Upload and share photos using your Gmail space!

Gphotospace You can now fully utilize your Gmail inbox space by storing your photos using the free space in your Gmail account. You need not run anymore searching for free photo sharing sites. With the help of Gphotospace plugin for firefox you can now easily upload and share photos, and the best part is that, it upload photos 5X speedier than that of flickr or any other photo sharing site.

To start using Gphotospace, you just need to visit this page and install the supported plugin. After that go to
Tools-> Gphotospace and enter your Gmail Id and password.

Key features of this plugin:

  • Its completely free, as you just need to install the plugin and use the free space available on your Gmail inbox.
  • As mentioned above, the plugin uploads photos too fast. As per official sources its upload speed is 5X faster than that of Flickr.
  • You can avail upto GBs of free space depending on the free space left on your Gmail account.
  • You can upload photos, and mail them to your friends right from the plugin window.
  • And the best part is that, unlike other photo sharing services, its space will be increasing daily :-)

Note: Share your Gmail login info with Gphotospace at your own risk.

Links: Gphotospace | Plugin Download

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  1. Caution:
    1. This is not a service by Google! as may look like…
    2. This site stores your gmail ID and password and keep using it
    a. when it needs to fetch any email address from your gmail account
    b. when you send an invite to your friend to see your shared album
    3. When you send in invite to your friend to access the shared album; it actually compose a gmail message (in the background) and send it to your friend with scaled down version of all the pics in your album as attachments…. (cool huh!)
    You may go and check you gmail to see an invite email in “Sent” items which you never composed through gmail….

    My Advice: Trust your gmail password with “G photo space” at your own risk (or faith)….

    Editor: Will appreciate if you put a disclaimer in the very first line from your side that this is not a service by google. Although u are not saying it explicitly anywhere but audience on our blog do tend to trust any new service that we talk about here because of the intrinsic love and faith they have for “Devils workshop”….

  2. my fire fox hangs up when i do this!

  3. Hello sir how to upload system desktop to gmail photos plz explain thanku sir

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