Special virus scanner for USB devices

You would think why I am writing such bogus topic, there are many anti virus program available over the internet still why what made me write about it.. Aren’t you thinking that?? Actually I am using this USB scanner – USB Disk Security since long. But few days back when I recommended this anti virus program to a friend of mine, he was really happy to know that this software really worked fine and specially prevented auto run viruses. And then, he wanted me to post about it.


Actually this is really a nice anti virus program meant specially for USB scanning. I would personally recommend all DW readers to install it if you use any USB devices.  As said earlier, this is specially meant for USB scanning, so you need to install it apart from any other Anti virus program. The main advantage of using this app is that, it blocks auto run of your USB devices and scans any them as soon you plug it into your USB port (refer above screenshot).

Some of the other advantages of USB Disk Security are:

  • It ensures 100% protection against any threats via USB drive
  • Require no signature updates
  • Can be used without Internet connection as it does not require any signature updates
  • Compatible with all other softwares and anti viruses
  • Easy to use

This handy and easy to use costs comes with a lifetime validity for $ 55. Trial pack of it can be downloaded here.

Links: USB disk security | Trial download

Image credits to Softpedia


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  1. this software is quite buggy and it does not remove the autorun.inf virus when you plug in ur usb drive again it appears.

  2. I agree with alok. I have used this program earlier, it has some flaws and it works sometimes only; moreover it creates a directory on the particular portable drive and can’t be deleted by any user. It can be removed only by formatting the drive.

    Personally, I recommend all users to go for a good antivirus suite (probably, Kaspersky AV) which provides total protection and is much cheaper than USB Disk Security.

  3. @alok
    The problem is not with USB disk security.. You hard disk is infected.. Each time you plug in your USB, USB disk security it scans your device and again it gets infected from hard disk. :(

    Just run a full system scan using your anti-virus progarm and then see the effect :-)

    You are welcome dude :-)

    I personally prefer USB disk security over any other USB protection softwares..
    It really works great for me and also my friends whom I have recommended it.

  4. hey i downloaded this software but its not getting installed on my computer

  5. I want to download this software but I read all the comments about this, but then again, I will not download this. (T.T) an emoticon.hehe
    I do prefer Avira Anti-virus..Thank you!

  6.                 October 12, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Lol. This is only for a virus that have information file like autorun.inf. What about a virus which doesn’t have an autorun.inf file? Lol.

    Dude mostly virus today don’t have autorun.inf because of that. I know how to make like this I use only simple program like auto hotkey, autoIT. It only scans a file which is autorun.inf and locate the variable of a key like open, shell\open\command etc. If the variable exist bwala! then the program delete the variable. That’s the way it is. So there’s no way to purchase this product it’s just waste of money.

  7.                 October 12, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Don’t search anti-virus like this for your Removable Flash disk. Search a program that scans the entire flash disk like folders and sub-folders. This program scans only at the root of your flash disk. Let say it scans the entire flash disk but in real it only search for autorun.inf.

  8. How about USB Virus http://www.usbirus.com ?
    They give a 30-day money back guarantee?

  9. give me a most popular antivirus usb for an operation.

  10. Usb security has somehow been labeled as a trojan horse by avg.. is this possible? avg keeps popping up and tells me usbguard.exe is a threat

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