Undo send with Gmail for avoiding sending emails you might regret!

Here is a scenario. You have an argument with your boss and you really lost your cool. You went home had a couple of beers and wrote down an email to your boss telling him exactly what you felt about him in a very colorful language. Now after clicking on ‘Send’ you get this sinking feeling. You wish you could go back 10 seconds and avoid sending that email.

I bet some developers at **Gmail **did this quite often and hence decided to create ‘Undo Send’. :-) It is one of my favorite now since Gmail allowed multiple account sign-in.

How to get Undo Send with Gmail?

How to Undo a mail?

Okay, once you have sent a mail there is an option to undo it highlighted in red at the top. Click on it immediately and then mail is not send. 😉

Use this feature to avoid sending emails which to wrong recipients or incase you have written something you wish you had not. But Undo Send **should be used as absolute last resort. From a professional point of view think before you click on **send. :-)

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