar words,that attack my personality.Kndly check on the said URL and if necessary please delete the 2 fb tis hurting myself a,my family and my kids….Plsea help me to solve this problem…i am waiting for your reply response and action regarding this matter..ANd if necessary please blocked all th account that was under the name of
      sherwin malapajo…pls facebook help me…

      jennifer gonzale malapajo

    • Deleted by the creator or fb officials..

  199. and ive gotten many people to report the profile, and i sent an emial to facebook, but nothing has happened yet

  200. Hello someone set up a fake facebook account of meh not so long ago they continue to send spam 2 my friends and also tag pictures of friends also,,the most shocking thing is that they have a foto of me and my son which reall bothers me ive had several ppl report it for me but facebook still hasnt deleted it for me can you please help me all im tryna do is be a wonderful mother and i have haters doing these things to me plese plese help!

  201. Sauravjit,

    Once again I need your help! I have a fake/Imposter Profile that has been created in my name. I know who is doing this and have already taken a criminal harassment warrant out on the idiot, but it seems he will not stop his crap! Anyway, I along with several friends, have reported it to fb and NOTHING (as usual) has been done. You looked at them about a week ago and said both were set to private and you couldn’t tell which one was the actual account. I know looking at the picture (because it is set to private will be hard to determine, but all you have to do is click on the wall tabs and you will be able to see CLEARLY, which is the fake, look at the postings!) My actual account is the one with the cat, as this idiot is some how stealing pictures from my profile, yet they have been set to private, even the photos, so how is he getting them from my actual account?) Also, I am going to post my actual account:

    and the fake profile:

  202. Sir/Madam, i have a stalker using my name and photos (faking my profile and impersonating me )and threatening myself and my families , i have reported this several times and several times to face book unfortunately nothing have done, please do something.

    and my original profile is!/santhosham?ref=pymk , i have deleted all my pictures because of this fake profile, and she is copying my photos from my friends and families and displaying at the fake profile. Sir please do something otherwise i will have to commit suicide.

  203. Souravjit,

    imposters profile link is:!/profile.php?id=100001041476646

    against my real profile link is:!/santhosham

    Help me Souravjit.

  204. hello my name is omer…
    around two weeks ago
    someone that i know created an account with the name : omer amran – my name
    and with my picture…..
    just a few days ago someone told me about it…. seems that he was talking with over a 100 different people in behalf of my name and identity,
    now… i dont have a facebook account, i had two years ago ….i dont want to have also a facebook account, and acxactli for this things happening….
    now already manny friends of mine has reported him in the normal way of reporting….
    but seems that the facebook teem is egnoring this…. i read that i should give the url of the real profile, but i dont have a real profile and i dont have any account in facebook
    i just madeone for be able to report and then i deleted it……
    can you please tell me what to do…. if i was in my country now, i would already take a lawyer but im traveling now…. please help me before to mauch demege is done
    i know who is the guy and i understood why he did it
    but he keep on writing offensive things to my friends in my name
    and im getting so manny mails from angry people….
    please help me…..please……please……please……please……….

    • The problem is that you don’t have a profile on Facebook..We can’t report a single profile as fake and there’s no original creator of it!!
      If it’s seriously harming you then take a legal action against it or join Facebook.

      • are you serious, now i need to join facebook? the company that dont care about people privacy and ruiend my life….i dont understand…. i dont have a facebook account, thats why they need to take it much more seriously because i didnt sign any terms of use , im just a person that somebody hearting him through facebook….. where is the logic……. im the one they should help first….
        but thank you for you try to help….. im taking a lawyer ….. thats what they told me to do also in the police staion

  205. Facebook doesn’t give a rats hootchie about impostor accounts unless you’re a so-called celebrity. Someone used my info to set up an account, I have reported it, have had many of my friends report it, and the account remains weeks later. Someone set up a fake Justin Bieber account and it was removed within hours. So don’t tell me “it takes time because there are so many accounts.” The fact is that Facebook just doesn’t care about 99.9% of the people using the service.

