View Streets through Google Street View!

Google Street View PegmanGoogle Street View, a new service by Google by which you can view the streets of your area! Yeah, I am not joking. Though this service is only available to few countries, most likely Google will soon add this feature for other countries. This feature is a very innovative but on the other hand, it could be also used for bad reasons as you may have heard that there was news that terrorists used Google Earth in 2611 attacks on Mumbai. So there is always a dark side of technology and we do have to live with it!

Still wondering what’s Google Street View? This video will help you understand it better.

Saw the video? Very easy to use, right? Just drag the pegman here and there and click on arrows on streets. For detailed instructions on how to use Google Street View, please visit here. You can view some featured places like Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia, The Colosseum, Rome, Italy and many more.

Well, unfortunately, this service is not available in India at the moment. :-(

Here is an image where Google Street View is available:

Google Street View (Available Countries)

(Click on the image to enlarge it or view the map here)

What are you waiting for? Go to Google Maps (as the feature is merged with Google Maps) and enjoy this feature! Hope you like it!

You can also view the Google Street View FAQ for any queries you have.


Google Street View

Google Street View

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Links: Google | Google Earth | Google Maps | Street View | FAQ | Instructions

Video Credits: Google

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