Stabilize Shaky Camera Motion on YouTube Videos

YouTube not only has the latest videos on music, entertainment and current events, but it is very popular way for sharing home videos with friends and family.

Home Videos are often shot usually on hand-held cameras and one issue is the camera is usually not stable and appears to be quite shaky. This is very evident especially on videos shot from a mobile phone.

YouTube now allows users to stabilize shaky camera motions on uploaded videos with a simple click of a button in new ‘edit’ mode.

How to Edit Your YouTube Videos

Login to your YouTube account and look up the list of all the videos you have uploaded.

A new option ‘Edit’ will show up with every video. Click on it to get into the Edit mode for that video.


In the ‘Edit’ mode of the video, simply click on ‘Stabilize’ button and the shaky video does improve a great deal.


Other than the stabilize feature there are other options like color correction, rotate video, changing color intensity and adding other effects.

If you edit a popular video which has been viewed more than a 1000 times, then a new video is created. All edited changes can also be undone if you are not happy with the changes .

See a video below with all details on Editing Videos on YouTube

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  1. Wow, this is surely a very good feature. I have never looked at it till now.

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