    • Hello tls….Well I totally disagree with you. Facebook reporting system isn’t good at all but in the case of celebrities, they take legal action against the creator that’s why Facebook has to remove it. If they disobey the law they have to shut-down the website.

      If there’s a fake profile of yours and you want it to get removed ASAP so go with the law or else be in queue ;)

  206. So for the past 5 months I have been dealing with an imposter profile. This person uses my full name, my profile pictures even though I have completely blocked this person and everyone that I think could have done this from seeing my pictures. I have reported him/her and so have most of my friends. This person continues to harass me and all my friends. I have done everything and exhausted all avenues of trying to get this imposter profile removed but facebook has done nothing to help me! This profile is still up and active and still changes their pictures according to my pictures. I need your help!!!!!!!!

  207. I am very desperate and in need of your help! Someone has made an imposter profile of me, it’s been about 5 months now and facebook has done nothing to help me. I dont know what else to do I have done everything and exhausted all my options!!!! PLEASE HELP ME …

    This is my actual profile:

    This is the imposter profile:!/profile.php?id=100001344049812


  208. someone has made a fake profile of me with my name and pictures and i want it deleted > i didnt know nothing about this because they have blocked me but i got told by my friends. I HAVE GOT MY FRIENDS TO REPORT THAT FAKE PROFILE BUT FACEBOOK’S DOING NOTHING. COULD YOU? ther doing unappropriate things on that profile which i dont like. DELETE IT! i duno what else to do “/ i cant do nothing else about this i have tried everything but nothing seems to work
    thats my real profile > HELP!

    It is suspicious of profiles featuring cartoon photo, Their friends list will contain friends as if their classmates, they have those friends and have only been on the Facebook a short amount of time, they create details and favorite page (like and interest) as if it is real. They create profile to make sure friend request would accept, it is very dangerous, because it could be cheat friends and even asking for some money or others, therefore, please remove and block this account. Thank you for your prompt attention on this matter

  210. someone has created an imposter profile of me and saying awful things about me and my family! its so upsetting! facebook has done nothing and im finding it extremely hard to deal with! is there any way of finding out who has made the profile and getting it removed? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. it is seems like facebook teem are doing nothing to help us and maybe they deal with too many cases to check all of them…. i dont have account in facebook so i didnt agry to any terms, but still my right of privecy were injured by impostor and by facebook, i found that the best way to deal with this situation, is to take a good lawyer and make a lawsut against facebook ….and i dont want no money from them, just want the fake account with my name and pictures deleted, and im waiting just a little longer to see if something will be done…… good luck to all of you people that been hearted by the ” new world social net order ” ….
    allot of love

  212. is the confirmation of my original account name. please help me do something to delete the fake profile named luzelcarreon.

  213.…this is the confirmation of my original account name…please help me do something to delete the fake profile using my name and pictures…

  214. Can u please help me, coz someone had created a fake profile of me n write smthing bad on that profile..
    Here the profile:!/profile.php?id=100001747966749

  215. Hey man I know you have a lot of people asking you for help and all, but if you could please help me out that would be great. Somebody from my school made a fake profile about me and he just constantly makes fun of me pretending to be me and it is really upseting. I reported it and everything but I cant get it to be put down. If you could please help me that would be awesome.

  216. hello….
    who are we writing for……
    is this site belong to facebook???
    did anybody here ever got help with fake impostors???
    helllloooo is somebody there to really help us???????

    • Your answers:

      who are we writing for……Sauravjit
      is this site belong to facebook??? No
      did anybody here ever got help with fake impostors??? Yes, Many
      helllloooo is somebody there to really help us??????? I can’t cuz you are not on Facebook.

