How to set a default font for Gmail?

Every time I write an email from my Gmail account, I prefer the Comic Sans font for my message instead of the default one which is Sans Serif. This means every time I start composing an email I have to change the default font.


I came across on the internet, a neat feature which allowed me to change the default font I had with Gmail.

Change default font in Gmail

  • The new feature has to be enabled under the Labs section within settings for Gmail. In the Labs section you need to look up Default Text Styling and select Enable along with saving the changes (see image below).

Gmail >> Settings >> Labs

  • Now  after you have saved the changes, Gmail goes back to your Inbox. Again click on Settings and under the General tab you can see a new option enabled for changing the default font within Gmail (see image below).


  • Select the font from the drop down menu and again save changes. This way you can change the default font you have on Gmail.

Hope you liked this and let me know your thoughts on default fonts with Gmail through your comments. :-)

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  1. Hey thnx for this update…it becomes pretty boring to change the font each time when you write a mail…

  2. Hi Aditya, I can’t seem to get it to work for me (?) Might it have something to do with the “Remove Formatting”? I’m unclear about that part. Is that done in the settings? Thanks.

    • @Dee
      Just enable the feature in the labs sections and save settings.
      Then go back to your inbox. After that back to settings and general. Change the font and save settings.
      Then go ahead and compose your email in the new font which is default. :-) hope it works for you and let me know.

  3. Now if I could only get my signature in my favorite typeface as well …

    • @Glenn Gillette
      There is another option right on the same settings page, in the tab General, and if you keep scrolling, there is a box for “Signature.” The font, formatting, and color, along with the actual content will become your signature. My default font for my signature is Verdana. Hope I was able to help you, and let me know how things went!

  4. Thanks for the tip. Is there a way to make the email signature the same font as the one I changed to?

    Example: my preferred font is verdana but the email signature remains sans serif.


    • @Benjamin
      There is another option right on the same settings page, in the tab General, and if you keep scrolling, there is a box for “Signature.” The font, formatting, and color, along with the actual content will become your signature. My default font for my signature is Verdana. Hope I was able to help you, and let me know how things went!

    • Benjamin,

      Right above the signature box, you can choose the font.

  5. Hi.
    Every thing is okay , however in this case you will not get full range of font style. You will get some limited No. styles which you may not like. Is there any way to use full range of font style.

  6. You have made my life much easier. Thanks for taking the time to post this information.


  7. Thanks for the tip, I’ve done all of the above but it’s still not defaulting to my selection (verdana), even though when I go back into the ‘default text settings’ option it says verdana? I’m using Firefox, could this have anything to do with it?

  8. thanks a lot for the steps you have provided
    good job done

  9. this was a great help…WOW…thanks a bunch

  10. However, mine says “Remove Formatting first” Why is this? Is this only available on Firefox Browsers? I am using Google Chrome. Thanks! :)

  11. Very nice, but being able to send messages in by default, is rather useless.

    How do I see my received email in a font other than that dictated by gmail?

  12. Thanks for posting so long ago, been bugging me and I decided to google, appreciate you taking the time.

  13. Comic Sans is the most misused font in the world! I can’t understand how people actually like it and even worse continue to bother others with the use of this font.


  14. Oh but nevertheless: Thanks for sharing with us how to change the default font. :-)

    • you are welcome. I agree even though I like using Comic Sans for persona mails it is surely not advisable to be used for anything remotely professional or formal.

  15. Aditya man!

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been looking for this for ages. Keep up the good work!

  16. Thank you very much. This was a big help to me. If i could I’ve give you a hug.

  17. thanks! it help me a lot and is effective.. wee!

  18. Thank you SO much. I have been waiting for this for a long time!

  19. Thank you so much, you saved a lot time from doing redundant/repeated things whenever we send a mail, Thanks and good stuff..

  20. Hi,
    I have to say Thanks a thousand time to you, Aditya. You know there are some tips people do not know how to change to suit their expectations (So do I :). And this is really a good article.

  21. Hi Aditya,

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks…:) I can’t even stop saying thanks yaar,

    Lots of thanks for the information:)

  22. It really helps, thanks.

  23. Thank you for the lesson! I was so sick of changing the font for each email. I happy now!

  24. Exellent !!!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing

  25. Hey, this feature is not available on my g-mail page, though I am on standard view. I mean, Lab is not available and default text styling option for enable and disable are not available. Every time I have to format, which is boring. Please help,

  26. First thank you for clarifying!
    Why would google make something so simple complicated to the average joe? makes no sense! lol

    Is there any way to apply formatting when you “reply” to the email? I deff got it to work when creating a new one…

  27. Thanks For This i will use it for my personal use…

  28. thanks for the information..was quite useful

  29. thank you so much. I have read 10 other answers on different websites, this is the first well explained one. However I would really recommend not to use comic sans …

  30. can we get some additional fonts, like calibri?
    alternatively, can we copy/paste our desired font into the box and use that as the default?

  31. Thanks for this information! I just knew gmail had to have a way to set the font to what I want. It’s crazy to have to change it every time I write a message. Thanks again!

  32. Perfekte!!! vielen Dank:-)

  33. Great. been trying for ages to change this.
    Good easy to follow instruction.

  34. Thanx……… It works fine.

  35. Thanks !!! exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for posting.

  36. Found this through a Google search. You’re a lifesaver. THANKS!

  37. Thanks for the helpful hint. :)

  38. Thanks…. really it was painful to set Tahoma font each time.

    it worked perfect!!!

  39. thanks for ur useful hints.

  40. Thank you,this is great! Gmail is a great email account to work with!

  41. Gmail is starting to get so obnoxious it isn’t as cool. Thank you for this fix. I upgraded my OS and suddenly every piece of software went nanners with the fonts. gmail suddenly ignored my chrome settings and decided to make everything bold type. I guess better than the “cleanvertizing” font safari went for. :/ I think Google has gotten so big that bored low level people find pointless ways to force “improvements” on users just to justify their jobs. With gmail having as much power in it as it has we ought to be able to be really individual with it… but nooo… that would get us sent to re-education camp.

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