How To Verify Your Twitter Account

Are you famous on twitter and are you dealing with impersonation problem?

Then just don’t worry as twitter is ready to help you in such cases. By this feature one can easily verify the genuine account of the user as twitter will give a “Verified Account” badge to the account.You can fill out this form if you need your account to be verified. But remember one thing that this verification is currently in it’s beta (testing) stage and they are not going to verify each and every account you submit.

You can see “verified account” badges in @ Barackobama account. However you may try to verify your account if you are a website owner as twitter verify generally those account who’s twitter account link’s is given on the respective website. But I am still confused about one thing, hopefully you may answer that why the creator of Twitter @ Jack ‘s account is not verified :D

Verified by Twitter

[Editor's Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Sauravjit, the author of musicnlifestyle.

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  1. I think you forget to add the hyper link to fill this form.

  2. Hey,
    Thank you, you made this very clear to me. :)
    I had no idea what that was about, and why’d it matter…

    From- @Rob_SpunkRansom

  3. @Rob_SpunkRansom

    Your welcome buddy :D

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this article.


  5. Hi! Does anyone know how long Twitter takes to Verify an account? I am an actve website/ YouTuber and have multiple impersonations. Do you think they will verify me?

  6. how to do Verify twitter account ??

  7. thank you for your info, You can also use third party companies like Crederity, to verify your twitter accounts…

  8. Thanks for the informative post. Currently twitter is not giving us the ‘Very Account Badge’; thats the prob. Twitter should provide an option to all its users to get verified.
    Follow me on twitter: Abhijit

  9. i dont have like 30,00 follower but i have fakes tyna be me itz gettin on my nevres!! can i still get verify if i dont have a lot of followers

  10. thank you for your info, You can also use third party companies like Crederity, to verify your twitter accounts…

  11. Hey there, im in uprising celeb, have written my own books, and in the process of releasing them, also i am an uprising star in the music industry, all of this posing crap is very annoying, and im in need of verification, but i need the links to do so. Thanks!

  12. a few people are faking me sometimes
    so it would be so great if you please VERIFY me –> @evagruber
    thanks :)

  13. Oh darn it. Nvm. I just checked out the link. It’s closed for the public. I sent them a feedback message though. Hopefully I’ll get a reply. :)

  14. I’ve just joined twitter and i saw alot of unverified impersonator thnx lord

  15. There is another product, blog out there with a similiar name to mine. This is nice to know for the future as both companies continue to grow. Thanks for the article.

  16. In Indonesia just @agnesmo have verified her account… can you help me to verify my account..
    my account is @AwalMaroon …. Please… thanks

  17. So, Twitter no longer allows people to verify their accounts. I have someone threatening me b/c he wants my user name. How do I verify my account now? I want to resolve this ASAP. Thanks.



  20. please verifiy @thequeen93

  21. Please verify @CapeVerdeBrotha

  22. This now seems to be closed for general users.

  23. So what is the process to become “verified”??? I can’t locate the how-to details anywhere! Been posting everywhere as well. Anyone???

    • It’s no longer available:

      Why is the Beta verification program currently closed?

      Twitter’s public beta version of account verification is no longer available. After a long period of manual testing, we’ve closed public applications. We have removed our public-facing verification request form. In the meantime, we’re still verifying some trusted sources, such as our advertisers and partners. If you’re one of our partners or advertisers, please follow up with your account manager for details.

  24. verify my account

  25. Please help me verify my one of the leading tweeps in uganda and fear impersonation..

  26. I’m a South African Hiphop artist and I need to verify my twitter account since a lot of people are impersonating me, what do I need? how long wiLl it take? And how many followers?

  27. verify my account please! @chrisoldham13

  28. verify my account please @kevinkentt thank you so much

  29. ple verify my acount

  30. @starbuilders9

  31. @Sauravji…… twitter or third parties still stopped verifying accounts temporarily?


  32. Is it possible to get verified if you are a BIG celebrity from another country. And how?

  33. please verify @maghori

  34. Jack’s account is verified now :)

  35. a few people are faking me sometimes
    so it would be so great if you please VERIFY me –> @chrisoldham1313

  36. i want to be verified on twitter

  37. my twitter account needs to be verified please someone is pretending to be me on twitter

  38. Hello, I am trying to get my account verified because I have a lot of problems
    with people impersonating me.
    So if you could please verify my account
    that would be really helpful and much appreciated, then I could start
    reaching out to my much lovely fans

  39. Hello I own a entertainment company “Evolve 60degrees”. I don’t want any fake person impersonating my account I want to verify my twitter page @e60degrees..Thank you.

  40. I am a fashion exhibitor and a manager.I want my account to be verified for some genuine reasons.Thank you.

  41. Hi, So I read how and why some people get verified and I came on this site cause I too want to get verified,but I’m someone from South Africa and I really want to get verified,and there’s only one person in SA who is verified…and I would like me and my company to get verified…can you please give me a good link to get verified please and please reply

  42. Over 15 Million views on Youtube & 111,000 Followers but still not verified.

    I manage the artist Tko Capone who has been pretty famous over a year now, multiple interviews on Mtv & other famous artist’s mention him on Twitter but still to this day he’s not verified. He also has over 15 Million views on Youtube & 111,000 Followers but still not verified, he also gets alot of people creating fake Tko Capone accounts but that’s nothing out of the norm, it has been that way for him. If you could help it would be GREATLY appreciated his twitter is @TKOCAPONE his link is

  43. if you verify people, can you verify me ? @moments_change . i would be so thankful if you did me the favor, im a youtuber & i think this will help people knmow im the real one, instead of fakes. thanks!

  44. I want to verify my twitter account I’m a South African model,dancer and actress … How can I do it ? And can it be done ? It’s very important for me to start building my fan base for my future and career


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