  217. hello,

    I have also a report of a fake profile submitted few days ago and nothing was done about it. I suspect it is a school colleague I had a fight with and she has been reported to our school for misbehaving. Now she has used my real name to make a fake profile about me. if you need extra proofs that it is me and the person faking my profile is an impostor, please ask me in the email I provided. I can show you a copy of my ID. Let’s see if the other person has a copy of an ID with the name she has in there, I’ll be curious to find it out.
    Do I have to go to police and get a registration number for this, maybe like that you guys will put that profile down? Please let me know. Of course I would prefer her to have a ban on her IP because she might do it again once you put down that disgraceful profile she made.But I don’t know if you guys are going to do that, even though she deserves it.
    the link is:!/profile.php?id=564588116

    thank you!

  218. My sister in law has had a fake profile created about her and it’s not nice at all. Can’t belive people how so much time to waste!

    I’ve reported it and it would be great if you can you go to this page and report it a fake profile also.

    Thanks in advance

  219. @Everyone
    guys I’ll reply all your comments within 24 hours and sorry for a late reply!! :(

  220. i hv done many report abuses but my fake profile is still der n it is being misused a lotttttttt!!!!!!!i want to delete that profile but it’s been a long time and it’s still not is its link-!/profile.php?id=100001511810452
    my frnds r getting confused b/w d real n fake,,,,plz HELP!!!!!

  221. fake’s link-!/profile.php?id=100001511810452

    real account’s link-!/profile.php?id=100000220557337

  222. hello, i didnt get any reply
    its already more than a month now that this guy is pretending to be me…..
    i already got threting phone calls from people that he was talking to in behalf of my name….
    i went to the local police to file a report , but they couldnt really do anything
    i dont know what else can i do…. except taking a lawyer and ask from facebook through that lawyer to erase this impostor profile…. the different between me and the other people here… is that i dont have a facebook account.,,,, i didnt agree to any terms of use……. , but still the imposter made this to heart my life which he done very well……
    and the details from the imposter is in my past messages

    thank you for any help or asistence you might give

  223. I just nont know what to do anymore….. Rosie Rosabella Pretoruis has got two fake profiles ive reported her and other people two and she is realy misusing facebook she broked up ‘n family thats got kids she adds her ex boyfriends or people that she does not like then she starts with her nonsens by adding the girlfriends aswell making if they are having relationships for her….. i realy got ‘n big problem with her even on her own facebook she makes problems… pleas what can we do

  224. Please help meeee pleasee delete this FAKE profile as soon as possible !!!
    Fake Profile :



  226. Hi there Sauravjit, you said within 24 hours …..4 days ago LOL

    here is the fake profile that has to be deleted because it uses my name and some of my friends might add this fake person thinking it is me. this contradicts the policy of facebook so I find it unusual that facebook did not take any measure so far:

    I hope you can delete it! thank you!

  227. @shirin
    It’s hard to differentiate between two of them. :(

  228. Hello. I’ve experienced someone posing as me as well. :|
    For a few months there has been a fake profile of me with an obscure profile picture. I have gotten many of my friends to help report it but it’s been months and facebook hasn’t done a thing.

    here is my real profile:
    imposter profile:!/profile.php?id=100001698181353

    Please try to help me get this deleted. It goes against facebook’s policy and it is concerning how long it has taken for the company to deal with it.

  229. er no, the first profile i linked. is mine. the third link i posted: is the fake one i want removed.

  230. oh sorry, the email i posted with links to a facebook account i made years ago.

  231. hi.someone hacked my fb account.i’ve heard that if 40 persons report/block that fake account FB will delete it.Is that true???

  232. my facebook got hacked.i’ve heard that if 40 persons report/block the fake account fb will deactivate that true?

