Twitter Adds Activity Feature to Become a Facebook Clone

If you enter your Facebook account, they first page you see the is the Home tab. It shows a lot of feeds from your friend’s activity on Facebook. What they have liked, comments, shared photos etc. This gives it great traction when it comes to social interaction.

Twitter is releasing a new feature called ‘Activity’. This new ‘Activity’ tab will show retweets, follows, and other things by people you follow. This will surely make it more social but might just make hurt its current open structure, in which tweets were being served up.


Will Twitter be a Facebook clone?

For most people using Twitter through their Phone apps, or other web app – this change will have no effect. But for people using Twitter on the web, the experience will become a lot more social and concentrated on what your network is doing. This will be a lot different from the current scenario where Twitter feed often behaves like an information fire-hose about the latest happenings.

Along with Twitter’s new image sharing feature, I wonder if ‘activity’ feature will impact Twitter’s uniqueness, or are they also feeling the heat from Google Plus?

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Source: Twitter Blog