  233. hello!! i have done what you said, so many times and i have even asked friends to report this girl, but facebook has done nothing!!

    this girl stole my profile picture and is using it as her own!
    im angry and even more angry now as when i told this girl to remove it she told me “to F##k off wh##e” and then blocked me.
    it has been a month and facebook has done nothing for me! is there any other way to get rid of this girl plz??
    thanku!! x
    im truly furious

  234. hello!! i have done what you said, so many times and i have even asked friends to report this girl, but facebook has done nothing!!
    this girl stole my profile picture and is using it as her own!
    im angry and even more angry now as when i told this girl to remove it she told me “to F##k off wh##e” and then blocked me.
    it has been a month and facebook has done nothing for me! is there any other way to get rid of this girl plz??
    thanku!! x

  235. she blocked me!!
    so is there any other way i can send it to u?? x

  236. is a blatant harassing page about Heather and it’s ruining her rep with her job. It’s a fake from a disgruntled ex-bf we’ve tried to get FB to take it off to no avail.

  237. she blocked me!!
    so is there any other way i can send it to u??
    couldnt i just give u my name and hers. they are the same profile pics?? x


    This group is a blatant piss take of my account i am tried getting it removed but i have got loads of people to complain but it still up there.

    This is my original profile:!/profile.php?id=615450989
    Please help!

  239. hello,

    The fake profile is still there. Nothing was done. do you really work at the support of facebook or do we loose our time in here? No offense but I did everything you asked: gave the two links, sent you an email, messaged you in facebook and now….things stay the way they are. I think this is very unserious.

  240. hiii ive sent lots of reports me and my friends about 5oo reports and still this fake account doesnt want to be shut down he has stolen my profile picture and he/she has written my name and is adding lotsss of people and my friends the problem isthat they think its me and when i started to send messages to the people she or he is adding he made his friend list unvisible so i can8 c who she or he is adding i need ur help plzzz shut this account down here is the link plzzz help me !!!/profile.php?id=100001656636490

  241. this is the link plzz help me i knw u can close this account soo plzzzz help me!/

  242. come on plzzz answer me i sent a message to facebook and i made aloot of reports and nw im asking you for help plzzz close this account i really need ur help he has my photo on this account and adding pepole and they think its me!!!!!!!!:(

  243. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer meee!!!!!!!!!/profile.php?id=100001656636490 this account is driving me crazzzy!!

  244. dear sauravjit,
    im having the same problem like the rest here.fb managed to delete the hacked account but after that the hacker made an impostor profile using my picture and personal information that he got from the hacked account.i really dont know how to deal with this hacker/imposter.this is the link help me.thanks.

  245. this is the link
    this is the correct link.the first one has some typographical errors.
    thank u and waiting for your reply.

  246. somebody made a fake profile on my name and with my profile picture, he is all abusing my friends in my friends list…. writing abusing language on that profile, my friends are thinking that iam abusing them…..
    this is really ridiculous, i reported this profile as fake,they couldn’t help me……
    this is that FAKE profile……….!/profile.php?id=100001815044436
    this is my profile!/profile.php?id=100001278985597

    plzzzzzzzzzz help me fast, he is really abusing all my friends on my name….

  247. plzzzzz help mee fast i i am sending mssgs to ppl i dnt knw to let them remove this account and im receiving from them silly messgs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  248. here is some links that maybe can help all of you people that got they’re privacy stolen

    i hope this will help you all…
    and i hope it will also help me…
    good luck

  249. this one guy made a fake account with my pictures, adding everyone, saying sexualy explicit things while using my pictures and posting up my number :{{ this is my account:!/profile.php?id=1346121225 and this is the fake account created:!/profile.php?id=100001287644753&v=wall

    i have reported it many times and it keeps saying “you have already submitted a report for this content” i told my friends to report it as well and nothing is happening!!!!!!!!!!!! what do i doooo :(

  250. somebody made a fake profile of my name and My photo…. pleaz please please help me to delete the account..thanks…..!/profile.php?id=100001859171978&v=wall

  251. Hello this profile has been set up and is impersonating me, not only that he is threatening me, my family and sending messages to people threatening them pretening to be me, its become enough, hundreds of people have reported it as a fake yet facebook are doing nothing about it

    here is the link

  252. Hi,

    Someone has created 2 impostor accounts using my name. One of them even use the same profile picture as my real account and everytime I changed the picture they would do the same. On one of them they even posted “Guys…please block my old fb account, someone hacked it and pretended to be me”

    Can someone please help me remove the accounts?? These are the links to the two impostor accounts:!/profile.php?id=100001882097181&v=info!/profile.php?id=100001906094786

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

  253. I have reported someone who has stolen my photo and is using a fake name to start a new profile. I reported it and so did so many of my friends. This person has done this before to other people! This profile is still there. There is no doubt of who I am. Why won’t facebook delete this profile.
    Johan Le Grange

    Fake Person:

  254. someone who has stolen my photo and dreat a fake profile
    please help me !!!!!!
    this is a fake profile :

    and this is a real profile :

    please help me my friend

  255. someone made a facebook page using my name and pictures of they also posted things like im a prostitute i dont know what to do i reported it and the facebook page is still there for everyone to see how do i get rid of it ive contacted the police because i know who did it they are harassing me but i want the page and photos gone help me please

  256. Hello. I and many of my friends have reported a fake profile using an inappropriate photo of me.
    My actual profile:!/profile.php?id=1768527630
    The fake profile:!/profile.php?id=100001698181353
    Can you please help me out? It’s been months and Facebook has done absolutely nothing. Thank you.

  257. Thank you so much for the help. A million thanks.

  258. I found out that there is fake profile on facebook i reported it but nothing happened the profile is still there,also some of my friends reported but it doesn’t help can u help me please i’m desperate this is a link of the profile

  259. Hi,

    I’ve found an imposter using my name with a mutual friend as it’s friend. Here’s the imposter’s profile link: and here’s my real profile link:

    Please help me. :-(

  260. We need help determining if someone is real or an imposter on Facebook. This person has our daughter thinking he is a famous rock star from an poplur band. Is there a way we can check, we are friends with this person and have had several e-mail sent to us. We are trying to protect our daughter and need help with this. Please let us know what we need to do and what is the time frame for looking into.

    • If he’s famous enough, his profile should have,
      1. Many friends (at least 1000+)
      2. Observe his profile(activities, likes)
      3. Check whether he talks to everyone on Facebook or it’s just your daughter)
      4. His pictures.
      5. His E-Mail id.

  261. some one made a dummie page and put some disturbing things about me and my friends i think its imature. i pushed the report button but it says it may not be deleted and i want it too our my life is over the page is called dummie page but the email is [removed by admin] plz help!!!!

  262. Hi there
    this profile has beenimpersonating me, they are using my pictures and my name to send messages, making inapporiate comment about me to them pretening to be me
    Me and my serval friends has been using the report/block botton on facebook, but it didnt do anything at all, Please please help

    Fake Profile:

    Real Profile:

  263. here is the link of fake profile………plzzzz do something……

  264. Hi, someone made a “burn page” and one of my pictures are on there,,can you pleaseeeee delete it for me??

    Fake profile:
    My profile:

  265. Please read Best privacy settings for your Facebook profile. to avoid any fake profiles and leakage of personal data in future.

  266. Please note that I’m not an official Facebook member and I can’t delete any account on Facebook. I can just help you guys with my past experience. Please send me friend requests only if you need some tips or help. Don’t ask to delete any profile as I can’t.
    Sauravjit Singh

  267. hey here is my real id link…

    n this is d link of fake profile…

    plzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  268. Sauravjit,

    Is there any other way to report fake profiles to Facebook rather than using the “Report/Block this person” option? I am not sure if FB will even respond to that. Is there any email address we can send our report to? Or do you have a better way so it can faster the process?

    Thank you so much please let me know as it has been getting worse and worse.

    Thank u!

  269. hi please contact my email i want to report a person because he was threatening me and i want him to get banned from fb. i cant write his name or his fb link here cause im afraid he will photoshopped my pic and send it to porn site. im just a teenager girl. please help me

  270. Sauravrjit,

    Please help me with the proper way to go about getting an impostor page removed. My ex boyfriend has been stalking and harassing me since our break up. I’m in the process of filing a restraining ordedr against him. Now that he no longer has any way to comminicate with me he has created an impostor profile pretending to be me and requesting my family and friends. I have never had an account or profile on facebook as I have personal reservations about personal information being on the internet. He knows this and has created this page to further harass me and my loved ones. Please help me!!!



    Within 2 weeks this person has made 2 fake profiles, I think an ISP is needed to completely ban him from Facebook. How many reports at time do you need to do something about this ??

  273. This girl that I was friends with back in ’07 has hacked into my yahoo account & has posted an impostor account on facebook. This is my real one of me:!/jenn.O.G.hahaha
    And This is the Impostor Profile:!/profile.php?id=1049161760
    I have contact FB and Yahoo but have had no luck in having these removed. I am looking to go to the police now because some other things have occurred and its gotten rediculous.
    If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  274. hi..i have reported my fake id..but still it is has my all mobile and landline numbers so my life hs become miserable… me out.

  275. Hi Saurav,

    theres someone who has stolen my profile pis from my facebook profile and has created a profile on my name. he/she is sending friend request to everybody and he /she is commenting on my personal very disapointd how facebook can allow this type of imposter doing shits like this. please delete the following profile asap.!/profile.php?id=100001327889222

  276. Hello,
    Pleaseeeee help my delete a fake profile that someone has opened with my name and my pictures, this person is ruining my LIFE he is making me look like a bad person, adding all my friends and relatives and swearing and a lot more, pleaseeeee HELP ME this is th URL!/profile.php?id=100001852950556


  277. Hi sauravjit,
    Thanks to solve the problem of these much persons. I am phasing it that’s why i can understand how terrible it is. Somebody has made a fake profile with my sister’s name. I had tried to report it fake from so many profiles of my friend. but it’s still there on the site. In orkut, we can report the fake profile by reporting true identity of the person. Is it possible to report fake profile with true ID of the real person in facebook? and IF it will done, will they remove it immediately. ?

  278. Someone made a fake profile of me and I need help quickly! Please help!?

  279. someone is using my pics on fb can you delete the person from fb?


    plz report abus this as a fake profile

    i done many tyms but this is still there

    do this for me

    • Reported please ask your friends also to report! When you report a profile Facebook clearly says it gives you no guarantee that the profile will be deleted. It needs a lot of reports to agree on that matter!

  281. need help in getting my niece’s fake profile taken off. Someone at her school (which is also the school I teach at) made up a page for her…but neither girl is old enough to even have a fb page and my niece’s mother refuses to let her have one. The content on the page isn’t very nice and it needs to come off of FB! Help!!!

  282. i want ma fake profile to be deleted i have been suffring it for three years please help meee . .. no one at facebook listens toma request . . theres no way of getting rid of fthis fake profile. . .! what should ii do. . . no one responds to ma posts. . . wot should i do. . ????

  283. hello. :) I AM A MINOR and am being harassed by someone on facebook. they created a fake account of me and put up a picture of me and keep sending it to other people v.i.a forums and other large communities in order to humiliate me. can you please take it down?

    real profile:!/heyitsmesmile
    please do something. thank you.

  284. Hello Brother please can you help me to delet this 2 profile.people make my 2 fake profile and i dun know how to delet if you help me god will help you please brother help me!/profile.php?id=100000979679122!/profile.php?id=100000390480327

  285. can someone please HELP ME ! there’s a imposter of me recently , this person is creating a facebook account using my name and pictures , this person is tryin to make me look bad on the other hand also acting cheap , i’ve tried the report thing on facebook , and with the help of my friends too ,but the fake profile still exists . here is the link to my profile!/dada.jane .
    and here’s the link to the fake profile!/profile.php?id=100001958410490
    please , please ! help me to get rid of the imposter ! it really annoys me .

  286. Someone made a fake profile of my sister can you guys please help us to get it removed.

  287. I had a facebook account get taken over by a crazy lady. She also took over the email account. I tried reporting it to facebook when I still had control over the original email account. They wanted me to fax or scan my ID to them but very shortly after that my email account was taken over and I never got a chance to fax it. At this point my FB account is still up and running with my pictures and saying that I have STD’s and that I am willing to sleep with anyone. This is ruining my reputation and my familys. This woman has actual gone as far as emailing herself harassing things from my account and the police actual came in and arrested me in front of my children. I really need to get this site taken down. The page is under Jessica Marie Krueger.

  288. Some1 has created fake profile of mine on facebook, using my pics.. Profile is though not that much active, but it is putting bad impact on my image. Please help me in getting that removed as soon as possible. The members of the profile are inappropriate.
    PLS HELP…!!!
    fake id link:!/profile.php?id=100001773010154

  289. hi i personally dont have a face book and neither dose my boyfriend, and he is an undergound artist that is well known on face book and there is someone that took all of his copyrighted songs and videos and is adding all his fans and pretending to be him he also did this on twitter and i tried to get it removed but they wont help just like facebook. he had a fan confront him but he blocked him aswell. please please help us get his profile down for good. his link is and he is pretending to be my boyfriend (the artist “SLICKMANE”. thankyou,.

    • Just try reporting nothing else can be done…

      • *****im meant he is well known on youtube. he doesnt have a face book but the imposter made it and now everyone thinks its really him. i think this a little more than serious becuz he is in the prosses of getting singed and tha guy whitc is black posting pictures of himself totally saying that hes slickmane and slickmane is mexican/white and not that many people kno that. what if they sign him? thinking he is the reall slickmane??? we are so fustrated with thisss, can someels help me?? ive reported him alot and other people too most of his fans and nothing hapend.

  290. I reported someone impersonate me, using my real name and my picture with my fiance. Using me commentin a nasty comments to anybody. My friends already reported him as impersonate but seems like facebook didn’t do anything to remove this impersonate person, it’s been a long time an we did reported it many times and nothing’s happened, almost 3 months now. Please i really need your help, all help really appreciated. Here is my facebook account link…
    and the impersonate accoun link–> Please sauravjit, help me, I’m begging you. Thank you

  291. Pls do something wit this guy, i dono wat’s wrong wit him… This is my real acc :
    n this is fake :

  292. hi somebody created a fake profile of me, uploaded my pictures and used my name. I already reported it to facebook a lot time as well as my friends, but nothing is being done. I was wondering if this way reporting it really helps.. or if u guys know a problem like this was solved in facebook? whats the best thing to now?

  293. So is this a site we add fake people profiles to for help in reporting them and getting the fake account removed?

  294. Someone copied my photo on fb and is using it as their dp.. what should i do?


  295. I have a problem where a student has created a fake facebook page for a teacher. We have reported it but it hasnt been taken down. What can we do to speed up this process?

  296. I am having trouble with someone who has created a fake facebook page. I have reported this account before as fake and nothing has happened with it. The problem is when I go to look for the person to report the account they have blocked the account from being found so I cannot use the report/block user option discussed. Can you please help me get rid of this fake page?

  297. plz help..!!!…..sum1 created a fake profile of ma friend n uploadin her photos n all……i hav reported to fb tat itz a fake profl of ma frnd… no use….sum1 ter 2 help ma frnd.?…thnx in advance..

  298. Someone hacked my account, if you could report it as hacked that would mean a lot.

  299. someone has made my fake profile…using my pictures and name…..he/she has blocked me so i cant report that fake profile…my 25 to 30 friends have reported that profile fake but still no action is taken…..please help me out….please
    original profile!/
    fake profile